[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    uhmm is there any comments available for the config file?

    example: apocalyptic spawn mode? means?

    use sun screen if no night?

    start at night en at day? (well this is self explaining.. reason why im asking is it doesnt seem to work)

    also no matter how high my synergy is the zombie wont respawn if killed..

    anyways cool thing u got there

    also if i start the apokalypse vie command its spamming

    the sun is rising blah blah
    the night starts or something blash blah hordes comming

    full chat window filled with those messages in half second :confused:

    also if i use /zc stop it only says: there is no apocalypse to stop... ho ho ho neverending apokalypsexD

    and u also can start it at day ;P zombies spawn and die by sun (ofc) but thats not a problem the other ones are..
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    Okay guys, I really do apologize for the straight up disappearance lately. With all these pre-release shenanigans by Mojang, I've been holding off on coding at all. Once Minecraft is up to speed (likely when it's "fully released" in November), I'll probably come back and revisit this to continue work.

    Though, admittedly, most of my inactivity is due to me getting involved in 3D Animation and Game Design with a program called Blender. Been working with it for a week and I absolutely love it:
    Model I've been working on (open)

    V-22 Osprey Gunship (Low Poly Model)

    It's definitely a new path for me to branch out into during the time being, and I can't promise that it won't suck me away from here for a long while. I'll get back to this whenever I can :(
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    @DrBoweNur All cool man, I am really interested in your plugin, I will defiantly be running it on my server when your done
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    Firstly, this looks epic - +1 [meat] from me!
    Secondly, for this problem...
    ...you could add in zombies that break blocks slowly to get at players, unless you have already done this and I just missed it :p That way, zombies will spawn nearby, and if they are in a [configurable?] range they could break all blocks except for bedrock to get to you so that nowhere is safe! ;)
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    I've seen another plugin attempt this and it seems very difficult to do without creating an overabundance of threads. (Which lags down the server BIG TIME)
    I can look into it, but I highly doubt I'll manage to find a good method for it.

    In other news, I have a surprise for you guys in the coming days. Been back at work on it, and I think you guys will like the changes that I've made. ;)

    Altered OP to make room for DeadMines. Will eventually replace the entire OP, I know it's a little sloppy for now. Make sure you guys check out the new zombie types and tell me what you think about the concepts! I'll give you all more info on Infected Tomes later, because that's a secret ;)
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    YAY! Update started ! One question: Will there be custom zombie skins? IF SO.... EPIC!
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    i have a feeling there will be something like that yes =)
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    Yessir, provided you have SpoutCraft. (Which honestly, everyone should have by now ;) )

    I wish you guys could have seen the bug testing to get the Bolters working properly. Lots of bugs with infinite lightning strikes. Looked like Ion Cannons were attacking my world. :x
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    haha nice i almost want to beg you to send me the dev build that does that so i can see it live :p
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    Well, I fixed it roughly 2 hours ago, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for some other horrible bug :p

    Rest assured though, after my 11-5 shift tomorrow it will be a coding frenzy to try and push out a working version of the refractured and redesigned version. As a fair warning, it will likely include less than what the previous build did, but in a much neater (code-wise) factor. The only true 'new things' that you'll likely notice are
    A) The Custom Skins
    B) The New Types (ZombieLord will likely be his old self)

    But hey, anything can happen.
    In other news,
    I'm thinking of shifting this plugin into a full-blow SpoutCraft direction, seeing as the ability to create custom items is almost too tantalizing not to take advantage of
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    I got spoutcraft! Could i test, please ;) anyway that's great!
  12. Awesome plugins, please add a language file :)
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    Chances of a playable build are slim for tonight. The Bama vs LSU game can attest to that.

    Good news is that I've managed to make the Webbers environmentally friendly now (Can't destroy blocks like they could before), and also given them a 3x3x2 box of web instead of 3x3x1 in order to make them a bit more dangerous.

    On top of that, got Leapers to (hopefully) be a bit more consistent with their lunges, though there's only so much you can do with velocity-changes.

