[FUN/RPG] RealisticsTorches v1.3.2 - Add realism to your torches! [1060]

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    You can find the Bukkit Dev' thread HERE.
    Please use it, this thread will no longer be updated.
    RealisticsTorches v1.3.1
    Add realism to your torches!

    Because pictures are always better than thousand words:

    You want to know what this simple plugin does? Fine. This plugin makes torches burn out after a certain amount of time and it can also make torches break or disappear when it's raining (only if they are touched by rain, not if they are protected). It's multiworld capable plugin, so for example they can only activate this plugin on a "adventure" world or have different settings for each worlds.

    Feel free to post your suggestions, remarks or anything like that. :D

    • Torches burn out after a certain amount of time ;
    • Torches breaks or disappear when touched by the rain.
    # Copy this sample for each world you want RealisticsTorches to be active.
    # worldname - The name of the world.
    # DropTorches? - Drop or destroy torches?
    # BurnoutDelay - Delay before torches burn out (0 = no burnout) - in seconds.
    # WeatherIsEnabled? - Will weather drop/destroy torches?.
        WeatherIsEnabled?: true
        BurnoutDelay: 300
        DropTorches?: true
    • All credits for the idea of this plugin go to Montpelier.
    • Burn out ; DONE IN 1.3
    • Interaction with snow?
    Version 1.3.1
    • Fixed a file system bug.
    Version 1.3
    • Now torches can burn out ;
    • Better configuration file.
    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.2
    • Completely changed plugin orientation ;
    • Now the plugin focuses on weather events.
    Version 1.1
    • Added persistence on server stop, start and crash ;
    • More options in configuration ;
    • Prepare for the next version.
    Version 1.0
    • Original version.

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    Can you add a configurable option for that? And maybe that they turn to redstone torches?> *burn out / ash*

    Cause if your underground or above ground and you rely on torches, and they all drop, it's going to suck.
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    You haven't the OP. :(

    I think I'll have the same bug as @steaks4uce for his plugin.

    Yes, but in real life too, if your torch burn out, you're lost in the dark.
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    Just wondering, what is the delay measured in? Perhaps I've missed something, but I'd like to ask anyway. :)
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    Sorry, I missed this information. It's in seconds.
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    Currently relighting a torch makes it permanently re-light. Is it possible to make it so you have to keep relighting it?
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    How do you relight a torch? Are you talking about putting again the torch?
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    I really like this idea, it's great for realistic survival servers and makes exploring caves more risky. I wouldn't mind a simple client mod for this that changed the texture of the torch to a non-lit version, and allowed you to re-light torches with either flint+steel, or another torch in your inventory. Would be really awesome IMO to find old abandoned caves with burned out torches. :D
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    Could you possibly add torches of different 'levels'. It could work as follows:

    On creation of a torch, it is given a number (1,2,3) determining its strength. This could determine how long it holds up in the rain. Another idea could be that it drops sticks instead of torches, because water putting out the fire leaves only a piece of wood behind.
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    I don't understant th enew config file :(


    it is good ?
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    Hum... a little bit too difficult I think. :p

    Yep, I'll update this plugin later, but now I'm working on SpoutBackpack v2.

    worldname: # Change it by the name of your world.
        WeatherIsEnabled?: true # True if you want rain to destroy torches.
        BurnoutDelay: 300 # Time in seconds before destroying torches.
        DropTorches?: true # Drop torches or destroy torches?
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    Where i put the name of my world ?
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    Change worldname to nameofyourworld.
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    HO OK :O

    And 300 is 300 minut or second ?

    Make my server crash now :O

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    :), any error?
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    Time to torture my users for a while.


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    No one :S
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    When is crash happening?
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    When i reload for activate the server
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    "reload for activate"? What's this? Are you talking about the /reload command.
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    Yep , i do /reload for activate the plugins
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    You must install when the server is stopped (because it adds to his database all the torches when the server start).
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    Ho ok , Ty ^^

    Keek crashing :( we all got read memory out whit th enew version of ur plugins :(

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    What about torches breaking if you shoot them with arrows ? I could use that.
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    Could you possable make it so, if you are holding a torch it gives off light? like if i was in a dark cave, it would light it up?
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    You need to make redstone torches not burn out and stuff and make them give more light if you do this to regular torches so redstone ones will act like lanters. good plugin though.

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