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    This plugin is to let OPs set up an event game call "Blood Castle"
    Players need to fight elite mobs that can be found around the map
    (Can be a special - modded mob or enhanced mobs,spawn by OPs or only spawn in certain areas)
    After elite mobs are defeated. A special item will drop as a ticket enters the "Castle"

    The game is a team-survival game. 4-6 player team up, enter the castle and kill the boss. Bring back the special item that boss dropped and win the game.

    Reference Video

    Video key word: Mu Blood Castle

    After certain number mobs are killed. (Numbers and mob kind need to be set as config-able)
    The gate will ready to be destroyed. (Remain unbeatable before certain number mobs are killed)
    After gate destroyed, boss spawns is the castle.

    Several things need to be set as config-able:

    . Elite mobs spawn
    Numbers, ability, health point, spawn area...etc.

    . Join
    Join area, classes, item & xp protect,

    . Fight area(castle)
    Area, block protects, "gate" HP, boss's ability and health point, can mobs nature spawn or not...etc..

    More detail will come if needed.

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