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    Create, Save and Share Temples and Adventures

    Download TempleCraft on DevBukkit!

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    Bonjour, une vidéo tutoriel en francais est disponible pour ce plugins (by WeesoftMarkpm)

    Willkommen zum deutschen Tutorial über die Materialien und dessen Verwendung (by Fidikado):


    TempleCraft is a plugin that allows you to create worlds dedicated to mini-games.
    The main game at the moment is Adventure (Basically get from point A to point B).
    I've recently added Spleef and Zombies, but they're still under construction.
    The video does not include all the latest features. I'll be uploading another video when I get the chance to cover v0.40.

    Come see the plugin at work at:

    General Features:
    • Kill monsters to get iConomy gold!
    • Great for Jump Maps, Puzzles, Adventures and Arenas!
    • Use signs to join temples!
    Building Features:

    • Use Bedrock, Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks, Diamond Blocks and Signs instead of commands!!
    Bedrock = Mob Spawnpoint​
    Gold Block on Iron Block = Lobby Starting Block​
    Diamond Block on Iron Block = Temple Spawnpoint​
    Diamond Block on Gold Block = Temple End Block​
    • Don't worry about using commands to set up boundaries
    You have an entire world dedicated to each Temple.​
    • Use EditWorlds to edit Temples without being limited by space.
    • Use Add and Remove commands to allow others to help with the building.
    • EditWorlds make giving building permission easier!
    • Limit the amount of Temples a person can make using the maxTemplesPerPerson setting in the main config file.

    Type /tc in game for a nice command menu, /tc [pageNumber] to view a different page.​

    • Latest Dev Build: v0.41 - Bukkit 1337
    - Added Sensor Signs:​
    If you put this sign under a block, when you walk over the block, you will be prompted to stand still for 3 seconds to join the temple.​
    Note: Trying to add more features that will allow you to integrate TempleCraft into server gameplay in a cooler way. If you'd like to have an option that prevents regular players from making working TempleCraft signs, let me know. No one has brought it up :p

    - Updated Register API:​
    If you don't already have Register, TempleCraft will export the jar when you load the server. You'll need to reload the server after this to load Register properly, then you're all set. Register just adds compatibility to multiple economy plugins.​
    - Cleaned up some code​
    • v0.40 - Bukkit 1337
    - Fixed /tc converttemples​
    - Added ChunkGenerators Folder​
    - You can drag .jar files into the ChunkGenerators folder and create new worlds using them with /tc new <templeName> <jarName>​
    - Made a nice Help menu when you type /tc​
    - Cleaned up /tc tlist​
    - Added constantworldnames configuration which, if set to true, will keep the names of the temple worlds consistant (for use with other plugins that use NPCs or bookshelves or w/e)​
    -Fixed /tc worldtotemple <templeName>​
    - Converts the world you are in to a temple (cool for if you want to make other worlds seem more interactive with TempleCraft)​
    - When creating a new temple, the default chunk generator is now the default one for minecraft​
    - Added CaveSpiders to the bedrock spawnpoints​
    - Added a Sign that can Spawn you randomly in an area​


    Old Changes (open)

    • 0.33; Bukkit 1240 - Temples are now saved as worlds that are saved and loaded as needed
    - To convert the old .tcf files into worlds, type /tc converttemples​
    the .tcf files will no longer be needed, but you may choose to save them as the conversion process isn't 100% perfect at the moment, they will also be converted into worlds the next time you edit them.​
    - foodLevel, Experience and GameMode are now stored and restored when joining/ leaving temple​
    - EditWorlds now use Creative mode by default​
    - You can now drag any world files into the SavedTemples folder in the TempleCraft folder and use them as TempleWorlds​
    (not all worldnames are supported at the moment)​
    - Anything saved in a world normally is now saved (including WorldEdit)​
    - ABSOLUTELY NO boundaries anymore (in terms of what is being saved)​
    - New GameTypes (Spleef and Zombies)​

    I still have a lot of ideas for TempleCraft, but unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding enough time to devote to this. I know there are some things that may not be clear. I hope to make a wiki or something similar in the future, but we'll see. For now, feel free to ask questions and leave feedback. I also have an sample server you can check out to see how things work. Thank you :)
    • 0.32;
    - Fixed some bugs and increased performance​
    - Added Support for Register API (multiple economies now supported)​
    - More to be announced (I g2g)​

    • 0.31; Found Solution to Reload Bug!!
    Phew! I haven't been able to test this thoroughly because I'm traveling and have a poor internet connection, but this seems to be working really well so far and if there are some currently undiscovered problems with it, I'll deal with them as soon as possible.​