    As for the other specials, I haven't made too many changes. (Save for the custom skins)
    Infernites remain untouched.
    Shades have an improved cloning mechanism, as they could potentially clone infinitely before.
    Splitters remain untouched (though I feel they're a bit bland, and could use a little love at some point in time)
    Guards and Elite Guards are still too buggy to be considered done.
    Lord changes are proving to be trickier than I thought, but I have (at the very least) managed to get it to shoot fireballs at SOMETHING.
    Jockeys have been deprecated temporarily ( @undeadmach1ne Don't worry, they're still in there, I just need to work on them a bit more so that they are able to successfully latch onto people's faces without throwing errors)

    Infected Tomes have been drawn out on a sheet of paper, and are ready to be coded. I'll have a nice post about those sometime tonight, as they're a rather large addition to the 'Mechanics' section.

    Shop has been deprecated, as I still haven't re coded it. (It's not gone forever, just for the coming build)
    Hordes are 80% through their redesign process.

    I need you guys to understand that this build won't be a heaping piles of features that adds to the previous. This is a -complete- rewrite of the original plugin, in an attempt to make feature-adding much easier. I have to start from ground 0, so think of the coming build as ZombieCraft v0.1a, but with a brand new polish to it. (That, and the Bolter)

    And @Lightzaver
    Of course you can test it, that's what the experimental builds are for :)
    Just make sure to give detailed bug reports, impressions, and ideas. :p
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    i can live with that. i only ever saw them do their thing once and it was easily the funniest thing i have ever encountered in minecraft. my buddy still feels dirty over it and we only speak of the incident in hushed tones when no one else is around :p (i think he liked it)
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    Ok, I promised a little post on it earlier, and I think now's a good time to go into detail on them.

    So, let's get started:
    Infected Tomes
    What are they?
    Infected Tomes, in the lore sense of this game, are the ancient manuscripts of the dead. They are the long-lost secrets that are kept locked away in hell. Of course, our undead friends carry these manuscripts around as if they were a Bible to a clergyman. But enough of that, you get the point.​
    What do they do?
    My intent in designing them is to offer a bit more of a unique play-style to the Apocalypse. Each Tome (and its respective volume) will grant the user an extra ability (sometimes more) to use against their opponents. Be it small or large, they will always make fights a bit more interesting than what they would usually be. In essence, they are 'spell books' that you can collect.​
    How can I obtain them?
    Through zombie-killing, of course! But keep in mind that they're not going to be easy to find (Or maybe they are, depending on what you set their rarity to in the config ;) ). The more powerful the zombie, however, and the higher chance of getting a powerful tome. Lords will obviously be the prime target, if you're going after the most elite abilities.​
    The Books
    The tomes are divided into three separate 'Books'.​
    The Book of Plagues - Direct Damage Spells​
    The Book of Misfortunes - Utility Spells​
    The Book of Omens - Heals/Aura Spells​
    Each of them has various volumes, in which the various spells are contained.​
    Also, if you've happened to look at my WIP RPG that I postponed a while back, you'd notice that the tome-groups represent that of my spell groups in that project as well.​
    Additional Stuff
    Now, I'll be honest. I'm a huge fan of Special FX, so if I'm going to make spells, I'm going to try and make them look as cool as is possible within the world of Minecraft.​
    So, I present to you, a video of me messing around with some effects to give you guys an idea of how visual I want some of these spells to be. (No, there will not be a spell for infinite rocket hands! And yes, this does feature the Webber as well :p):​
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    Thanks! Cant wait till its finished its gonna be soooo epic!

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    Download link for the new revision hasn't been put up, but the download link for the old version is still in the OP under 'Older Versions'

    @ Everyone else

    The first public dev-build of DeadMines is out! Check the OP for the download link.
    I wouldn't normally release a build like this, as it is very primitive and is a large step back (in content) from the previous ZombieCraft builds. But I need to start getting some bug feedback if at all possible, so I decided to throw this out there for people to try out.

