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    SurvivalArena - Survival arena minigame
    Version: 1.5 alpha

    this is my first plugin, so may contain bugs...
    when playing on a survival server for a while it may become boring, so i thought of a way to keep the survival spirit alive, and came up with this.
    this plugin creates a new world, the arena. people can enter the arena with commands and end up in a place in the top of the arena where they can select their class, and get ready. when all players are ready the game starts, and they have to survive as long as possible. they can build only inside the arena sphere, and there's a height limit so they won't be able to get out or destroy the whole arena.
    when the players die, they're out. when all players are out, the survival game ends and the arena is reset. between the start of the reset and the end of the reset the arena won't be available to anyone.
    when testing the reset functionality it took about 10 seconds to completely rebuild the whole arena.

    please, send a pm when you've found a bug, got and error, or have an idea. i'll try to fix the bugs/errors and will look at the ideas and may add them to the plugin.

    [NOTE] when updating from an older version, there may have been added functions to the configuration file. the plugin may give errors for missing nodes or corrupted configs
    • plains
    • flat
    • swamp
    • snow
    • forrest
    • mountain
    • desert
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    none at the moment

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    usage: /SurvivalArena [command] OR /sa [command]
    • Help
      shows a little help menu in the chat iwth these commands
    • Create [name] [theme(optional)]
      create an new arena
    • Remove [name]
      removes the selected arena
    • Enter [name]
      only works outside an arena
      lets the player join the selected arena
      without a name, it shows a list
    • Leave
      only works inside an arena
      teleports the player to the spawn area of the first world that was loaded
    • List
      shows a list of all arena's
    • Themes
      shows a list of theme names
    • Regenerate [name] [theme]
      reforms the terrain of the selected arena, using the selected theme
    • Class [class name]
      only works inside an arena, before the game started.
      without classname it shows a list of all classes.

    • supports up to 44 classes, with infinite hidden classes
    • self-rebuilding arena
    • arena contains insane amount of ores
    • auto generated buildings
    • you can change monster drops
    • reward system [configurable rewards]
    • custom drops can be configured for each monster type
    • arena themes
    • hidden classes, they won't apear on signs, but you can access them with the class subcommand
    Planned Additions
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    • underground dungeon
    • iConomy support
    • change the config for worlds to make per-arena settings possible
    • Skyblock Survival theme [i really like this idea, Eatmybiglazer :)]
    • party plugin support
    • different arena sizes
    • time limit [thanks for the idea, Quizdonkey]
    • permissions support
    • different settings per arena

    Version 1.5 alpha
    • updated to 1.1-R4
    • changed alot of stuff due to deprecation
    • major bug from last version fixed, along with some small bugs
    • lost some features
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    Version 1.4.2
    • mobs should now spawn correctly, limited the ghasts, agressive mobs and animals
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    • failed at fixing a major bug [cannot find the cause]
    Version 1.4.1
    • players should now spawn correctly in all arena sizes
    • fixed command system
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    Version 1.4
    • rewrote the whole thing. makes stuff easier for me.
    • added support for themes and level sizes
    • added per-arena settings
    • added permissions support
    • changed reward system a bit
    • changed class system to make things easier for server admins
    • mobs now spawn all the time :D
    Version 1.3
    • mostly bugfixes
    • forgot to remove something that may allow to look at a planned feature. have fun searching ;)
    Version 1.2
    • fixed a configuration bug for class items
    • added time limit
    • added remove command
    Version 1.1
    • some small bugfixes
    • introduces reward system
    • added an structure to the world regeneration cycle
    Version 1.0
    • plugin release
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    it seems like a great plugin but when i spawn in lobby the signs and buttons break leaving me stuck in lobby i have tried /sa rebuild [the name of it] and /sa reload [the name of it] and when the signs and buttons respawn the instantly break and drop any idea how to fix this i will give you my ip to join and check it out
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    @ibawolf Maybe was the world not finish! so you must retrie the command /sa join Arena, when you are in the Arena!

