[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    it is :p
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    Would it be possible to have some kind of towny support?

    Would be extremely convenient to have towny's mob protection to be taken down automatically upon triggering an apocalypse.

    EDIT: Decided to simply deny mob removal in towny. I prefer it this way. Still wouldn't hurt for others, however.
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    Any chance you can enable an option to suppress announcements? I like to run my server with the auto-day/night feature but the console and in-game chat spam is getting a little out of hand
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    ZombieCraft is copy righted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks! :D

    I can look into overriding other plugins' mob-spawn protections, but it would depend how they register events.

    The spamming is completely unintentional, and a bug. It will be fixed in the next version (whenever that is)

    If the name itself is copyrighted, and I am contacted by members of their legal team, I will (of course) change the name.

    But seeing as this is a plugin, which doesn't resemble ZombieCraft AT ALL, I don't think they'll have an issue with it.

    Again though, if they do, I'll re-name it.

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    Hmm... I seem to have a few issues.

    1. Zombies will NEVER destroy blocks unless #2 is involved.
    2. Webbers will often break half blocks with thier webs.
    3. Zombies are on in day when I've set them not to be. Trying to do /zc stop merely states that "There is no apocalypse to be stopped!". Until night.

    Here is my config:

            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 15
            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 20
            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 15
            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 15
            Point-Amount: 1
            Credits-Per-Reanimated: 1.0
            Credits-Per-Normal: 2.5
            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 15
            Point-Amount: 5
            Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
            Spawn-Chance: 10
            Default-Health: 200
            Point-Amount: 50
            Credits-Per-Kill: 30.0
        Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode: false
        Zombies-Resistant-To-Arrow-Pushback: true
        Persist-Through-Reload: true
        Synergy-Per-Zombie: 5
        Use-Sunscreen-If-No-Night: false
        Synergy-Per-Spawned-Zombie: 2
        Start-at-Night-End-at-Day: true
        Start-Up-Delay-In-Seconds: 15
        Use-Eternal-Night: false
        Use-Multi-World: false
        - world
        Base-Horde-Chance: 20
        Amount-Per-Horde: 4
        Horde-Spawn-Interval: 20
    I assume I'm just derping here somewhere?
    EDIT: Just noticed the [1000]. Perhaps this is an issue with 1060?
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    Zombies aren't designed to destroy blocks in this plugin. The webber-destruction is actually a bug.
    Though I may include exploding zombies.

    For the destruction of blocks, you can always try ZombieAttack. But I warn you, its author has yet to fix any of the pressing issues with CPU spikes and other various bugs.

    @3, are you sure that they're "on in the day", or just remnants of the night-time zombies?
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    Ah, my bad. I saw that zombie survival server. Kinda made wrong assumptions.

    I'm getting "You have attracted the horde!" messages and everything. They're definatly on.
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    Ah, I remember this bug being reported a long time ago. I fixed it for the next release, but then I decided I was going to re-code everything to improve general functionality. Which reminds me:

    I'm completely re-coding this plugin, similar to what I did with ComPassionate (which will be thrown up in a few hours). I'm aiming to take a more structured approach, and improve overall functionality. A lot of code will be copied over, so its not like this will be a complete redesign.

    Hope you guys don't mind the wait I'm making you endure :/
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    Derek Rhode

    when you do permissions can you make a permissions node so you can make it so a certain group of users wont attract the horde?
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    i can wait (btw pretty awesome plugin), i have put the people waiting for RealFluids through a longer amount of time (since February) and i still don't have a version i would constitute as a viable release
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    Yeah, I just don't have time to do much of anything right now. It really pisses me off, too. I can get on and post for a while, but I haven't had the time to sit down and code. School-->Job--->School-work-->Sleep-->Repeat

    It sucks. :/
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    yup, same here, except that i have been forcing my self to lose some of the sleep for code, on another not i got each fluid flowing in its own separate thread now, and the fluids are all drag and drop separate plugins
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    I actually picked up some 5 hour energies tonight. 2 and a half hours on coding, and then another 2 and a half on school-work. Hell yeah.

