Inactive [FUN] Scroll of Random Uselessness 2.2 - Just as the name implies [1.2.3 COMPATIBLE] [1.1-R6/1988]

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    Scroll of Random Uselessness - Just as the name implies!
    Version: v2.2

    Oh, look. I found a bug.
    SoRU 2.2_01 will be coming shortly...
    A newly generated configuration is required for this update!

    To maintain compatibility with several servers still running 1.1, 1.2.3-exclusive content (mobs, items, etc) have not been added into the plugin. That's not to say that the plugin won't work just fine on any build above 1988!

    (As of 2.2, Scroll of Random Uselessness no longer supports Permissions 3.x. The local obfuscator apparently found my use of "prehistoric" technology appalling. I apologize.)

    A scroll of random uselessness. What do you think it does? What do you think it can do?

    Finally give all those reeds a useless use with Scroll of Random Uselessness! Simply read (use) the scroll (paper) and the effects can range from a useless statement to changing your environment to random items falling from the sky, or even temporary invincibility!
    In the words of a friend:
    • Gives paper a new and ever-changing use
    • Uses Permissions if, for some reason, you don't want players reading scrolls
    • Has further permission nodes defined for each individual possible action, allowing for customization of scrolls within your groups
    • Several useless (but hopefully amusing) dud messages
    • Messages are colored by helpfulness (or inherent dangerousness)
    • Can spawn passive, neutral, and hostile mobs around you
    • Has the ability to change the environment around you, up to and including turning a nearby stone block into diamond ore
    • Cake
    • Can heal the player
    • Can give the player temporary (10-second) invincibility
    • Has the chance to drop a random item of a random amount from the sky to the player
    • More cake
    • The ability to vomit up previously eaten porkchops
    • The chance to be a lightningrod for a split-second
    • Can randomly teleport you to another player
    • Can cause an explosion where you are standing
    Full list of possible actions:
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    • Several useless texts
    • Chance to be hit by a bolt of lightning
    • Puddles of water form around you
    • Puddles of lava form around you
    • Nearby stone can turn into diamond ore
    • A cake forms on the block you're standing on
    • Sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, squids and wolves can spawn around you
    • Zombies, skeletons, spiders, zombie pigmen, ghasts, silverfish, endermen, blazes, magma cubes, snowmen, mushroom cows, and creepers can spawn around you
    • Herobrine may appear
    • Scroll may not be used - no bonus effect
    • Cooked porkchops spawn from you
    • Health healed
    • Temporary invincibility
    • Random items will fall from the sky
    • Explosions can occur right where you're standing
    • You can be teleported to another player

    Permissions nodes:
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    Necessary for anyone to use a scroll




    to give your players access to all actions

    Solves all of your problems, and even mows your lawn!


    Ideas I am currently thinking about implementing - comments would help
    • Having a larger range of Useless messages... Admins can define their own random statements.
    • Implementing SuperPerms Done.
    • Getting around to removing the useless block comments all throughout the PlayerListener Done. Entire code was re-written in the process.
    • Balance Server administrators can now define the chance percentages within the configuration
    Because the plugin has been in use on some servers before its official Bukkit release, its entire changelog from 1.0 will be listed.