    Also, I'm not able to test multiple people using the temple very often because I do not have multiple accounts and have only come across a few temporary willing assistants. If you see any bugs that only seem to happen with multiple people, it's likely I don't know about them and I'd appreciate the report! Thanks :)
    • 0.30; Additions + Bug Fix
    - Fixed the Piston Bug (woo)​
    - brought back optional MobArena classes (woo)​
    - Signs can now be used to send chatbox messages and even commands.​
    - New video with the recent changes.​
    - Reload method is kinda funky as always. I've put many hours into trying to fix this one, but I'm stumped...​
    • 0.25; Fixed a Bug
    - Temple Regions will now be cropped automatically (It wasn't working before, oops!).​
    • 0.24; This is a big one :D
    - Removed Classes — I'm going to let other plugins take care of this. Now, when you join a temple, you play with what you have on you and it's saved for when you leave.​
    - Improved Save Method — Always trying to make it faster :)
    - Added Checkpoints — Checkpoints for when you die but want to continue. The third line is the minimum distance you have to be in order to save the checkpoint.​
    - Gold Per Mob is now Configurable — use one number '50' or a range '50-100'​
    - Fixed DropBlocks​
    - Fixed Ready, Tlist & Plist commands​
    - Removed templecraft.save and templecraft.nullclass​
    - Added Mob Spawnpoint Signs​
    - All signs can now use [TC] or [TempleCraft] (case sensitive)​
    • 0.23; Important Addition
    - Improved Save Security (Loosing data is much less likely in case of a server crash)​
    Note: Does anyone mind that I have uploaded new versions practically every day? I like to keep everyone current, but I'm not sure if I'm over doing it and making people redownload it too much. Feedback would be nice, thanks :)

    • 0.22; Additions + Bug Fix
    - Contents of Chests, Furnaces and Dispensers are now saved.​
    - Rejoin cost is now configurable​
    - Breakable materials is now configurable (blocks you are allowed to break during play)​
    - Drop Blocks is now configurable (determines whether blocks drop themselves when broken during play. Chests will still drop their items if you make them breakable)​
    - Fixed Door Glitch​
    • 0.2 ; Stable Release
    - All the big bugs should be fixed​
    - There are still some bugs revolving around loading pistons and there is more optimization to be done.​
    • 0.15 ; Optimized Loading Code More
    • 0.14 ; Bug Fixes
    - Fixed New Temple Problem​
    - Optimized Code a bit (Still need to optimize for larger temples)​
    • 0.13 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Mob Spawning (now works with MobArena)​
    - Users can no longer restore when temples are in use.​
    • 0.12 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed issues involving multiplayer editting​
    - TNT can now break blocks in temples, but creepers still won't break blocks.​
    - Fixed issues with ownership of temples and access to temples​
    - Got rid of a lot of random excess code. (still more to do)​
    • 0.11 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fire ticks will now stop after dying in lava​
    - Mob Spawns should only be affected in TempleWorld and EditWorlds​
    - Fixed CheckUpdates command​
    - TemplePlayers are now loaded before Temples (should fix some consol errors)​
    • 0.1 ; Release

    ToDo List:
    • Create a Wiki
    • Migrate to DevBukkit
    • Create a new video
    • Add Comments/ Organize Code more for other Developers
    • Create More GameTypes (CTF, PVP, KOTH, etc.)


    This plugin is based off of @garbagemule's plugin MobArena. Thank you so much for the inspiration and jumping off point! I couldn't have done it without you :)

    Also special thanks to:​

    If you really like the plugin and would like to contribute, feel free to leave a small donation. Anything would be greatly appreciated! Donate here.​
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    You don't know , my Editworld 1 are clean up , also i tape /tc save , and /tc reload and my Editworld 01 are clean up
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    I want to again state that I'm not the plugin dev, so he might have some better info for you, but I have tried to reproduce the problem that you are having, and I can not do it. Are you certain that you are typing /tc reload and not just /reload?
    For me typing, "/tc reload" only clears the TempleWorld. Typing "/reload" reloads all of the edit worlds and kicks me out of them.
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    Hey, I'd like to try out this plugin tonight. Any news on whether this works well with multiple players? BTW, I'll post my server login here later once I've got the plugin up so we can test for bugs / interaction with other plugins.

    EDIT: Also, are these "temple worlds" implemented as temporary worlds? Is their world name constant? Are chest contents re-set for every instance? How about the state of redstone contraptions and pistons?

