Inactive [FUN] StainedGlass v0.1.2- Making purdy glass [CB1.2.5-R4][SpoutPlugin 1212]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Spathizilla, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Work with any permissions plugin?
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    Tornado effect:

    Video recorded by YouD10X, all credits to him.
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    @Spathizilla on spout 639 server and the latest client as of December 11th, 2011. Attempting to make the glass results in flint as the product in the crafting table.
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    Spout issue, should be fixed in the future devs.
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    same on spout 639 server and the latest client as of December 11th, 2011. Attempting to make the glass results in flint as the product in the crafting table.
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    I think its gonna be easier if I only reply to the actual bugs in StainedGlass rather than Spoutcraft bugs.
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    I know it's a spoutcraft bug, but posted the video as an example of the bug. Anyway, it's listed on known issues and explained.
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    So how about the flint issue?
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    I get this with all builds:
    Please help, I really want to use this :(
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    Update your Spout version and also get StainedGlass v0.1.1
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    hey man, love this... brightens up minecraft a little, good work man,
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    I had StainedGlass v0.1.1, but it works for me now with Spout 644 :D
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    Really like this plugin, event he tornado affect is humorous, kinda gives that holographic feeling.

    Any ideas of manipulating light colors when it goes through the glass?
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    Using recommended build 1597, StainedGlass v0.1.1, Spout 644
    but seems it don't work :(
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    Works for me.
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    okay I will retry it later :)
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    Textures are fixed in-game, well gui menu anyways;'

    One request, can you add in a config that set glass to break when they are actually break like MC glass; because the reality is, if you break glass, it's broken!

    this would also solve the tornado effect.
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    It wouldn't, the tornado effect also appears when dropping it pressing q or whatever key you have assigned to drop an item.
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    Yes it would, it only occurs for custom Spout items, normal items such as a log; it doesn't.

    For the purpose of StainedGlass, it would. But the main point was that glass should break , when broken,.
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    This is already planned.
  21. wont work i quess, i get flint from the craft and when i "place" the flint it just places normal color glass? :E
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    Your not using Spout are you?
  23. i have spout.jar in plugins ? :E
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    Version? You post so little detail; how can the community help?
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    You have to use the Spoutcraft client too!
    Because the normal client doesn't have colored glass.


    I placed a colored glass block against another block (a colored glass) so that the block would be placed *into* a half step. This replaced the half step.

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    Yeh, its yet another Spout bug.. I found out this issue when I was testing the piston moving of the glass.
  27. ya well how the heck i get the spoutcraft client work? :D
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    is there a way to change the texture of the glasses? i didn't found the textures on the server (or the StainedGlass.jar) only the .spoutcraft\spout\StainedGlass directory but i would like to have the same texture for each player.
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    Couple idea's.

    1. Provide support for stained glass panes.
    2. Use images for the stained glass, this would allow for skinning, though may be a little annoying to set up. (No offense, but the current shading leaves a wee to be desired.)
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    For some dumb reason, I've searched all over the forum and the internet for Spout build 520...I can't find it. I'm sorry for being stupid, but could someone post a link?

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