Inactive [FUN] Tag v0.1 - Play Tag in Minecraft [1058]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Plugin: Tag
    Version: 0.1

    Let's you play tag with players in Minecraft. Use /jointag to take part in the game and if you're it, run around and right click people to get them. No there's no scoring, no it never ends. Just pointless tag for slow days.

    • Start playing tag
    • Tag people
    • Stop playing tag
    • No tag-backs!
    /jointag - Take part in the game.
    /leavetag - Be a quitter.
    /whosit - Find out who is it.

    Change Log:
    • Initial release.
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    Does this already include a toggle for no tag-backs, or at least allow tag-backs when there are only two players in the game? If not, that would be a great feature.
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    Make tagbacks toggleable. Otherwise this is a cool plugin.
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    I like playing tag. Can i get the source?
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    Why does everyone want the source, it's so simple. I didn't even code it properly, if I had to remake this I'd do it totally different.

    Just have a static class called tag manager with a hash set of players playing and a static player who represents the tagger. Listen on player interact entity. Done.
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    It is just something they've come to expect since the majority of plugin coders release their source.
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    Source please?
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    I guess I can just make one in like 30 secs if that's all it is.
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    Apparently I did upload the source a while back, it's on my github page. Again, I would not use it since it's not the proper way to make this.
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    can u make this have permissions? my server has a games world, and i wanna restrict it to that world only. you should also add other variants to this, like freezetag and base tag and stuff.
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    1. add an option for tag backs if wanted

    2. add a help, to list the commands

    3. add other tag types, such as freeze tag

    4. add permissions support fo multiworld support

    5. make more shit, this is epic
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    I seriously lol'ed when I read through the post. Good job :D


    1. Have people blow up when they're tagged?
    2. Keep scores and have a timer/reset factor.
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    Could you make regions where you can play tag? I want to create courses and obstacles. Adding permissions like tag.use would be an awesome addition as well.
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    he was just trying to make a comment he thought would be funny in response to you.
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    The download to Dropbox doesn't work, when I just wanna download... Please repair soon. Thank you!
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    Can somebody upload a new download link? I know this project might be dead but tag is awesome.
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    Hey Swear, can you please fix the download link?

    Did you ever make the tag plugin?

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