Inactive [FUN/RPG] Tent v0.05 - create a quick house quickly [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ashtheking, Jul 17, 2011.

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    u got a vid?
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    I love this plugin, my players do too. Any ETA when you can get the door system working? I don't use LWC so you don't have to support that. Just somehow tie it into essentials protect or something, or your own code. My players like to feel safe in there, since its I have a pvp server and all. They can put Obsidian up in the doorway or course, but you know it only slows the baddies down :)
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    :{} AWESOME!! I know this is probably inactive, not tried it yet -- Thanks anyway, hope you get this and update if need be :}
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    well it needs to be so that you have to break the entire thing like a regular house I'm tired of breaking it in one hit
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    can you please update this for R6?
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    As said, please update! do love this plugin!!
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    plz go to 1.2.3 :)
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    - 1.2.5 compatible.
    - Added support for new permission plugins (removed crap permission 2 / 3 support)

    Trying to contact the developer to take over this project.
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    Nice....looks perfect for my server
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    So are you keep going to work on this plugin by any chance??? because i would love this on my server!!!! :D
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    Totally forgot this. Ya the developer gave me the rights.
    I'll post the BukkitDEV link here if it's finished
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    Is there a configurable block to use as the tent?
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    I miss this plugin :(
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    :D cant wate to get the plugin tell me the link
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    its way outdated i just wish someone would start it up again
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    Sorry, I'm currently busy. Already updated it to 1.2.5 but there are some bugs.
    Will fix that if i get time.
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    Ty please keep up good work :)
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    recon88 is doing it lol
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    This plugin does not work and the permissions are set up in such a way that you have to set up the permissions for each and every person that plays on your server. Good idea, but the wrong person did it. And your pictures do not even work anyway...
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    Duh its outdated
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    i dont understand how this works... i make a sign then [TENT] right click and nothing happens at all.....

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