[FUN] Survival v1.1.4 - Become a ghost upon death [1060]

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    Survival - become a ghost upon death:
    Version: 1.1.4

    Survival is a PVP plugin that turns you into a "ghost" when you die. This unique feature allows players who have lost(died and become a ghost) to watch the rest of the PVP battle up close and personal.

    The object of the PVP plugin is to eliminate the remaining survivors in order to win and become the sole remaining survivor. A player wins when everyone else online at the time has been killed.

    The advantage of having this plugin is to allow the dead/defeated to watch the remaining battle unfold instead of simply being kicked and banned from the server until the PVP battle is over. Also this provides ghosts to have some interesting things to do while they are waiting so that they aren't board.

    While designing this plugin I kept in mind that, logically ghosts should not be permitted to pickup items, grief the world or attack others. Essentially they shouldn't be able to interfere with the on going battle.

    Ghost ussage:
    Right clicking on an animal allows you to posses the animal's body. Alternately left clicking while in possession of an animal will allow you to separate from the animal's body.
    Known Bugs: (open)

    • Arrows that have been shot can still be picked up by ghosts
    • Occasionally when a player dies his lifeless body can still be seen somewhere
    • Dropped items in the world don't clear upon reset
    • The animal your possessing can die without you knowing

    Future Features (open)
    As a ghost players will still be able to interact with a select few things that won't interfere with the actual PVP game play on the server. Here are also some planned features.
    • On log-in display previous winner
    • Add a survival achievement/stats
    • Ghosts don't trample dirt
    • Reset to a predefined world template when someone wins
    • Probable custom world template
    • Fun abilities as a ghost like mind control of animals
    • Flight & speed hax permitted only as a ghost
    • Improved possession method(more visually and technically appealing)
    • team pvp & in match re-spawn
    • some configurable settings

    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.1.4
    • squids should be posses-able
    • when only one player is online that player can become a ghost
    Version 1.1.3
    • Bug fix: Upon re-logging in ghosts become visible
    • Added ability to posses animals as a ghost
    Version 1.1
    • Added invisibility for ghosts

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    Multiworld support would be epic on this one.
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    please update to the latest RB
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    Reminds me Hunger Games
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    Grammar Troll

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    waiting for multiworld. wink wink
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    what kind of multiworld support did you guys have in mind?
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    I would like to just setup a portal to another world (using another mod) and that whole world (set with a boundary) a pvp war zone with your mod setup. Then we can hold weekly PVP events off world, without it interfering with my main world and the treehuggers that live there.
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    Any chance that I can get a look at your source code to see how you made people invisible?
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    i think that a good idea to make it an option to if you go back to where you died, you come back to life.
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    my code is really messy right now so here is what your looking for:

    CraftLivingEntity mob = (CraftLivingEntity)m;
    CraftPlayer player = (CraftPlayer)p;
    player.getHandle().netServerHandler.sendPacket(new Packet29DestroyEntity(mob.getEntityId()));
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    Using this on my server, loads of fun! look forward to the future versions
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    have you even read the submission guidelines? the title is still missing version
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    even though i had screwed up the version number v1.3.3 which was supposed to be v1.1.3 it clearly has a version number in the title, thanks for the help?:confused:
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    Perhaps make it so ghosts can be revived through the assistance of a friend? For example, a friend could collect a certain amount of bones and type /revive [playername]. Another idea is that when a player dies, he leaves a mossy cobblestone block where he died. Then, the friend must bury some bones (/bury?) and the ghost will be revived upon his/ her tomb.

    Also, maybe a /haunt command (Msg: *You feel as if your being watched), just for funsies?

    Just some ideas... idk. :p

    This is a brilliant plugin by the way, keep up the good work!
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    thanks for the input, those are actually pretty original ideas and i think that i might implement the idea with bone collection but that will be saved for a team pvp mode.

    Any other ideas from people would be greatly appreciated!
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    yes i am planning to add customizable settings with commands. I've sorta been slaking due to loss of motivation since I haven't been able to improve the mind control feature.
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    is ther a mod for this that allows you to walk back to your corpse and pick up your stuff, i mean i liek the PvP point of this but i'd love a mod thta just is like a ghost/death type thing.
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    Well my thought was that I was going to add the respawn feature when I add the team battle option. I do see how just the ghost part of the plugin would be a desirable feature to have but if I was to take that on as well then I would think that it would be better as a separate plugin rather than another feature in this plugin. Let me know if such a ghost plugin exists already and if not then I will try to get to it as soon as I find the time.
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    This sounds pretty funny :p
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    maybe try to make this plugin go hand in hand with the graveyard plugin? as a ghost you go to a graveyard and can (A) pay money to be revived (B) wander away to haunt people? as well increase movement speed as a ghost? I am sorta thinking WoW style although I dont play WoW I have seen if a player dies they become a ghost but they can be revived at a graveyard. just a thought.

    -EDIT- well I suppose that would mean updating the graveyard plugin... :S its for RB860...
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    That sounds like an interesting feature that I will look into, however its not going to be very high of a priority right now because i would imagine that said graveyard plugin is dependent on iConomy which means i would need to integrate iConomy into survival in order to get the player's balance.
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    huh? why would it be dependant... the current graveyard plugin is just an alternate spawn point
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    well it appears that your right, graveyard has nothing to do with iConomy. See some how while reading your msg i also interperated that not only would you pay money(iConomy) to get revived that you would be able to "wander away to haunt people" and to find your body where you could revive for free.
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    I would love to have the ghosts as a normal thing. When one dies, it would ghostify them and then they'd type /respawn to respawn or get resurrected by a friend. Or something like that.
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    yeah. you could have the pay money as a boolean in the config for this plugin so the admin can choose if users would have to pay or not. but my idea is really based on the WoW setup where you just have to wait a bit until you are able to revive at the graveyard whereas if you died close to the graveyard you can just walk so users have a choice to wait or go haunt people.
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    well i guess this will be an option in the config as well
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    Does this require SPout or something because it dosen't work for me at all I looked at what it did all that popped up is that it made all the nessesary files and it enabled itself.

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