    EDIT: okay, it donĀ“t work on 1.0.0 :(
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    ok awesome to know will there be an update for 1.0.0 in the future or not?cause i have trouble some want creative and some want survival on my server and your plugin made it easy to do survival without starting a new server or map with no plugins
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    Hi I was wondering if somebody here in the community could help me with a small problem that I am having with the plugin. All I want to do is change which mobs spawn in the arena. Having Ender Dragons and Ghasts is way too much for my taste. I'v tried editing the config file in the folder but it doesn't seem to stick even if I reload all the plugins before proceeding into the arena. So it would be fantastic if somebody could help me out because this is a magnificent plugin and had great potential!
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    This is really great but the ender dragons spawn and blow everything up so please stop the ender dragons from spawning you cant do anything at all with them flying around in this plugin
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    i won't be working on this plugin until February 2012, it was made way before the 1.0.0 update so i don't know what's up with the ender dragons. i need to work on a few projects for school and don't have enough time to work on this as well. sorry, but please understand why i'm not fixing these things yet
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    I tried this before and it was awesome but i only knew how to use the default. I got this again and i know now how to use the themes but when I would go into the worlds the buttons on the enter posts would be destroyed and the signs would be messed up. Also when I managed to get in a game it was just griefed by ender dragons and it was just insane. ( I just want to let you know one thing. I just made a bukkit account so that i could tell you this because i really love this pluggin but it has major bugs on my computer ; if you have any fixes or if its the pluggin please reply or fix)
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    This plugin is a compatibility problem with the plugin Residence.

    When I put this plugin, all users can open the door the other residences without permissions
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    How can I remove the Ender Dragon?
    It is a good Plugin, but the Ender Dragons grief very much.
  12. A great plugin fucked by a Mob....well we have to wait till he fix that thing, cuz there is no way for play Survival Arena with these Ender Dragons flying around
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    nice i can play yehaa no problems! no wait there are no classes to choose :( and when i change the size iam falling down to the ground and die :S
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    can i make it so dragons dont spawn in the arena
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    /sa set nameofyourarena theme desert
    /sa set nameofyourarena size small
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    could you please fix the glowstone in the lobby and make it a different block because every time i go to the lobby the buttons have come off and i cant start the game
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    I dont know if this is supost to happen but when i spawned an arena in the theme web. about 10 seconds later an enderdragon spawned and destroyed everything and killed everyone. is there a way to control what spawns? please help!
    P.S great plugin someone give this guy a cookie

    theres a quick fix you can do to get the buttons back. first you rebuild the arena and wait for the buttons to respawn. when they respawn they will actually stay on the glowstone for a few seconds. if you hit them before they pop off it will let you into the arena

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    well i think its a small change for this plugin developer to change the glowstone. to stone or other material.
    i think its the least thing he can do is launch a small tmp release with that fixed...
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    When me and my friends play the monsters spawn RIGHT AWAY plz make it so they spawn at night or somthing and take off all the dragons!!! plz!! they r soooo annoying! but its impossible because they spawn right when you click the button... PLZ FIX!!
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    HI calthor, :)

    can you update "SurvivalArena" for Build 1597?
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    i'm going to start working on this again in a few days, since i'll have some spare time again for some time :)
    will try to make it work the way it did at the time i uploaded the last version
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    When you it update, can you please enable an time set?
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    Looks well made downloading now
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    Very nice. Thanks :)
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    there is a bug the buttons come off of the glowstone well not really a bug just change the glowstone into stone because u can't put buttons on glowstone plz message me when fixed


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    I went into the config file and couldn't remove the Enderdragons. They ruin the plugin, IMO. Other than that, I love it, great job!
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    Please, update it easy ;)
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    evertime it try to create a area the plugin fucked my pc.
    same error everytime. to high videofreqeuency
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    got the ender dragons out of it, and changed the glowstone to something else (glass didnt work out well, so don't expect that to happen)
    fixed a few bugs and trying to build on 1.1
    having some problems with that one :\
    goal for a new version set to januari 28
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    hey calthor did you look into the bug where if you have survival arena installed you are able to break blocks in protected areas in other worlds? By passing towny and residence protections?
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    fatmarley yes i did, i think i found a solution...
    residence cancelled an event and i made it resume :\
    just working on getting it to work seems to take a while for every event...

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