[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Spout is most certainly planned for the future. I like the idea of GUIs, widgets, and (of course) skin manipulation.

    Just have to finish the base of the plugin, first :p
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    Are you up for marriage at this point? I do not have a daughter yet, but i'll be sure to make one and force her into marriage on request.


    Any way to toggle texts to display? Like you originally had the mysterious evil text?

    I would love to creep members out a bit, something epic would be cool too. Say, lightning strikes suddenly going down everywhere, things like that.

    I also noticed, if you got enough people gathered, even with Apocalyptic Spawning True its rather boring. We had 20-30 people on a spot and pretty much not a single zombie showed up for minutes :(

    And after that so little it was a laugh.

    And I think it'd be cool, as extra effect, to make water poisonous or something.
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    Hmmm, interesting. I've never had issues with Apocalyptic not spawning enough zombies before.
    What type of area were you guys in? Town, wilderness, cave, etc?
    It's possible that I missed something when spawning them.
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    Basically I made a new world, gave them 30 minutes to build something and put apocalyptic on and started it, it was on a strip of land with land on one end (forrest) and water surrounding the rest. If you wish I can PM you the domain and you can see it yourself. We've tested it on a production world with people more scattered at first, which was pretty awesome with 4-5 people, though I had to make giants much stronger.

    But it seemed as if more people meant less zombies..
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    Status Update:

    Finally got a little free time to sit down and lay things out! Code refractoring is nearing completion. It is certainly easier for me to handle new zombie types now, as opposed to before.

    Unfortunately, I essentially chopped up and re-worked everything in the code, so I fear that unintentional bugs will arise. Luckily, I have some people on here who have already been extremely helpful in reporting bugs, so hopefully I can get the same feedback for the re-designed version (Please Note: I mean redesigned internally, I don't mean that I just changed the entire plugin intent)

    I'll put it through some initial testing, and if it seems 'functional', I'll pass out 0.5 to you guys sometime in the very near future.
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    i will try my hardest to run it into the ground and report back on anything that looks like a bug :)
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    Same here. We just upgraded to 16GB Ram so that means lots of zombie fun (Y)
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    great plugin, my players love it. Just one nitpick, being able to start/stop a zombie apocalypse from console would be very nice, right now trying to do so just produces errors since it expects a player to be using the command.
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    Ah, very silly overlook. Added onto my list (growing rather large, I have some work to do!)
    Glad to hear your players enjoy it :)
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    I think i'll manually edit the code to add in messages for zombie apocalypse again if you don't make it a configuration option XD

    Looking forward to the next version, about to combine it with Sphere and endorse it as official world. Feel free to play if you ever have any time- we'd be glad to have you.
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    It'll probably be an option again later down the road, but feel free to modify it if you want to. Just try not to get lost in the source, its a bit of a doozy right now.
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    1 question that never occurred to me before. If I have zombie apocalypse on, will cages be able to spawn what they're supposed to (creepers, spiders, skeletons etc) ?
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    In theory, it should only effect natural spawns. So yes, mob spawners should still spawn their dedicated mobs.

    However, I've had a few issues with onCreatureSpawn registering when its not natural (even though I tell it to back out if it isn't)

    The only thing that might override mob spawners is when Apocalyptic-Mode is on...but even that might not be true.

    In other news,

    Recoding hasn't been working very well. Everytime I think I've gotten something that works, it is still riddled with error. I have school starting up again in 4 days, and on top of that, I've been promoted to a supervisor at my workplace. Time is very few and far between. Its for this reason that I won't be giving false promises of a new build in 1 day, 2 days, even 3 days...because I don't know if I can or can't push one out by then. If it works, I'll push it out, and update it when necessary.
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    Would you consider adding the ability to have admins be able to add safe zones so that hordes and such couldn't accedently spawn within a building that is supposed to be the "safe house." My brother and I were playing and this constantly happens to us. We managed to find a way to avoid it 90% of the time by placing our characters in one of the corners of the building, that way the horde would spawn outside. sometimes it would land within the building killing us all, and then spawn-killing us when we spawned at our beds using the StyxBed plugin.

    Also, Multi-World support is working fine with me, I started the event in 1 world and we have seen no effect so far in our other worlds, I will continue to update you though... I need to see if I can try to break it first. So far with natural playing (and not forcing the plugin to have a heart attack) It is working fine.

