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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ashtheking, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I'll take a look, but you can ALWAYS view the source. Decompilers are useful. Also, you don't need any commands to use my tent plugin. Just a sign / custom block.
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    hi, could you make it so that there is only a 2x1 hole so that the use could place a door in easily.
    obviously only until you sort doors out.
    just an idea :)
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    i really like it
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    My Ideas: I really like the idea of this plug in, however is there a way that you could include and option to change the chest to a workbench? And add a door?
    I have not messed around with this plug to much and I know very little about programming this stuff... so i apologize if these are hard requests.
    (edit) Sorry about the door I did not see that that was not crossed off...
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    Theres a boolean in the config where you can specify whether you want a chest, a furnace, or a workbench. You can have any combination, as they appear in different locations in the tent. I am working on adding a door, but i'm having a bit of trouble with the metadata, thats all. It's been suggested already. @stocky_s I added that, but i'll be working on fixing this one bug with saving before i release. Thanks for the support everyone.
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    Its kind of a system I have on my server. Its a long story.
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    thanks, I somehow over looked that in the config file... I really look forward to the door.

    So, two issues i'm having... after blocking the entrance and going to sleep, monsters spawn inside the tent with me.
    Second, the tents all face one direction. Is there a way to make the tent "spawn" with the entrence facing the same way as the sign face was?

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    Not with the current way he's making tents.
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    I'll work on the bed spawning thing, i have a couple of ways to fix that. And the directional thing, well, that i'll see what i can do.
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    After re downloading i had no monster spawn issues. I did not see any difference in the tent set up...
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    Hi, I have installed this fine, and it works great.
    The problem I have is it is enabling anyone on the server to use the '/spawn' and '/home' commands, not just ops.
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    @crazy_jarvis : Those commands aren't handled by this plugin. It must be another plugin.
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    Well, how I should have worded it is, that when I add tent.create into permissions everyone is then allowed to use the '/spawn' and '/home' commands.
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    It's not tent.create
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    Would it be possible to have an option to make a custom tent and/or multiple different types of tents?
    Perhaps it could detect a floor pattern too...

    EG: When someone makes an X out of snow blocks, then right-clicks the middle one, instant igloo!
    When someone makes a + with planks on the outside and a log on the inside, instant wood tent thing!

    It should be customizable.
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    Added the hole for the Door, as well as fixed it so monsters don't spawn. Also, made size so it's not insane to do anything past 1. It now adds instead of multiplies, making it grow in a manageable way. @Draycos @stocky_s @feildmaster
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    @ashtheking : Seriously man. You can't use BREAK or RETURN on this line:
    if (s.equalsIgnoreCase("idCount"))
    it needs to be:
    if (s.equalsIgnoreCase("idCount"))
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    Genius idea! I don't think anyone on my server would use it (we don't do much exploring) but this is a really good idea. Might get it just to try it out :D.

    Tried it out, works great :D. Only suggestion would be making customizable tents, though that might be difficult to code I'm not sure. Yeah if you can get doors working you've got yourself an extremely useful plugin :D.

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    I'm new to bukkit but not new to minecraft mind you. I was wondering if it would be possible to add 1 "source" block in the middle, that when removed the tent would collapse, based on the fact that someone could walk around remove a block and steal the stuff inside the tent. Oh and i love this mod.:) [diamond] To you sir!
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    I know someone mentioned this before.
    But could you add it to you "to do" list to make
    the tent face the same way as the sign.

    Thanks :)

    Love your tent :D
    Though Im not sure how, but once 2 tents me and my brother were using didnt break apart
    I had restarted the server a couple of times though. Added and removed plugins.
    Didnt touch the tent plugin and always typed "stop"
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    could u maybe add a door to the entrance? if u dont close it off mobs still get to u
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    @keysix, it's been suggested by almost everyone. I'm working on it, but some problem with the metadata just makes tthe item drop.
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    A great plugin!

    Ideas: Add a lever and when the pull the lever the tent disappears!
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    Collin Moore

    @ashtheking Your plugin is great. But I am having one issue. When I have your plugin installed, along with Residence, It overrides the protection of residences. So far, I have found that people can break stuff in residences. They can't build however. Once I remove your plugin, residence works perfectly. I have checked the config of residence, and everything is correct with that plugin. If I can help you any more, let me know. Thanks in advance!
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    I would use this on our server in an instant if there was some way to charge a player for using it. It would be a great money sink
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    Huh, i'll look into the residence clash. @Aricus, i'll work on that for my next build, along with everything else i have planned.
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    hey i want to know why i place a sign with [TENT] or something related (with caps and without etc) and it doesnt work..
    i also have Mob arena and IBICF wich is a fly mod but only for my server and theyre the only ones say i dont have access but thats another story ....
    so can u help me with ur plugin?it looks awesome (ive done all u say on the post )
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    I love love love this plugin but it breaks both Towny and Residence plugins. Because of that we had to remove it from our server
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    Heya ash, was wondering if you can fix the permissions, they don't seem to work for me. I was heard from someone that they should base off groups, not players themselves. I would continue to use this plugin if I could add it to my permissions file but alas I can not dude to you having it set up as <Playername>.tent.create
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    Figured it was a Residence clash....

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