    Hey, I've got this running on my server at chrisknyfe.craftnode.net:25570 (we're the Flying Islands server!)

    I'm liking it so far, the only downside is that I can't take any items out of the temple with me (I don't have classes enabled, so i was just expecting to use my own inventory.) I want players to be able to loot treasure chests and take the winnings with them. Also, I would like to be able to configure a set monetary reward for beating the dungeon. Are these things possible?

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    I'm running on 1000 could someone give me the 1000 version ?
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    You don't know : I create a very big temple 3 week ago , and a f*cking bug clean up my temple ! Escuse me for my behavior but i work very faster for this temple ! :'( he's dead
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    does the /tc reload, reload the config as well? or just the temples?

    Edit: is there a way to make it so one temple you can destroy everything but stone and another you can only destroy redstone torches? i ask because some of my users might want to let the player do more to the world then others else i could try and find a block specific protector plugin that i hope would work with yours we will see

    P.S. (lol) one thing i wanted to know could one make it so that the mob spawner spawns boss mobs kinda like how MobArena works a user on my server thought it would be funny if at the end your fighting a really hard to kill sheep (just saw that said ship i have not sleeped in 48 hours so i missed that lol) that fires arrows and hit you with lightning
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    /tc reload just reloads the templeworld.

    There is not currently a way to have temple specific breakable blocks. I could make this configurable with signs like the other things possibly?

    I'll check out the bosses and possibly add something like that to TempleCraft. I'm pretty busy with school at the moment though, so I haven't had much time to program lately :/
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    yeah i understand college is starting here so im getting busy with that my self. yeah i saw how you were using ModArena for classes (have not tryed it myself so not sure yet how that works) but from that i got the idea to also use there boss system if it was not hard to implement.

    I thought as much about the /tc reload but i do like the idea about adding it to signs only reason i thought of it was because of the use of making a adventur map were you underground and you need to gather "red stone" to re-power the digger to escape but i didnt really want to force everyone making puzzles in my world to work around something i needed for just one puzzle lol.

    2 things that i thought of (i know im evil adding even more on your plate lol) but me and a friend were trying out everything you can do and trying to think of things that you didnt intent. so far we have yet to brake your plugin (thats a good thing btw) tho i did find that torches on walls likes to create extras on the floor if you restart the puzzle with out typing /tc reload im not sure if this is because torches are not completly getting removed before the puzzle is replaced on the world but thought i should let you know.Anyways, we tried to make a sign as such.


    to see if it would randomly pick one of the 3 it didnt keeped spawning sheep but thought i should let you know what we tried to see if you might want to make it do that so you could make it randomly spawn ether a pig, cow or gast

    2nd was as far as i can tell you dont have a way to reword the player at the end (could be a sign that you list the item you give at the end or if you walk past it so you can give more then one depending on how must you solve) so for now were trying to get teleporters to teleport you to a place in the "real world" to flip a lever that you can only get to if you reach the end of your puzzle that way we can at the end get the chest that has gold in it.

    I did like that Bookworm (kind) works as long as you put a book in a chest it saves the info (bookshelf don't but that has to do with the fact that the XYZ,World is different each time) but were trying to get that to work with MagicSpells + SherbertLemon to create locked doors that you can only open if you find the key "book"

    lol like i said were really trying hard to brake your plugin here haha ether way really good cant wait to see were this goes and im so sorry for this really long post im really sorry about that ^,..,^
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    I'm begging you, please add in a list of items to keep (items that are found in the temple/dungeon) when you leave the dungeon.

    I am using this plugin as a epic dungeon. When a player joins the dungeon (or in this case temple) and goes through it, i have PHAT loots (another plugin) inside the dungeon and when player loots those chest and gets lets say food or diamond, ect. then when player reaches end of dungeon and leaves, inventory is reset back to theirs and the items gained are gone :(

    I want it so it gets rid of all the class's armor/wep/food but keeps any other items found while exploring the dungeon! Please tell me its possible cause i finaly found this epic plugin and really hope to get the most use out of it that i can get!

    edit: or add in a true/false for the resetting of a player's inventory so i can disable classes and anything found in dungeon/temple is theirs to keep, perhaps thats the easiest thing to do? :D
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    Hey there. I was just wondering if the compatibility issue between this and WAR 1.6 PREVIEW 5 has been fixed yet. I am looking forward to finishing my temple :D
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    Yes, this is doable. I'd like to add this at some point :)

    Phew! I'm glad this has been holding up against your tests :) I like your ideas, it's just a matter of finding the time to code all of them. I'm working on creating different game modes for temples right now, and I'd like to make one of the game modes MobArena so everything that @garbagemule has been working on would be able to work inside of TempleCraft.