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    I think the horde-system in general needs to be re-worked. I'm not too happy with it, currently. I might end up making it so that hordes can only attack you if you're outside and in the open. That way I can avoid any zombies mauling people in a town hall (though that does sound appealing to me)
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    i have to cast a vote for the current system. i like it that you arent safe. imo if you want to go afk for a while then go to a world where zc is not enabled. i guess an actual safehouse would be cool though sometimes too...for a left 4 dead kinda feel...if you really want a safe area though, things like teslacoil, healing totem and similar plugins might be what you are looking for...certain spaces can be pretty safe too though. i have gone afk for a few mins at a time in attics, storm bunkers and balconies and been safe (even though there were tons of zombies waiting for me outside when i got back). its too bad zombieattack is basically broken beyond repair because that really added something 'special' (masochistic) to this whole zombies thing...

    btw im using this map if anyone is interested. have to say its pretty epic for zc and its quite well built with tons of attention to detail. i have a creategates portal out in the rural area on a farm and set it up so the players have to go find an object in town and get back out again.
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    I guess I'll just include it as an option then. I'm against the ideas of safehouses, as I don't want to integrate regions if at all possible. But if push comes to shove, I might look into it
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    This is only my opinion, but you should get signs, I was planning on using multi inv, with a multiworld plugin, and placing a really cool building that is pretty huge, then put weapons/armor on the fly so players can play it sort of like zombiecraft, but I bet you're trying to avoid that xD. But that's what I wanted to do, you should check out the signs things :D Also looks amazing and great plugin.
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    I've considered the idea of allowing people to convert the Zombie Shop into a sign shop

    GAH, so many good ideas, so little time to work on them. ; _ ;
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    @DrBoweNur If I knew more about java (or knew even how to do anything with it) I would help you out, but sadly I dont Q_Q. But I hope things lighten up on you so you have more time on your hands ^_^
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    why not just use commandsigns or bookit with the zombieshop? imo adding features that other plugins do well enough into this is a waste of effort when you can find multiple ways to set them up yourself and leave the good doctor to concentrate on the matter at hand :)

    i dont know how you are spawning the 'you have attracted the horde' event, but if they were a minimum of 'x' blocks away at spawn, you could just make your safe house less than 'x' and they would never be able to spawn inside of it...technically/theoretically at least :)

    im with you though i dont really like the idea. the thing my players like the most is the absolute relentlessness of the zombies. trying to stop and use the mcmmo repair skill/anvil, or set up a crafting table and scavenge some stuff to make gear with or cook some food or anything like that is way funner this way. that map i linked has a lot of resources on it, but they are not easy to harvest or even make use of on apocalyptic mode...which is a form of balance, and also very cool. we have to have like 2/3 players guarding/fighting while one guy sets up a table to build himself a new sword or an anvil so we can take turns repairing our stuff. some people dont like difficult games though so...:'( lol

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    Hi, is there any possible way I code get a fork or pull request (if you have a Github that is) or see your source (if you don't mind), because I would love to integrate some of my plugins (BurnableTorches - Torches that burn out, SpreadingMossy - Mossy cobblestone that spreads, and maybe even BasicHerobrine). Along with some other plugins I've developed but never released. Thanks for reading.
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    I will have a github repo set up, after I get everything cleaned up. Though if I may ask, are you going to hard-code them in...or just make sure they'd be compatible? I don't see why players can't just mix/match all of your plugins with mine.
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    I've noticed that the leaderboards are VERY buggy at times. There is no problem with this seeing as my users don't seem to care either way. Although I still would like to see this function work properly. The main problem I'm seeing with it is that it takes a really long time to update or flat out doesn't update at all. Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this but thought I'd point it out. Also maybe new zombie idea... an exploding zombie that when killed does the same effect of a creeper but without destroying blocks. I don't know, sounds cool to me XD

    P.S.- Amazing plugin and can't wait to see the next update
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    Yeah, I've experienced the same issues. Ran it on a server with 4 people, and everything was fine.

    Then I ran it on my live server with 10~ and it was completely mixed around. Very strange, as the way that I sort it should be working just fine.

    I'll have to look further into it to see if I have some sort of logic error (which I obviously do)

    Due lack of updates, and the fact that I have some pretty bad organizational skills, I'm going to list all feature requests/suggestions since the last update (since there have been quite a few since then). This is to help me when I finally get back to working on this, and to make sure I don't miss any of your ideas. Anyways, here goes:

    • Console-Friendly start/stop
    • Customizable start-up text
    • Further options for when/where a horde can spawn
    • Fixing the leaderboards
    • Exploding Zombies
    • Banshees (more of my own goal)
    • Shorter, user-friendly commands (so you dont have to type out a small sentence to do something)
    • Webber griefing glitch (slight chance to destroy 1-2 blocks)
    • Fix issues with Normal-Day-Zombie-Night mode

    Some rather exciting news for the future:

    The latest dev build of Spout allows custom mob textures! I now have a viable solution to identifying each zombie type! HUZZAH!

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    Derek Rhode

    I really love this mod but it keeps getting shut off during automatic restart. Is there a way that you can add something in the config to have it on all the time and or could you make it so it accepts command through server console so i can just do a reoccuring command every x minutes to do /zc start? PWEASE! Love this mod btw your my new idol!
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    In the config, change 'Persist-through-reload' to true
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    Derek Rhode

    its true but when the server restarts it doesnt autostart?
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    Hmmm, if I remember correctly, there has to be some sort of odd combo to make it work. Can you post your full config file to me?
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    This looks amazing.
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