Inactive [FUN] Slapper - Slap unruly players into the air with adustable power! [1.4.6]

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    Slapper by aciid
    Simple slap plugin.
    Since we're on DevBukkit this page will no longer be updated!
    Plain simple and effective slap plugin, a fun tool for any OP.
    Allows players with permission to /slap other players and send them flying.
    Will knock the victim upward and toward a (random) angle, depending on slap power. If you slap someone hard enough they will go flying and die upon hitting the ground!​

    Newest plugin version: v0.1
    Compatible with: [1.4.6]+

    Usage: /slap|slapper <player> [power]
    Permission: slapper.slap

    Power can be any number from 0-100 but if not provided the default used is 5!

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