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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

    Moved to BukkitDev:
  2. Ok I will setup the wiki when I have the time :p
    No problem I don't feel stressed:cool: Ok maybe a bit but this is not your fault :p
    WG version??
    Sure that another region not overwrites the pvp flag?? can you attack your wolf in the pvp-f-z??
    atacker use bow or meele weapon??
    WG is the plugin to create the pvp-free-zones :p
    WG -> WorldGuard :p
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    Since wolves are entities like mobs, this is no bug but would be a feature to prevent other players from killing your wolf.
    Please add a feature, that events of players attacking a MyWolf are canceled and MyWolf's who are aggressive do not target other MyWolfs unless you issue an attack with hitting the other wolf.

    WG means WorldGuard ;)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Again, lucky you, :eek:
    Ah okay thanks

    So that's why it says Unkown Source! Wow :eek:

    I'll be perfectly honest, I haven't looked at MCMMO much, so I don't know much about it. I'm about to take a look though. - I remember this now, cool!
    And what exactly do you mean by room in your siggy? (Do you mean you can advertise it, or that you could also have some time for developing? o: ) Heh, are you any good with drawing or photo-shopping? :p

    Attacking your own wolf is for the most part redundant since they re-spawn.

    Also I believe that might fit in with my truces and alliances idea posted earlier in the thread (page 15 I think), which Keyle suggested would probably be best suited for an additional plugin.. though that is a simple aspect that I could see fitting into MyWolf.

    Things are looking quite promising ey?,
    Marcos Cosmos

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  5. As you can see in the first post, WolrdGuard pvp-free-zones prevent player from killing the wolves :p
    you're right agressive MyWolves shouldn't attacker other MyWolves :D
    The event for arrows is deprecated in #1060 so in 0.5 it there isn't a difference between zombie and skeletons (for the server event)
    and the unknown source shouldn't be there :p
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    At least, i would advertise it ;)
    Helping at development or photo-shopping wouldn't be that big deal, if i would have time :D
    But i will help testing it and removing some bugs :D
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah, thats lucky then :3

    Oh great, cause neither me or @Keyle have any time right now, so we need all the help we can get with time :D
    And... We don't have an advertisement banner yet, was waiting to hear what Keyle thought about it.
    I think at the least we should alter Keyle's current banner to include invitations/requests for help of some kind? (whilst a plugin-pack hasn't been created, considering we don't have time :oops:)

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  8. I will implement HPregeneration today and the should 0.5 be ready for testing :D
    Every help is welcome ;) especially for testing because I test the most features alone so I'm nerver sure that everything is ok
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Keyle speaking of testing.. I have never seen a link to a Dev build in your OP, or is that the "link to newest version"? because if so, this sounds like a recommended build, not a dev build, so maybe you should rename it ;)
  10. You never seen a link because there was never a link xD
    And the link to "newest version" is a static link that points always to the newest released version
    dev build are always only on my computer and sometimes on my server:p because i'm the only tester xD
    If I have the new version ready for testing I will write a short post for it
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alrite, why not put it on your dropbox? Wait... your server? What do you use your server for? Do you run a Bukkit Server with an anywhere near good uptime? Could you do it? :eek:
  12. I'll put it on dropbox when it's ready for testing :D I can share the folder where the (test) output jars of my IDE goes with you.
    Server :confused: I use my(my friend's clan) root server for a bukkti server... what else :p it's a private with only german players and a good uptime :D
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright cool, do you know my dropbox account?

    And I see, cool, sadly I don't speak German though xD

    Also in terms of a dedicated server... I won't really be able to play on a server bigger than 25-40 players for various reasons (including lag)... So it needn't be too big lol >.<
  14. nope send me a message with email-address


    I've never player on a server with 15+ players but I think can :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Neither am I, but a dedicated server with a 15 player limit sounds like a joke.. doesn't it? :eek:

    Anyway, do you think we should get a siggy? (even if just a little temporary one) so we can advertise :D

    Edit: Will send message now.
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    send you a PM too ;)
  17. No it's not a joke :p but on this server isn't only the minecraft server :p also WolfensteinET and CSS server from the clan where my friend is a member

    A nice siggi is always a good thing ;)
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    Ahm, if i type /wi or /wolfinventory nothing happens
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    Using Bow - i can kill everybody even if they're in PVP Free Zone.
    I was using WG 5.2...
    Now i think i'll change bulid.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Agreed with the siggy... whos gunna make one though? And should it say? We can't really all say "my plugins... oneblock" o.o... and even yours might need to change if you wanna premote. custom skinning instead of wolfchests.. heh there's an idea, a picture of our custom skinned wolves with the title, slogan all linking to this thread.. the only problem is that i'm going to have trouble getting a good screenshot.. can I send you a skin and then can you take a screenshot for me? :D
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    If you tell me what you want the text to look like, i could "photoshop" the taken screenshot to show the text on it ;)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh cool, still need keyle's help with the pic though, unless you could do one like his o:
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    i really don't understand your .js support:
    this is what i've done out of your example:
        ###                    ###
        ### MyWolf EXP-System Level Script  ###
        ###         by Keyle         ###
        ###                    ###
            Usable variables:
                lvl     -> write the return level in this variable
                EXP        -> EXP the wolf has
                factor    -> EXP factor from config
                name    -> wolf's name
                player    -> name of the owner
                maxhp    -> actual maxHP value the wolf has
    //declare variables
    var lvl;
    var EXP;
    var factor;
    //example start
    var tmplvl = 1;
    var i = 0;
    var nfactor = 1.25;
    var basis = 10;
    var tmpexp = 0;
    tmpexp = basis;
    while(tmpexp < EXP){
        tmpexp = tmpexp * nfactor;
        tmplvl = tmplvl + 1;
    //example end
    lvl = tmplvl; // set return value
    it does not work (your example does not work to ;) )
    can you explain it a bit further?

    I could, if you send me the new "wolf-texturepack" :D
    btw @Keyle can you add this mod to spout?

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  24. How can I help xD I don't have any idea yet :p
    your code is ok :D anything with the plugin is not ok >.< where dir you placed the file?? what name has the file??
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    placed in the MyWolf-folder in plugins
    he recongnices it but says the js returns no valid value
  26. Woot :confused: very strange hm..... will look at it on the way home

    I think you are the first user who try to use it xD
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  28. First off all you have the Inventory skill 6 times too much in your config :p but that can't cause the problem
    What level has your wolf??
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Keyle @Kostronor I just placed my texture pack into the shared folder, ik it's not the best wolf texture, it just suits my char skin (Ixcshr), so... yeah xD
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    LVL 5, what do you mean wit i have it 6 times to much, or better how i must write it then xD?
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    looks like fun:D
    but you forgot the chests, i uploaded the chestwolf in the shared ordner, can you add the chests to your pack?
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