Inactive [FUN/RPG] Tent v0.05 - create a quick house quickly [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ashtheking, Jul 17, 2011.

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    @Untouchablekill It's not "<playername>.tent.create". I have all my plugins stemming off of the "ashtheking.<plugin>" node. Just give your groups "ashtheking.tent.create", and your set. @gatopreto I don't know why. Do you have sufficient permissions?

    @ All the people talking about towny and residence clashes, i'll look into it.
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    Hmm I have a couple of suggestions:
    1. Could you make it so that the tent is protected and you have to right click instead? I keep accidentally destroying a dirt block next to it and the entire thing vanishes.
    2. In the future could you consider making a tent block with Spout so that way players wouldn't be able to get an entire tent out of a couple of planks of wood and a stick.
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    Is it possible to change the material? for instance into planks?
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    Cute plugin haha! Works great on my server.
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    I would use it but the /reload bug need to be fixed
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    I think you should add somekind
    to get other colored tents too
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    There is a config file where you can change what block you use. I like the color idea, i'll try to implement it when i come back from vacation.
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    giggity gooo

    my isnt working, it is saying tent cannot be created area not clear, no matter how big the open flat space i have is. is there any way you could fix this?
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    What do you have the size as. Also, what plugins do you have. It might be a world protection one interfering.
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    As with MultiCurrency, this should work with the latest recommended build. I'll check when i get back from vacation in a week, but if someone were to try it and save the the trouble, that would be swell.
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    eerm, when a server is restarted the tent is lost, also when I set tent creation block to 19 or SPONGE nothing changes happens....


    When replying PLEASE use the FRIGGIN' reply button so I get alerted of a response, as I can see you haven't been doing in previous responses..

    Edit: I know its over the top, it even links to important definition on
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    That was.... different. And i'll look into it, as you can see from the previous post, i'm on vacation.
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    mmk sorry for being a doosh.
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    Alright, i was able to test this plugin on vacation! I can't check the code or anything, but this does work without any noticable bugs on RB 1060. (Except for the ones reported by users.)
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    The tents seem to be "harvestable" after a server restart on CB 1060 running the latest version of this plugin. They any of the placed before a restart doesn't seem to be saved as a tent and players are able to keep the blocks they destroy.
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    Well, we all know we want a door......

    But I would also like to suggest configurable contents. So that we can edit the config, and put the bed on the side intead of the middle. So that we can have a furnace in there, or a double chest. Or make the tent double size, and configure it to have a wall, making two rooms. Course, once you get into rooms its less of s tent, more of a yurt, but you get the idea.Currently we can adjust size, I'd like to eventualy adjust contents, then position of contents, then overall design.
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    when will Tent 1.8.1 come out
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    Someone should really make another plugin like this, but instead of building tents it builds houses. Like you make a sign that says [Home1] [Home2] Etc. You could make different homes in an instant, great for multiplayer servers, etc. I would be willing to donate if someone could make this!!!
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    I want to at some point.. Maybe. :)
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    if we breaks the tent shall we get back the sign and the items shall be in the chests. can you do that?
    or we can only type [tent] again in a sign or type /tent.
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    iConomy 6 support? Like it costs X dollars to create a tent? Thanks!
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    cofig file didnt show up on ftp

    i have iconomy6
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    does this work with minecraft 1.1?
  25. Just tested on Bukkit build #1774, which is an MC1-1 build - works fine.

    Just in case the the Op post isn't clear - and I didn't quite get it at first myself - Start your bukkit server with the mod in your plugins folder, dig a single-block hole in the gound and put a wool block in it. Place a sign on top of the wool with the first line [TENT] - the square brackets must be present in the line. Now stand back a little and right-click the sign. As long as there are no obstructions, the tent will build OK - if you are too close when it builds, you might get trapped in the wall and take damage.
    Config options :
    chest=true (If true, a small size chest appears in the tent)
    clickBlock=SIGN_POST (The item you need to right-click to build the tent)
    furnace=false (If true, a furnace appears in the tent)
    size=1 (Size of the tent - don't make this too large a number, remember, the surrounding area has to have no blocks causing an obstruction in order for the tent to build, so make it too big and you may have problems getting it to build)
    tentBlock=WOOL (Default value for the walls / roof of the tent, can be changed to any vanilla block)
    workbench=true (If true, a workbench appears in the tent)

    A really good tent mod - and currently the only functional one I can find. Dissapointing that the mod author does not appear to be continuing development at the moment. The only thing you have to do manually is add a door. The doorway appears, but without a door.
    As it says in the Op, if you break any of the blocks that make up the tent, it dissappears and you end up with your sign (floating), and the single block of wool still in the ground, which you can collect and carry on your exploration.
    If you've placed anything in the chest within the tent, when you break the tent, the chest empties its contents, so you'll have to have enough inventory space to pick it all up again !
    Just for further info,
    a size 1 tent = 6 x 7 blocks x 4 blocks high
    a size 2 tent = 7 x 9 blocks x 4 blocks high
    a size 3 tent = 8 x 11 blocks x 4 blocks high
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    do you have a server?
  27. Yes, but not with this plugin on. I tried it on a test server which is only available on my local network, why, is there an issue ? or something you wish to try ?
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    Just wondering, because this works wonders for my roman server, kinda like settlements.
  29. Hadn't thought of that aspect, I was thinking it would be of use for more deep terrain exploration, but good idea ! .... and worth keeping in mind.
  30. Just tried this on bukkit #1797 - still working, however, another little problem is that after a server re-load, the tents are no longer collapsable, so if you break a block of the tent, the tent does not collapse back to a single wool block and a sign.Not a major problem, but if the mod author, or someone may be kind enough to pick this project up, it would be appreciated.

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