    I'd like to make more customization in the future, but I also don't want to make it overly complicated. Also, the more features I add that require the player to do work (place signs, change config, etc.), the more I really need to create a wiki that has all of this information, which means I need more time :/ I may end up recruiting a friend or two from school to help work on it. We'll see what I can do.

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    yeah i understand what you mean. would be nice to see MobArena work with your plugin i can see a lot of interesting things coming from that. im not sure how you can do the prize but my idea for it was a sign that was something like

    u get 2 dirt blocks when you leave the temple and the sign works up to 3 blocks away from it, or something like that but ill keep checking in see what else you come up with and good look at school try not to get to overworked

    so here is kinda a bug, i got a sign i want to put
    on but when i reload and test the puzzle it changed the sign to
    if i can get this to work then i can set up teleporters in my puzzle that link to the outside world but as of now looks like i cant still working on it on my side but i dont know i there is much i can do.

    edit: well there is 2 ways i can get around this one type it all in my self in the puzzle (works but a lot of work) or find some way to past the sign into the puzzle using a combo of magicspell and worldedit. lol

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    Ah, that's a bug having to do with how I save and store sign data. It shouldn't be a problem in the next update because I'm changing the entire saving system XD
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    ok cool cant wait tell then ill just have the users put it in them self's or use some kind of maicspells + worldedit combo to past it in. maybe ill pass it off as "the teleporters seam to be shut down sir, maybe if you find the right blue prints you can fix them." ^,..,^

    oh btw i just wanted to know are they placed randomly in templeworld or do they place in the same location (my guess randomly but just wanted to know for i have an idea how i could get around some of the XYZ requierd plugins)
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    Do you mean temples? Currently they're placed along the X axis behind any temples that are already loaded. But in the update, I'm going to try to save temples as whole worlds, so everything should save and load as they normally do. I should have done this from the beginning, but I wasn't thinking about it that way when I came up with the idea.
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    Can you add in a part with the config file so that players can only get into the temple from a sign? i dont want players able to type the command to join from anywhere, i want them to find the dungeons i have set out in the world themselfs, this way they still have the permission to play the dungeon and click the sign to join the dungeon, but not type the command and join it.
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    You can already do this with permissions. Just deny players permission of the join command. Also, by default, players shouldn't be allowed to use the join command, only OPs. If it isn't working this way, let me know.
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    (yeah sorry meant the temples in temple world)
    so the way you plan to do it from my understanding is that instead of all temples loading in one world (templeworld) they will instead create a new world when you do /tc new PIE it will create a world called pie were you not only make the temple but also thats were it loads and reloads when you test the temple out and play it?

    if so all i have to say is THANK YOU PIE GOD....sorry... lol but the reason thats a great thing for me is all XYZ,World dependent plugins will work (or at lest most should work depends how there saved and reloaded) but it also lets me do things with the world its self like use plugins that work on spout so that when you enter a world if forces you to view it in the texture pack i say, this is useful for my friend who is wanted to make his own texture pack for his puzzle that would add in banners and things like that, also things like music plugins that allow you to set a zone that plays music so you can do things like that even. (see why i said YAY like i did if it works at lest the way im thinking it will that would be so useful, let me know if im right so i can tell my GMs)

    one thing i wanted to know you ever thought of setting up a save point for a temple? right now what were doing is making a new world create the main temple there then for each of the dungeons (fire, water, ice, so on) there in a TC so that way people dont have to solve a 4 hour puzzle in one sitting they can instead work on small 30min puzzles then take a brake and not have to start over again. (i know more ideas what is this the 4th or 5th i have said now lol)
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    Ya using signs only works, thanks :D

    Now my next questions:
    1. Can you make it so we can have checkpoints? So when you die it will automaticaly send you back to the checkpoint. Perhaps make it Iron block on Gold Block ='s checkpoint so everyone that has the plugin can choose weather to have checkpoints or not. Once u walk on the checkpoint it auto sends message "Checkpoint Activated" or something like that ^^

    2. Also can you make it so when you die it will auto /tc leave? Its a problem for my players when they die and have been teleported back to town and goto the sign (dungeon) click it and it says they are already playing lol. i know thats what /tc leave is for but makeing it auto is 100x more convienent if its possible to do :) Also if a player doesnt know about /tc leave then that leads to more complainers haha. (a way around doing all this is making it so we can use checkpoints so when death u start at the checkpoint, althought it would be very nice to have both options available incase another server owner doesnt want to use checkpoints so when you die in the dungeon, u gotta start all over.)