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    Version 2.2_01 (NOT RELEASED YET)
    • I'm kind of a clueless idiot and forgot to update some numbers within the entity spawner. It doesn't exactly cause any crashes, but if you want things like magma cubes to *actually spawn*, you might want this update...
    Version 2.2 (2.1 kind of derped into here, I lost count of my version numbers!):
    • Completely rewrote code. Crashes should no longer occur.
    • Compatible with mostly any CraftBukkit 1.2.3 build (There are no kitties available in here yet in order to maintain backwards compatibility with 1.1 RBs!)
    • Several new configuration options, including the ability to add your own strings as useless statements!
    • General configuration organization.
    • The local obfuscator made me remove Permissions 3.x support. I apologize.
    • Several other smaller changes.
    Version 2.0 (pretend 1.9 is in here as well):
    • Added permission nodes for every individual action
    Version 1.8:
    • Accounted for the new Silverfish and Endermen being spawned, and gave appropriate weights to them. Also expanded Acquirement to allow for the new items.
    • This was a little late...
    Version 1.7:
    • Added cooldowns! Editable in the config file, disabled by default. The cooldown time records in a double, so decimals are accepted.
    • Added weights to the config file! The numbers given are clarified as percent chances (i.e., 20% chance you can teleport.)
    - The plugin works this way: It rolls a category of action, then rolls an individual action within that category. From there, it rolls a dice to see if it should execute that action or redirect to a useless statement. The weights you give it in the config clarify the chance of executing that action - therefore, if it is 100 out of 100, the action will always execute - but only if it is rolled in the first place.
    • Added the ability for explosions to occur
    • Added the ability to get teleported to another player
    • Fixed a silly issue where people using Permissions would get slightly different chances from people who weren't using Permissions.
    Version 1.6
    • Found and fixed several bugs, including banned items dropping from Acquirement and strange config file reverting. Damn you, recursion!
    • At request, a new config option has been added to change how many items may drop from Acquirement, at most.
    Version 1.5
    • Added a config file
    • At request, item used as scroll can now be changed in the config
    • At request, Water and lava will no longer overwrite important blocks - these blocks are configurable in the config.yml
    • The blocks barred from being dropped by Acquirement are configurable in the config
    • At request, Permissions has been implemented - make sure to add the ScrollOfRandomUselessness.canUse node to your players!
    • At request, appearance of useless messages has been lowered... slightly
    • At request and upon rare occasion, Herobrine will make an appearance
    Version 1.4_03
    • Raised chances for Acquirement again (40%).
    • The plugin can now spawn Chickens.
    Version 1.4_02
    • Lowered how often water would be created around you.
    • Due to the severe responses of players getting acid reflux, the chance to vomit up previously eaten porkchops has been lowered.
    • Increased the chance of Acquirement by 12.5%.
    • Lowered the chance of Ghasts and Creepers spawning on a victim.
    Version 1.4_01
    • Changed the color of Ghast spawning to dark red to make the inherent danger of a giant, flying, fireball-shooting jellyfish a little more noticeable.
    Version 1.4
    • Added the possibility of getting a cake where you're standing.
    Version 1.3
    • Added Acquirement - it is now possible for a random item of a random amount to fall from the sky to you!
    • Added the ability for Creepers to be spawned.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    Looks interesting and amusing, downloading it now. Hehe will be fun surprising the other players with this...
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    LOL! Please tell me if you have any issues with the balance!
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    Best plugin I have ever seen. Ever. :D Trying it out now.
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    That means a lot, thank you.
    Please tell me if you find any issues with balance or ease of use.
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    Its great, I like how most of the time, not much happens besides a message or a small heal, then you click it again and you have 5 ghasts trying to kill you. T.T Its more suspenseful than cave exploring with no torches, and really addicting at the same time.
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    Let's see... it could make you randomly teleport you to some player
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    LOL. I'll take that as a compliment (but if I need to lower Ghast spawning chances, just let me know...!)

    Wait until you manage to get 40+ diamond blocks with the Acquirement.
    Hmm, that might actually be kind of mean, LOLOL. I think I may still put that in, albeit with a super low chance. Thank you for the idea.
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    It could send you to the nether, down a layer, stick you up in the sky (and let you fall), move the block your standing on up a random distance, swap the blocks around you with each other(randomization of landscapes), place a few torches around you, explode, build a glass dome, grow a tree...the list goes on.
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    I try to avoid effects that would immediately kill you; however, the rest of the effects look like they have potential, albeit taking a while to implement.

    I'll ponder these the next time I get into a programming mode. Thank you.
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    I am working on a small update that will add a configuration for the plugin, allowing things such as enabling or disabling certain groups of actions, as well as a banned item list for acquirement. It will probably be out a day or so after we get our recommended build for 1.7.3 out.

    I will work on adding more effects once I rewrite the randomization system I built the plugin on (it's very messy at the moment.)
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    Great work keep it up :D
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    sounds very fun!

    just another event ideas: (you don't have to use any, just some thoughts going around in my head)

    if you are near water, perhaps a fish could jump out. or something like that
    being rocketed into the air
    the nearest cow around you explodes
  14. Oh yeah that really looks really really fun :D

    I'd suggest that the useless statements would be customisable so everyone can adapt them to their own language (thus you'll have to allow special characters like é à ç ï in your plugin).
    Lower useless statement probability. It's kind of annoying to craft 63 paper only to hear 10 times that Notch isn't real. And hum not everyone has seen Charlie the Unicorn and well it was like 6 years ago. Some would tell you to turn the page xD. I won't, though.

