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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Plugin: Tag
    Version: 0.1

    Let's you play tag with players in Minecraft. Use /jointag to take part in the game and if you're it, run around and right click people to get them. No there's no scoring, no it never ends. Just pointless tag for slow days.

    • Start playing tag
    • Tag people
    • Stop playing tag
    • No tag-backs!
    /jointag - Take part in the game.
    /leavetag - Be a quitter.
    /whosit - Find out who is it.

    Change Log:
    • Initial release.
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    This would definitely be more interesting if it was timered, and had a prize (iConomy integration?)

    Also, what happens if the person who is 'it' leaves?

    Chris :cool:
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    It removes them from being in the game and chooses a random person to be it. You didn't think I thought of that, HUH.
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    You are god sir. This is the most simple plugin I have seen and yet it is genius.
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    I also didn't think you'd be that much of a dick to somebody who asks a question.

    Chris :cool:
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    Lol his name is swearword. I do like this plugin tho. Simple, pointless and fun
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    categories have to be uppercase, missing a changelog
    it can be a game of tag or the paper thing or label or whatever, please make a proper description in the title
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    How was I being a dick.
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    Chris :cool:
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    I'm sorry you were so gravely offended by me answering your question.

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    Awesome. Had lots of fun with my friends this afternoon. ;)
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    Glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys the stupidity of this.
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    Looking good!
    I also would like iconomy added to this. My idea would be that the new guy who is it loses x amt, and the guy who was previously it gains x amt: this would stop people from boosting each other and add a little bit of risk to the pointlessness. All of this would be configurable of course!
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    You come up with a great idea, and write a nice easy plugin for it.
    Then someone asks for a config file, and you add it.
    Then somebody asks for permissions, and you add it.
    Then somebody else asks for iConomy, and you add it.
    Then people start asking for special features, and you get back to the code.
    Then you realize you spent two weeks on what should be a one-night project, and the plugin is a 400 kb behemoth loaded with every feature that people asked for. It doesn't really do what you meant it to do in the beginning.
    The life of a bukkit plugin. :)
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    Did you CombatTag start out as just Tag :p?

    Honestly I think I'm going to take a stance not to update this plugin further. It's just tag guys....simple, innocent tag. Don't corrupt it with your iConomy....leave it in its pure and childlike being.

    Also I'm lazy.
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    Thanks so much for this plugin :p my server is TERRBILE so this was something a bit interesting to do :p
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    Cognito guy

    So the no tag backs is that no tag backs at all or with timer? If it isn't with a timer can you PLEASE add it? :)

    can you make it so that you join tag by default if you log in?

    There's a bug: if you type /whosit when nobody is it, it says an error occurred while running that command
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    Got source?

    It's a fantastic plugin and I admire its simplicity and you not wanting to update it, but I'd like the source (if you'd be so kind :p) to mess about with so I can extend it a bit.

    Nice plugin though. *like*
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    Will do. Feel free to fork it and corrupt it :D
    Should be up in a few hours.
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    cute, brings back memories of when I was in elementary school, so here are my suggestions. I know it's a lot and don't expect you to make most of it if at all any. But it's just stuff to get you thinking and possibly working. Maybe you should talk to the creator of the 'War' mod for help on how to do some of this.
    • permission nodes
      tag.player (allows people to use /tag join, leave, list, who)
      tag.creator (allows people to use /tag create and /tag ban, kick, restart, and remove if they are in a game they created)
      tag.admin (allows people to use /tag ban, kick, restart, and remove in any games)
    • safezones, for a set time limit
    • tag backs are optional
    • time delay before a tagged person can start tagging others
    • reward for tagging
    • conditions tagger is under (like lowered or heightened permissions)
    • tag zones?
    • cloth block on head of player who is it (you can change the colors)
    new modes:
    • endless tag:
      the name for the default tag mode (current mode)
    • freeze tag:
      players are frozen when tagged
      others must unfreeze frozen players
      over when all players are frozen
    • infection:
      when you tag someone you remain a tagger and the tagged person becomes a tagger
      over when all players have been tagged
    • team infection:
      2 teams of taggers, starts out as 1 tagger on each team
      taggers from another team cannot tag other taggers
      when all players have are taggers the team with the most taggers win
    • /tag join [game name]
    • /tag leave
    • /tag list (lists active games of tag, includes game name, mode, and max players)
    • /tag create [game name] [game mode] [max players] [see who is it? (enter yes, no, true, false, 1, or 0)]
    • /tag who, /tag whoisit, /tag isit
    • /tag restart, /tag reset (restarts the current game of tag you are in, only can be used by the creator of the game or by admins)
    • /tag remove, /tag delete [game name] (removes all players from the game and removes the game, only the creator of the game or admins can use this)
    • /tag kick [player name] (kick a player from a tag game, only the creator of the game or admins can use this)
    • /tag ban [player name] (ban a player from a tag game, only the creator of the game or admins can use this)
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    Thanks, I plan to corrupt it like [Government name removed].

    @AcidicTaco I'm planning to make something along those lines. I'll notify you when I do, keep your ears open.
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    Cognito guy

    are you going to post in the pluginlist when you're done?
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    Possibly, if you guys want it, I will.

    Planned features:

    • Solo tag - you can tag anyone just like it is now
    • Team tag - you can tag people that aren't on your team
    • Freeze tag - you can't move after you're tagged unless someone unfreezes you
      Might make a version where you're only stuck for about 15 seconds
    • Bulldog/Zombies - you all start out as one team except for one of the other (the zombie). If the zombie tags you, you become a zombie until all but one survivor is left, who then becomes the zombie, I'll make it controllable whether or not you can/can't be turned back into a survivor (possibly)
    • And, possibly, some other items or game modes as well...
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    Lol I love ur sarcasmness!!!
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    Here is the source but based on your planned features it might be easier to start from scratch.

    I wasn't being sarcastic.
    This is sarcasm: I love your English!
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    Sounds like a good idea.

    I was going to suggest a way to make it so that more than one person can be "it".

    The reason being is because my server is to have a lot of server events with rewards and whatnot.
    So an event could be that multiple people are made "it" and they all have to chase the admin. The person who tags the admin first would be the winner of the event.

    However, if you're adding a team-tag mode then that would work fine if the admin was on her/ his own team and everyone else on the opposing.
    Just add a message that says who tags who. (if there isn't one already)

    Look forward to a version with teams!
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    Thanks muchly. I may in the end start from scratch, but just wanted to see what you'd done. :p

    @emcitement - I'll keep you updated!
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    hmm a few features would be persistant players.
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    Do you go faster at times or else it would make it almost impossible to tag anyone
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    I thought you were putting source out there?

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