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    Seats - Chairs in Minecraft!
    Version: v0.3beta

    This is my second plugin, which adds seats to Minecraft! Very simple to use, you just make a seat using a painting and wood stairs (one) and then right click it to "sit down". Full instructions below!

    How to use

    It is very simple to make a seat - You use one painting and one "wood stair" like shown in the picture below. It does not need any commands, permissions, or anything like that. Then you right click on the wood stair to sit down on the seat. To get off, look below you and right click on the stair. If you destroy the painting and/or the seat, or get disconnected, you will also not be sitting anymore. You can't sit in a seat someone else is in, when I was testing with some others eariler when you sat in the same seat as someone you could see inside their head! Which wasn't very nice when I and someone in a creeper skin sat down on the same chair.

    You can put multiple chairs with paintings next to each other, and shuffle between seats by looking at the one you want and right clicking. You can also put signs on the edges of chairs without messing anything up.

    If you're wondering "why is he so far up the seat?" it is because he is actually sitting on the painting, not the wood stairs. If you want to know why, the wood stairs is a block and the painting is an entity, and you can mount players to entities and not blocks. If you could, he'd be in the middle of the block. Someone suggested make an invisible arrow appear and put that in the middle of the block and since the arrow is an entity, mount the player to that but I don't think that would work very well and it wouldn't be easy.

    When reporting bugs please post the entire error if there is one in the console. It may look gibberish to you but it tells me where the error is and (usually) what it is.

    Yes, I'm a heavy from TF2.

    Why can't you use signs?
    This is something which has been popping up a lot recently and so I'll explain simply: Signs are blocks. Not entities. Paintings are entities. You can't, not its very difficult and I'm too lazy, you CAN NOT make a player sit on a block properly.

    • Adding a wanted feature to minecraft
    • No configuration (yet) or permissions to set up
    • Lightweight, multiworld support, etc
    • Full of possibilities.

    The permission node is seats.sit
    If you don't have permissions or something compatible it will allow anyone to sit down.
    Download: DropBox link - v0.3

    Source can be given on request until I figure out how to do anything on github :(

    The following people helped me test this plugin (Minecraft Usernames)
    • xPawww (xPaw on forums)
    • lishid
    • noobidoo
    And of couse a big thanks to #bukkitdev on espernet.

    • Add a health-regenerating feature when you sit down and a config for this - Low
    • Allow mobs to sit down for fun - Low
    • Permissions - Only on multiple requests - done (0.3beta)
    Version 0.3
    • Added Permissions
    Version 0.2
    • Added Cobblestone stairs
    • Removed unneeded "Seats Disabled"
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Launch
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    Care to try again with a fishing bobber? Minewiki says it's an entity too. It'd be great if this could work out somehow.
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    Would it be possible to do this with not only the wood/cobble stairs but also half-blocks?
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    Celtic Minstrel


    That depends. Can you place a painting on half-blocks?
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    You can place a painting on half-steps. It would be very nice to be able to use them as well.

    I think the position you sit on looks very weird. Offsetting it so you're sitting further down and a bit forward would make it look much better, rather than sitting on the back-edge of it. Especially with half-steps since there would be nothing to sit on except the painting itself.
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    I thought the same... but I think I will just build bigger chairs that hide the painting... Thrones!!!
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    Bradley Hilton

    Fixing to install this plugin, only request I have is permissions. Maybe have two types, being able to create seats and being able to sit on them. Then with create they can obviously destroy too... I know you said you'd do permissions only with multiple request, so I believe I'm one of the first :)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Frankly, I prefer the paintings version... though it'd be nice to know how you did it without paintings.
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    The source code is included in the .jar, as in all of my plugins ;)
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    Please, could you prevent the players to sit-down the stairs if they have block or sign in hand ? It's difficult to build stairs if the player sit down each time he put a block next to a stair... -_-

    Also found a bug when there is no block under the stair, it's very difficult to stand-up.

    Thanks :)
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    Already added the "Exclude" - list, by default, you cant hold a sign when youre right click it to sit.

    Hmm, good to know, Ill look into it. :)
    Reply in the ChairCraft thread instead, I dont want to hijack this. xD
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    Looks like he has a better version. So not going to bother with this any more >_>
    Way to come in and boast about it, idiot.
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    I just felt like I had to, since you clearly stated "you CAN NOT...". xD
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    Why does someone randomly like my post? :(
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I disagree. Vilda does it with arrows, which will eventually despawn (though that can be worked around) and which means you see an X if you look down, and I personally prefer the method of using pictures for seats. I think the shortcomings of your version are solvable, and if you were to abandon it completely I would probably try to fix some of them myself.
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    :D I would love this if you would bring it back, since chaircraft is a not really supported. I like this. :D

    Oh yes update the name please. . . The plugin works. :D for me no errors yet.

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    wait, this works for CB 1000?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I think I last tested it on something like 987, so it likely will still work on CraftBukkit 1000. I have occasionally considered picking this up and improving it, but it probably won't happen anytime soon.
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    It works for me on 1000. :D
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    Just one question.... if you want realistic seating why dont you disable the pickup of water or lava drop (entities)
    Then when you right click on a stair it drops a water or lava drop and your player mouts on that? it is better then arrows or paintings...
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    Weird, I didn't get alerted of this post. Well anyhow, moved. Next time, please don't ping us all. :p
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    That wouldn't work. I don't think you can disable pickup.

    0.3beta out. permissions

    Then you'd be floating on the painting. Double steps, on the other hand... I could turn this into a "sit on blocks" plugin...

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    Sure you can.
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    I don't want to try and mount an entity on a drop if I could. Paintings get attached so I can get them easily. How am I supposed to get the drop? It isn't attached to anything.
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    I merely was pointing out that you can cancel an item pickup.
    To get the item you either would need to spawn it yourself or search the list of entities for it.
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    Hm... it might get complicated this idea. Besides, getting the item in the right position would be difficult

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