    Also, it would be better if the puddle of water was created one block higher, i.e. just above the ground, and without replacing blocks. It would avoid people from unfortunately lose their hard-earned glowstone floor or a chest. It's just my opinion on this though.

    I laughed a lot when 50 iron leggings fell upon me. xD

    I love the idea of a cow exploding above :D.

    Other useless ideas I'm having : the scroll
    - executes a /jump (sends the player to the point he's looking at) ;
    - teleports the player to the nearest reachable gold ore block (Gold magnet !);
    - same thing with a cactus instead of a gold ore block (CACTUS MAGNET ! whoop !!);
    - grows a cage around the player ;
    - gives the player a tamed wolf, or why not 10 of them (how annoying it is to have 10 dogs always pushing you around xD) ;
    - sets the player on fire ;
    - tells the player he's invincible, but in fact he's not (yes I'm sadistic) ;
    - sends the player to the Nether (whoops...) or back to the surface
    - instantly kills the player. (this one rocks, you MUST implement it :D)
    - summons Herobrine ? :D
  15. Interesting.

    Can you PLEASE not use brackets in file urls though Oo

    And ideally no spaces in filenames either ><

    Could you add a permission node so it can be easily enabled/disabled per World?
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    Can you make it so you can define the ID of the item that should be used? I'm already using paper for Bandages, and I can't really set the ID to something different. I can't use a map or book as bandage, now can I? I can, however, set a book as scroll, so the 2 plugins will work.
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    Does the file name prevent you from downloading it?
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    Does using the scroll use up the paper? If not, could it? Might actually create a little demand for paper finally. :)
    I'm a little worried about balance as I imagine peeps just standing naked with nothing but paper reading until they can fill up their inventory with diamonds.. lol! I'll wait for your latest version to come out and give it a go.
  19. In wget, yes.
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    If you're using a web browser to view the thread, and there's clearly a download link before you, that's keeping you from clicking it? Why insist on using wget?
  21. Server consoles don't run browsers...they use wget.

    Most people don't run servers from their windows PC <_<
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    Your server doesnt have FTP access for you to download it on a normal pc and then upload it to the server? o.o
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    Reasonable request - will think about it. I was already pondering something concerning books, though, so... Hm. We'll see. But I'm optimistic about it being implemented.

    Already implemented.

    Show Spoiler

    A conglomerate of a response:
    • I can't make items drop upwards. >:
    • Cow explosions... Could be done. Albeit with a little work...
    • Will have to think more about jumping, gold magnet, cactus magnet...
    • Cages might be fun. Especially obsidian cages. Heheheheheheeeee...
    • You already get wolves with entity spawns, figure that was enough without getting into the technicalities of making it tamed...
    • One of my favorite things to do on my server is randomly set players on fire. Only if their current world restores health, though. Optimistic about implementing.
    • False invincibility... people will just blame that on an internal glitch and will get annoyed and dump the plugin.
    • This is probably one of the first things I will get around to doing once I figure out how to do multiworld stuff.
    • I'm sorry, but I have to decline - I want to avoid effects that directly kill the player.
    • This... This could be done.
    I could change the puddle to not overwrite important blocks, because making the puddle one up around you is a big mess to clean up. Trust me. I tested this stuff. Lava is even worse.

    I'll put this one on a bit of priority, but for now, tell your players to not use scrolls indoors. XD;

    Which reminds me! Also tell them to not use the scrolls while they're flying. Unless they want a giant cascade of water/lava, that is.

    Also, concerning the languages - the only language I know natively is English, however, I could do in that config file stuff. I'm still mucking with the config file for this, as the option to disable useless texts (much less anything else) doesn't work worth crap. Once I work that out, I'll ponder this, though I had no clue I was dealing with that wide a demographic audience here.
  24. The cow explosions would be easy, just get the cows location, kill the cow, and do w.createExplosion(cowLocation, sizeOfExplosion)
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    I have effect ideas:
    Silenced: Mute the player so that can't talk, or can only mumble in chat.
    Dimensionally Anchored: Prevent all player teleportation for x minutes.
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    Or just blow the cow up too :p
  27. PETA! xD
  28. Of course it does, but using brackets and spaces is very anti-unix and just not needed for anything Oo
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    This mod reminds me a lot of the roll the dice mods. mine craft definitly needs a roll the dice mod...
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    Permissions would be cool :p

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