    And then another 5 hours for school.
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    luckily im not in school this moment (starting an internship here soon) so i might have some time to work on RealFluids, this might make it release worthy
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    I just wanted to check if they worked together, because when I ran them together it threw some exceptions from mine which had todo with ZombieCraft, so I wanted to see what part of yours mine were not liking.
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    I haven't checked in in a long time. Did you solve the resource-hogging problems?
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    To my knowledge, the resource hogging problems weren't directly correlated with this plugin. I can't reproduce any kind of CPU issues unless
    A) ZombieAttack is on as well
    B) Permissions 3.x with mcMMO (Something wrong with Permissions, according to mcMMO dev)

    If I run the plugin as an isolated instance, everything seems to perform fine on my end.
    Of course, I'm re-writing it from top to bottom, so I can always improve the speed further as I go.
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    Are you considering supporting SQL lite or MySQL if necessary?
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    What would you desire the support for, if I may ask?
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    Statistic purposes only, like the WEB API!
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    Ah, good. You had me worried there for a second (Like you were requesting SQL support, thinking it would be some major speed boost)

    Once I learn more about SQL and PHP, it will probably be included. But with hardly any time to re-code the plugin, learning 2 new language variants seems a bit far-out for me (at the moment, that is)
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    @DrBoweNur I had a zombie idea...what about a snowballer,,,that knocks you back with snow and annoys the crap out of you.,...

    (names should be changed to protect the innocent)
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    Fun plugin, but I have a couple requests:
    Add a time limit so it will automatically turn off after a set period. If someone leaves it on and logs off and there is no one else on to turn it off people will get annoyed and leave the server.
    And, make it so once you defeat the Zombie Lord the apocalypse will stop. (so you can actually win)

    And I'm wondering what the apocalyptic spawn mode does because it doesn't say anywhere, and I don't notice any difference.
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    Apocalyptic spawn mode allows zombies to spawn in daylight, and in lit up areas during night. It also should increase the amount of zombies significantly (though I've had reports that servers with tons of people on them do not have large amounts of zombies with apocalyptic on)
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    I think it would be awesome that if a player dies by zombies a "special" zombie will spawn with his name above it, and that zombie will have the same inventory the player did and drop the items if killed, but is harder to kill(don't really care how.. just.. harder).

    Also, I think this is more of a separate plugin in itself, but maybe something where you create a zombie arena using WorldEdit region selection, then choose multiple zombie spawns(or random) and choose the human spawns. You can go in with up to 4 people, can't leave the arena and nothing can get in the arena. Preset loadouts to choose when going in. And it would have waves or rounds of zombies that continuously get harder. I guess this would be sort of inspired by Nazi Zombies, and in that case do something where you can choose what blocks zombies can break down so if someone wanted to they could create windows and set the zombies spawns outside the windows. I know there's plugins that do some of these things separately, but having it all in one in an arena would be awesome. And maybe with Spout things like your points can be shown on the screen. And rankings, maybe even a global leaderboards.
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    Status Update
    Actual work has finally resumed. Seeing as I'm re-coding from the bottom up, I want to take this chance to completely change some of the way things work. This is also your chance to request for changes to the current system. Things that I know I'm going to change are:​
    • The spawning system. It isn't fully random, and it doesn't achieve my goals. I will be adding a few new options to spawning parameters, as well as removing some of the old.
    • Dark Synergy. I like that it determines the 'difficulty', so to speak. But I don't like how it is completely static in the sense that it only goes up. If you're not killing zombies, then your synergy shouldn't remain at 90%. I will be adding in a degenerating aspect to dark synergy. This will be configurable. I also am looking for ideas of what else dark synergy could affect.
    • Spout Support. It's gone long enough without it, so I will be adding in support for SpoutCraft. This will likely be for synergy display on-screen, as well as custom entity skins to help differentiate the zombies from each other. @undeadmach1ne I was hoping I could get some assistance with zombie skins, if you are still up for that offer. They don't need to be in stunning HD :p
    • The shop will support signs. You will be able to activate the command and sign shop respectively (in the config). On the topic of the shop, and zombie-based rewards, I will be adding in my own items that can be sold via the shop. These items won't be tangible, in the sense that you can buy them (but they aren't a real item). They will be managed off of commands and/or binding to other items (I'm still working through this idea concept)
    • The horde system is not working as intended. Players are safe so long as they are inside, and that's silly. I will likely re-write this system as well.

    That about sums it up. I'm also looking for any additional developers that might be interested in contributing to this plugin, as I'm turning it into a massive project. Please PM me with any experience you have, what you want to do (can range from 1 specific idea, to just helping with code in general), and how often you'd be able to assist. I will need someone proficient in PHP, and possibly MySQL if I'm going to make web-stats a reality, but I don't plan on those happening anytime soon. Last, but not least, I will be renaming this project to DeadMines to avoid any confusion with the Client Mod. (This re-write makes changing the name much easier, so I went ahead and did it)​
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    Can we have pathfinding ? It would be nice if right after spawn, zombies would walk toward players and hunt them down.
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    I'll toy around with that and see if I can increase the max-targetting distance.
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    Good response.

    for Dark Synergy can you change the lighting/environment around the zombies with Spout?

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