    As for the Config file, you'll notice a lot has been removed. This does not mean it's "gone forever", it just means I am not done re-implementing it in a pleasing manner. Dark Synergy -does- rise, but has virtually no effect on anything (again, this is only temporary)

    Apocalyptic Spawn Mode has been downgraded thanks to Notch changing the native code for creature spawns. It will, however, continue to increase the amount of zombies you fight (if only by a little)

    I -HIGHLY- recommend you have SpoutCraft for this plugin, or it will be pale in comparison to those who do have SpoutCraft.

    Enjoy and get back to me with feedback/suggestions! :)

    Version 0.1a (DeadMines)
    • Bolters added
    • Customizable zombie skins (with default skins provided by the amazing work of @undeadmach1ne )
    • Working spawn-percentages
    • Lots of deprecated code (To be re-implemented later on)
    • Multi-World support is still enabled, Permissions/OP privileges are not (Don't worry though, not much destruction players can do with 2 simple commands)
    • Commands:
      • /dm start - start the apocalypse
      • /dm end - end the apocalypse

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    winning! ill try it later when i reset my server back to 1.8 so i can use spout. expect feedback :p
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    Hardly any zombies?

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    Like I said, Notch has butchered one of my main methods of getting more zombies into the game by not allowing me to utilize animal spawns to their fullest potential. Once I get Hordes in, and actually have some time to figure out what to do about this new issue, rest assured there'll be plenty of zombies.

    Also, see if you have Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode set to True in the config. It won't be as effective as before, but it should still increase your zombie output
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    Tried apocolypse mode - no use! the old one worked fine though?
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    The server code has been changed to a point where doing what I did before simply will not cut it. I'm working on figuring out an alternative, but it will take time as I'm no longer able to handle spawn events for animals.

    Simply put,
    Notch messed with code. Code now does not work. Have to find a different way to make more zombies.
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    - Custom items which increase damage to certain zombies :p
    - Custom armour which increase defence against zombies :D
    - Maybe some sort of random blood moon or random night time apocalypse (different to this other one basically use a random number when time = 12000 or whatever night time ticks are if it == 0 then active bloodmoon for a delayed task of stopping it :D maybe extend the night time by slowing the ticks or use repeated task so that everyone 2 ticks take back a tick from the night time so the night time is x2 as long ?) like these ideas? plus add loads of things from spout :D
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    thanks anyway, but if the update broke code then why does the old version still work well?
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    The old version shouldn't work well, technically speaking.

    I'll check it out tonight and see if it does, however. Maybe I can find an answer there.

    EDIT: I see no drastic changes between the old version and the new version in terms of how many Zombies spawn. It may just be the fact that there are no Horde events or reanimating zombies in this version yet?

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    oh well~! at least we got custom zombie skins!=D
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    I will definitely be adding custom items that can help against the zombies (See: Tomes)
    And I do like the idea of having a special night (within the already special nights) that is extra-difficult.

    @ everyone else
    Quick Update:
    - Added new zombie concept to the OP, known as the Infestor. Take a look at it and let me know what you think
    - Horde has been improved and is ready to roll for the next dev build
    - Re-animated zombies have been placed back in (Any ideas on how to revise them further?)
    - The new Zombie Lord is 70% complete, we'll see if I can get him into the next build

    Hoping to release 0.2 either late tonight, or early tommorow.
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    thanks, maybe .... you could you use spout to set it that infectors infect humans!
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    so how did you work around the problem? sorry i still havnt had time to test, i just set up my 1.8 server but havnt actually used it yet lol
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    The Apocalyptic issue is still intact.

    The Horde spawning was something entirely different. Before, Hordes would spawn at the highest possible point (making it impossible for them to spawn in buildings or under cliffsides)
    I've improved the code a bit so that it will try to find the closest safe spawn.

    While it's not a bad idea, I feel like making players 'zombies' would stray away from the original layout of the plugin. It's designed to be Player vs Zombie, not Player vs Zombie vs ZombiePlayer
    Thanks for the input, though!
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