Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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  2. This plugin is a real laugh. I enjoy turning into a chicken and spying on griefers rather than simply turning myself invisible. Great job.
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    Can you make is for permissions 3x
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    Add permissions 3.16!!!!!!!
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    Nope. It is a dead plugin.
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    @desmin88 chat still doesnt display the disguised players name as chat name or isnt it supposed to have that?
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    so your saying you wouldnt like 2 plugins in 1?
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    could u add invisibility and make it where we can turn into blocks
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    I Found One Bug:
    Show Spoiler
    1) Can't Punch Or Other Player's Games Crash D:

    Bu Nice Job, It Does Help On Movies :D THX!!!!

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    Your not using 1060 then.
    You have a plugin confliction
    Turning into blocks is dumb.
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    @desmin88 i use essentialschat and essentials groupmanager for groups and prefixes
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    I was dreaming about something like this, thank you so much! :D
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    I just tested the player disguise of a friend (while he's in server) and my name appears all capitals to him and its using the wrong skin.
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    hey, good plugin so far, using creeper to scare people, BUT when my creeper dies on purpose, for an example, i died in fire, it says USERNAME went up in flames. In the main chat. Kinda looks a bit obvious.
    How can i stop this?
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    What the lol? Bukkit Build 1240?! WE'RE STILL IN 1185!
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    The permissions for this arnt working :/
    I use PEX and have my permissions set to * but only ops have permission :(
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    @desmin88 Well... this has probably been said before, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

    Is it possible to change your appearance to yourself too? As in, if I was disguised as an enderman I would see my arms as an enderman's arms and my model as an enderman model.

    Speaking of the enderman. As it is a block taller than the character, when Spout releases their camera control API, could you change the camera height too? This would of course not only apply to endermen :p
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    I Typed In "/md p grannybacon" and it changed me into a Rubix Cube In A Suit, Any Reason Why Haha
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    add a command to let op's make other to mobs/players :)
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    mobs and i want invisible!!! plz like spyer but he moved to spout Q_Q plz i want invisible
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    I'm not trying to be greedy, or pushy, but I would really appreciate it if there was an option that would just let you change your name, but keep your current skin. I've not had much experience with coding, so I hope that this isn't too much trouble.
    For instance, I have a friend whose name is schmark15, but would like to change his name for the sake of an RP.
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    Heya how do I add this plugin to my server(I made it with the official minecraft server software and I don't have craftbukkit) if poss? Ty xD
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    /md steve
    Will crash everyone off the server since steve no longer exists.
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    Ooo, forgot about that, will update soon.
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    Will you add costom sounds for the mobs?
    Maybe with Spout support? That were very funny XD
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    It would be cool if the death message would be correct.
    So if I would slay someone while being skeleton the deathmessage should be: playerx has been shot by skeleton instead of my own playername :)
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    This works perfectly Thanks so much !!!
    here's some cake :p
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    Why does this thread title say version 1.6.4 and bukkit dev say version 1.6.3? Please put the versions in your .jar filename so that there is no confusion about exactly what version you have uploaded and/or are documenting.

    Also, the permissions need to be improved (as I mentioned before). I would prefer not to have to enter every mob type to prevent having to allow player impersonation with mobdisguise.*

    Permissions should be as follows:

    mobdisguise.mob.* : become any mob type
    mobdisguise.mob.[type] : become a specific mob type

    mobdisguise.player.* : become any player
    mobdisguise.player.[player name or user class name] : become any player or player in the named class

    mobdisguise.* : do everything that mobdisguise allows

    Also - your plugin info should list the exact names of mobs as they are supported in your permissions structure so that there is no confusion.

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    Love the plugin :D Scared my friend to dead by those mobs :p please add Herobrine that would be sooo AWESOME!!!
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    ppl still use perm 3.1.6 lmao ?
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    Can you provide me a download link of MobDisguise for CraftBukkit #1240
    I can't find any old download links.

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