    3. Possible to make it so when you click the exit dungeon block, it teleports you to a custom location of your choosing? say something like /tc exit X Y Z then hit the exit block once and it attaches the new exit location. This would be my use to add a special blocked off location where a phat loots chest is so the players get their "reward" for completing the dungeon, and there will be a stargate in that same room so they can leave to somewhere else. This way they officially exit the temple/dungeon gaining back THEIR original inventory state and are now back in the normal world, get their reward and leave that room.
    This of course is only a temp fix until u set it up so we can keep any/all items found in a dungeon/temple

    Only problem i see with option 3 is people can teleport their friends to that room to "skip" the dungeon and just loot the reward (phatloots). But of course this can be good or bad. People could "sell" teleports to that room thereby creating a new source of income for classes that have teleporting permissions, but it still does cost them resources to cast TP ;)
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    1) they do have cheekpoints you make a sign as such


    and when you die they will be sent back to the lobby were they can reclick the iron block and get sent to there last check point or type /tc leave to leave

    2) (kinda put most of that up in 1) but for the auto leave most of the time it dose to that more so if you put a check point in you cant leave the temple with out /tc leave and if you log out as far as im away you do auto logout
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    Awsome tyvm Python ^^ i think the checkpoints was actualy in the video? i forgot cause i was experimenting with another dungeon plugin and got the 2 confused i think ^^
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    If anybody places a block in my mainworld, this pops up in the server console:

    05:59:19 [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_PLACE to TempleCraft
            at com.msingleton.templecraft.TCBlockListener.onBlockPlace(TCBlockListener.java:80)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$29.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:441)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:58)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:338)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callBlockPlaceEvent(CraftEventFactory.java:90)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callBlockPlaceEvent(CraftEventFactory.java:74)
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock.a(ItemBlock.java:85)
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemStack.placeItem(ItemStack.java:56)
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact(ItemInWorldManager.java:223)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:573)
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(NetworkManager.java:226)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:89)
            at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(SpoutNetServerHandler.java:478)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:454)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:363)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
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    I'll check it out.
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    Actualy checkpoints dont seem to be working. i edited my dungeon to a sign identical to what the video has and no checkpoint is activated, no message (if there is one) so no clue what could possibly be going wrong, any suggestions?
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    they checkpoint dose not give a msg if you want one to show you can always make a message sign next to the checkpoint to show that. but it also is not saving your check point as in u walk past it and then get killed and it does not bring u in the lobby?

    just thought a little more about saving and forget about it it would create to many files as each person would require there save to remember what about the temple they have already changed so when they rejoin its the way it was left when they saved so like i said way to much data for a server ill just let ppl know if they plan to make a big one make it in small parts not one large one.

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    Right, i walk past the checkpoint sign (which is invisible but most definately there) and i die from the mobs on purpose to test it, but i respawn back at my bed in the normal world and have no choice but to type /tc leave so i can get my inventory back.
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    first, want to give my appreciation for the mod. good work Zenith, thanks for all your work!
    second, i wanted to know if anyone has used MCEdit to create temples? ive been playing with it the past couple days, and so far all ive managed to do is give up =P ill place blocks using the TC edit command, then ill save the world and jump into MCedit. i can see what i built just fine in MCedit, but when i change things with it, save the level, and reload it to edit it with TC edit, the changes from MCEdit are gone! :'( at this point, if i reload the map using MCEdit, it is back to how TC has it stored. im guessing this is happening becasue of the nature of the EditWorlds and the way TC handles boundaries? So i was just curious if anyone else has found a workaround or even had no problems at all. thanks bunches!
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    In the next update you'll be able to do this. I think I might make a "Latest Dev Build" option because I've made a lot of changes, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were bugs. Also, You need to convert all your .tcf files, and I haven't made it flawless yet. You can use /tc converttemples, but in order to log all the signs and important blocks (diamond, gold and iron) you need to click on them manually, because since I'm changing it to worlds, doing a search method for these blocks takes FOREVER. The upside is you only need to do this for the temples you convert, but I'd like to make it easier before I make it an official release.

    You'll be able to drag world folders into your SavedTemples folder and then edit them by adding spawnpoints, checkpoints, etc.
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    Excellent, ill keep an eye out for the next update or a dev build release then. thanks for the heads up!
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    Hey a new member of my server pointed out this great plugin for our Legend of Zelda themed server!

    I have a few questions

    Is this plugin compatible with the following:


    Thanks in advance!

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