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    Version: v1.55 (01.08.11)

    Speedwalk evolved with it´s users and is now harder to explain. It basically speeds you up if you trigger a configurable event under configurable conditions. Supported events are (item) rightclick, (item) leftclick or sneak. The conditions can either be an item in hand, a certain block type you have to stand on, a permission or all at the same time. You can also define multipliers that affect the movement speed if these conditions are met.

    The supplied default config shows basically nothing from what the plugin can do as many things are disabled by default because it can get very complicated.

    Heres a small video that should show how it could be used:

    • Fun & fast movement
    • Highly configurable
    • MultiWorld support
    • Permissions support (Permissions, PermissionsBukkit, OP - you choose)
    Just place Speedwalk.jar in your plugins folder and start the server. The configs are created automatically.

    The config got a bit complicated because of some recent additions so i´ll also explain how the final speed multiplier is calculated below.

    Do not copy these examples to your config, they have not the right structure.
    config.yml (open)
        permissions: Permissions
        # which permission system to use
        # possible values: permissions, bukkit, op, default ( = op || bukkit )
    worlds/world.yml (open)
    The world configs now contain sections for each event that can be used. For this example i will only show the settings of one event.
    Event specific config part:
        enabled: true
        # if items should be needed for speedwalk
        # notes:
        # - speedwalk with bare hands won´t work as they don´t trigger the event
        # - speedwalk only triggers on clicks if you target air
        # - if items are disabled the block multi is taken without getting multiplied
        data: 288|1|1|1, 2256|2|1.7|1.3
        # which items can be used to use speedwalk? items must follow this format:
        # itemID|DecreaseBy|multiXZ|multiY, [...]
        enabled: true
        # if blocks should be checked for a speedup
        # note: if blockchecks are disabled the item multis are taken without getting multiplied
        data: 43|4.0|0.5, 44|4.0|0.5
        # which blocks allow speedwalk and what multiplier do they have? blocks must follow this format:
        # blockID|multiXZ|multiY, [...]
    And these settings are not event (but world) specific:
        enabled: false
        # if permission based multipliers should be enabled
        # BE CAREFUL: when you enable these and have a "*" permission because you are an admin
        #            you get all of the default permission multipliers at once which will launch
        #            you into the sky to die a shameful death.
        # one of three permissions you can set. you can define the permission node names yourself.
        # multi values are multipliers.
            node: speedwalk.doubleboth
            multiY: 2.0
            multiXZ: 2.0
        multiXZ: 3.5
        multiY: 0.5
        # if you disable both items and roadblocks these multis are taken
    Final speed calculation (open)
    In all cases the resulting speed for x and z axis gets multiplied with the player velocity. This means you get more speed when you are already walking on use.

    "itemMulti" is the multiplier set for the corresponding item if matched.
    "blockMulti" is the multiplier set for the corresponding block(under player) if matched.
    "permissionMulti" is the multiplier set in the config when multipliers are enabled and the player has the according permission.

    1. Items are enabled, blocks are enabled:
    finalSpeed = itemMulti * blockMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    2. Items are enabled, blocks are disabled:
    finalSpeed = itemMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    3. Items are disabled, blocks are enabled:
    finalSpeed = blockMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    4. Items are disabled, roadblocks are disabled:
    This is the last example and a little special case. The speed value is not taken from items or roads here as they are disabled. Set the speed values in config under misc -> multiXZ and Y.

    finalSpeed = configMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    Please let the plugin generate a new config after updates to keep things clean.

    Allows you to reload the config files if you have the according permission.
    Toggles if speedwalk is enabled for just you (is only stored temporary).
    Does not enable you to use it if you don´t have permission.

    This plugin supports Permissions and built-in bukkit system with PermissionsBukkit (to manage default bukkit permissions).
    speedwalk.reload            # allows usage of /swreload to reload configs
    speedwalk.use               # allows usage of all events
    speedwalk.use.rightclick    # allows usage of rightclick event
    speedwalk.use.leftclick     # allows usage of leftclick event
    speedwalk.use.sneak         # allows usage of sneak event          # user doesn´t lose items on use
    You can also define permissions yourself that act as speed multipliers. See config for that.

    Speedwalk.jar (includes config)
    Source Code

    Version 1.55
    • Added command /swtoggle to toggle enabled state of plugin for players
    Version 1.5
    • Added MultiWorld support
    • Added support for other events (leftclick, sneak)
    • Added command to reload configs ingame
    • Changed complete config structure again :(
    • Had to change the separators from : to | because of some unexpected bugs (also looks better)
    Version 1.4
    • Added 3 customizable permission based multipliers
    Older changelogs (open)
    Version 1.3
    • Added setting to turn off item requirements
    • Fixed a small bug regarding config
    Version 1.2
    • Added support for multiple items with different speeds and cost
    • Added support for multiple speeds for different block types
    Version 1.1

    • Added Permissions support (2.7.4 and 3.1.6)
    • Added 'RoadBlocks' you can define, so the plugin only triggers when standing on certain blocks
    Version 1.0

    • Speedwalk release
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    Can someone plz help me out here? I want this plugin to be config'd in a way so that the player has to be standing on a stone slab for his speed to increase. The player should need to have no special items in hand, just the block below has to be a stone slab. Thanks :)
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    Well the first thing you need to know is that the plugin is event based. You can either have a speed increase on sneak, on rightclick or on leftclick.

    Lets say you want the speed increase on rightclick.
        enabled: true
            enabled: false
            data: 288|1|1|1, 2256|1|2|2
            enabled: true
            data: 43|3.5|0.5, 44|3.5|0.5
    Now speed increases when a player rightclicks with any item in air when standing on block with id 43 or 44 (slabs).
    Unfortunately it doesnt work with no item in hand at the moment.
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    Are you working on a working version with "air" in hand when rightclicking?
    Or are you a bit pausing or working on another plugin at the moment?

    Just wanted to know,
    NoNe aNd NoNly.
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    Well.. my vacation has just ended and i am on my first day at work atm :(
    So i will have less time in the future, but that doesn´t mean i´ll stop developing.

    I´ll look into triggering without an item in hand (if possible with bukkit).
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    Cool you're still going to develop. You're doing great, don't worry and don't be sad.
    We'll accept that and be happy you already made it to where you are.

    See ya next time,
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    I just checked some things regarding the bukkit update and tested along with that what to do about the rightclicking with air. I´m sorry, but i don´t think its possible on rightclick event at the moment. It just doesn´t trigger when you hold air (perhaps it isn´t sent by the client).

    But i tested a few other things. If you set the needed item to 0 (air) and the decreaseBy to 0 you can use air as required "item" with leftclick and sneak event (or you could just disable the items, but then you couldn´t set other values for other items).
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    All of the links don't work :(
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    I´m really sorry, my hoster had problems yesterday evening. Should all work again now.
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    Not sure if I can use this mod for what I want, but I have a large ocean world and want to increase the swimming speed. How to do this? And why isn't there just a straightforward "faster swimming" mod?
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    I have a question. I want to make a road when the players walk on it to go faster.
    However I understand that the plugin could only do so if the player holds an object or if it is right click.
    So I wonder if it was possible to ensure that everything is "automatic".
    Thank you in advance:)

    PS: sorry for my very bad English, I'm French: x
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    Links are broken...
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    I can Confirm the links are borked.
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    Link down ;(
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    The download link is broken
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    the website link isnt working...

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