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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol.. Fruffy.
    But dw I'll do it later I guess, hope I can time it xD
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    I have all the stuff required and my config is looking good. (I see that i made damage with MmoParty(spout) who show ally's HP (Sry about my language, pretty bad in english).

    I'll look again. And good job about the inventories. :)
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    I like this plugin and would like to integrate SortInventory to it. Maybe you could make an API so I would be able to integrate to MyWolf?

    I need very little! NeatMonster made a simple API for SpoutBackpack. The source code for his API is Here.

    But dont you support PermissionsBukkit? PermissionsBukkit is the future because it uses the internal permission system.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    First off, the wolf backpacks are based off a backpack plugin for bukkitcontrib (the old spout) so it's probably based off the same SpoutBackup API. Which probably means that if it works with SpoutBackpack it can be easily integrated into MyWolf. :D (don't take my word for it though, I don't actually know any java Yet)

    Secondly, do you want to integrate it because SortInventory doesn't work with wolf inventories or because you wanna contribute? :) (Just wondering)

    And finally, (this question is @Keyle as well), I don't really know much about API's... would there be much advantage to creating an API (in terms of facilitating contribution to MyWolf from other plugins or developers, in addition to SortInventory), again out of interest and because I want to better understand java and bukkit etc to be able to work on some myself.. Though I don't have the time at the moment :(

    Marcos Cosmos

    I don't know then, I mean, so far as I know there was a permissions problem that was obscure (hard to find).

    Uhm, you'll probably have to wait until Keyle get's around to responding but in the meantime....
    This is taken from the first post:
    You can check your permissions against this.

    And check that you have the Inventory skill no more than 6 times in your config

    I'm sure you have already done that but I'm afraid that's all I can think of to help you

    Good luck,
    Marcos Cosmos

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  6. Will send you a message for the API

    I will add support but I don't know how :p but I will add support for it in 0.5
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Keyle I presume 0.5 is going to wait until the next build is released? With all the mem leaks and since you haven't update yet and there's probably not that long now before the Bukkit Team replaces 1060? o.o
  8. @Kostronor & @Marcos Cosmos
    You can already test 0.5 since friday:p but you can't know it when I don't say anything :p
    I will only add BukkitPerms and then I will release it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol, I was actually looking for a method for wolf-skinning, and on not finding it, figured it wasn't finished, but maybe it was coz I was using 1000 not 1060.... Have you implemented skinning?
  10. No it's not implemented atm;)
    My problem is that I don't know how/where I should save the skins
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Your problem is saving skins?

    Mate! :( unless you can't code to pick them up from a determined location (like PlayerEditor... couldn't you look at player editor?) that's just silly, host the files externally, don't save them to your jar or anything. Just make sure you host the files somewhere stable :D. There's no point in trying to store them in the plugin since your also allowing us to customize them! :eek:

    Edit: Oh dear god I said "Mate!" *shudder* :'(

    Also, I know this is off-topic but I have this bug (it began to occur today, when I went to get an image for my siggy) :'(

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  12. No no ... I would never try to store the skins inside the jar xD
    With playerEditor only OPs can set the skins but in a very ugly way >.< As a server admin I don't want to type long URLs for every wolf :p
    I thought about saveing all skins to a skin subfolder but most webserver will not be able to access it
    So I think there is no way around that ugly way :p
    When I have enought time on the way home I will add it.

    It's seems that the server can't add the Entities like mobs but I don't know why :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh well I would like to have the urls stored in wolves.yml so admins can manually get to them out-side the game. But also.... I know that with spout showcase takes input directly but also, in the newer versions brings up a pop-up window (idk if it alters input length) but also, with the latest SpoutCraft text input has been a lot less laggy, so all in all it shouldn't be too bad. If it comes to it though, would it be possible to shorten urls by making your plugin able to load shortened (aka tiny) urls?

    Edit: The old BukkitContribEssentials had the config method which I really liked, but it was admin only.. wait only ops can set skins? the hell? I thought it was everyone back in Contrib???

    That does pose a problem... But you could try and set up a site that allows for quick storage like that I guess, I mean I don't know of one that would create and sort a file list in the way I'm thinking but err... You could make it like the standard MC skins and provide a form for users to post their skins, although that would mean that players could no longer really have wolves per server else it'd cause havoc.. Unless! Unless you yourself could host them all and then just allocate numbers to them as they're uploaded... Wait that would require running danbooru or something, too much work.. yeah idk either :\
  14. The URL will be stored in the wolves.yml anyway
    SpoutCraft inputs ..... hm ... can text be pasted to these inputs??
    TinyURLs are ok when they are wget freindly :D
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yes, spout already supports copy/pasting for all inputs I believe. (dependent on user preference to allow clipboard access of course).

    All in all, if you need an input interface, @narrowtux can possibly help, it seems to be somewhat his specialty. :D
    wget? :confused:
  16. I will first add only a command to set the skin and add the input when I add the HPbar and some GUI-stuff

    wget is a method to download files on linux shell that mostly can't download files like from one-click-hoster
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh I see, cool cool. Could you leave txt docs in the folder updating us on the developments implemented as you include them in the test build?

    Also... Are there any new features in 0.5 yet? O;
  18. I could do it:D
    but you could also look at the commits on my GitHub repo:p

    0.5 are all updates since 0.4.9a and some other things like HPregen :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I didn't know there were commits on your github, I will look at them xD,
    Thanks for telling me o.o
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ok cool, I'll check on that often then xD... Uhh do you have an estimate for when your going to be able to release mob skinning?

    Thanks again,
    Marcos Cosmos
  21. This week :p I don't know exactly how long it will take. maybe I'll have a test version today but I can't promise anything :D
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    download links dont work
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    Does this require the spout client? (i mean client-side, not the server-side one)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    No it doesn't, you can still use most of the features without the SpoutCraft client, but you won't see over-head names. Currently that's the only feature that requires the Client.
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    Awesome plugin, but the duplication bug makes this unplayable on any respectable server out there as bukkit forces us to auto-restart every so often to fix existing memory leaks. Fix this and it will be amazing though!

    ...oh also is it possible to get those nifty saddle bags on the wolves that have inventory ability? That would be amazing!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That's a very good point! only, I thought auto-restart plugins closed servers safely so that shouldnt matter? None the less /bugs @Keyle to fix it or ask for help or finish the speechcraft plugin so i can use his server <.>
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    I have noticed that mywolf only applies the levelup stat changes on a restart of the server, and the health points are not actually changing properly, it says "penny" has added +1 to her HP two times when i reload, but she still has 8 hp
    would the exp.js fix this?
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    I have been having problems with this. My wolf despawned, and will not respawn. I could not summon or release the wolf, so I had to shut down the server and go into the yml and deleted the wolf manually, and was not able to capture another one after the fact. I reloaded the plugin to no avail. No one on my server can use this plugin now. Any ideas?
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