Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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    @desmin88 Ok so i know what you mean now. I redownloaded now and still nothing :/. SHould i get an earlier version? And if so how?
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    I think i see how its working now. but i have one more question.
    With permissionsbukkit i need to assign the permissions to groups. but... i have all the users and groups defined in my permissions 2.7.4 config files. Do i have to copy my users and groups to permissionsbukkit? and if i get a new user or create a new group, do i have to add those in both the permissions config files?
    or do i only need to add the group name i give the mobdisguise permissions to. And will it look at the permissions 2.7.4 to see which users are in that group? (and what other permissions the users have)
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    You'll need to migrate everything over as you can't run two permission plugins, or at least it's not something I would recommend.
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    any chance of making it where you can see your self change
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    Hey I got an idea, could you make it so that instead of a setting in the config file to make your disguise be able to pickup drops or not, could you make it a command like /md drops

    That would be great

    And I guess with this plugin it would be easy to intergrate invisibility right? could you perhaps add it as in
    /md invisible cause i dont wanna have another plugin JUST for that.

    Thanks your awesome.
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    To me having one separateplugin just for invisibility is a good thing. Small plugins that do just what they're supposed to do tend to break less and are far easier for the maintainer too. Plus this is a mobdisguiser, the minute it starts making you invisible or cooking your breakfast, it's not really doing what it was originally made for. :)

    This is an awesome plugin btw, I had chance to play with it last night and it was hilarious :)
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    @desmin88 - Please add. :)

    Pressing Shift (Sneak) would allow the following mobs to:

    Creeper - Show blowing up sequence (then resume back to normal creeper)
    Ghast - Change to attack face
    Sheep - Change color
    Slime - Change size
    Wolf - Sit
  10. Hey, this is amazing for messing around and spying on griefers. I caught a griefer by stalking him as a Chicken. Beautiful. Also, could you make it so that when we are disguised as a player it actually says the name in the chat?
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    I have some questions, if I use this with DeathMessagePlugin, and someone kills me, won't it say they killed me? That would be kinda awkward, and it would ruin the disguise. Also, can players disguised as spiders climb walls, skeletons shoot, ghasts fireball, and creepers blow up? Would mobs attack me if I were a zombie? I'm getting the plugin regardless of the answers, I'm was curious XD
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    why cant you make nodes for permissions 3.1.6?
    just wondering.
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    Can you add so you can me zombiepigmen or maybe old creatures that have been removed =D
  14. This is a really good idea, I hope desmin88 adds it.

    Yes it will, your death message plugin would need to be edited to support MobDisguise, otherwise you'll still get the death messages. Someone might be working on an "emulate mob behavior" plugin using the MobDisguiseAPI, but that's not what this plugin is for. There is an option to make mobs not attack you when you are disguised.

    The entire point of built in permissions is to simplify things for developers so they don't have to support permission plugins. To support permissions 3.1.6 you need to create a permissions manager and set it up. It's a lot more code than just using bukkit's built in player.hasPermission(string) function. As time goes on I suspect fewer and fewer developers will use old-style permissions.

    Speaking as someone who recently converted from 3.1.6, it's really not that hard. The SuperPermsBridge keeps all your old 3.1.6 plugins working perfectly.
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    i would like 2 c myself as the mob im disguised as:)
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    This plugin is simply amazing o_o

    Time to scare users while they mine ^_^
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    when i do /md p Notch everything except my name in the chat.. how do I fix this?
  18. Most likely you have a chat plugin that is interfering.

    This is probably the most requested feature in this thread. My understanding is that it is not possible without a client mod.
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    Who doesn't use a chat plugin though?
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    Could we get a command to disguise other players? So we could /command playername mobname or something, to change other users, without them having access to the commands?

    I always have people ask me to turn them into stuff, and it'd be nice if I could.. Also it'd be a fun punishment, to turn people into Pigs or whatever.

    I hope I made sense. heh
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    Freedom Cry

    How about tamed wolves?

    Because a few friends and I have been plotting the demise of someone else's tamed wolf pack for ages, and we'd like to kill them, disguise as them, then kill him while he's not expecting it. Heheheheheheh.

    Colored sheep, ghast attack face, hostile wolves, and spider jockeys would be cool too.

    Sorry if any of these have been suggested before. Love the plugin!

    EDIT: Oh, and wolves sitting down :)
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    The first time I tried this, it said that I didn't have the permission to disguise as a mob. Now when I try, my server says that it timed out, and it won't let me on. Is there something that I missed when installing this with Spout?
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    Without providing any errors from server.log no one can really help you.
  25. I use one. I use hero chat. I'm not functionally retarded. So I edited herochat's code to adapt to MobDisguise.

    For the rest of you, my best advice would be to be patient.

    what he said. When posting an error you must include at least your bukkit build and error messages. Ideally a list of installed plugins as well.

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    How much money would I have to donate to get support for Permissions 3.1.6?
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    Will mob disguise work if you have permissions 3.1.6 i understand it wont work with adding commands to ppl but will it work in the server?
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    How about adding SHEEP WITH COLOR!?!?!
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    BRYAN IS #1

    Hello when i give my groups permissions access it still doesnt let them like theres one of my admins that have all the commands possible but he still cant acesess the command

    heres my code for permissions
    default: false
            - essentials.back
            - essentials.afk
            - essentials.back.ondeath
            - essentials.balance
            - essentials.compass
            - essentials.home
            - essentials.kit
            - essentials.mail
            - essentials.mail.send
            - essentials.msg
            - essentials.nick
            - essentials.portal
            - essentials.protect
            - essentials.signs.disposal.create
            - essentials.signs.disposal.use
            - essentials.signs.heal.use
            - essentials.signs.mail.create
            - essentials.signs.mail.use
            - essentials.signs.sell.use
            - essentials.suicide
            - essentials.tpa
            - essentials.tpaccept
            - essentials.tpahere
            - essentials.tpdeny
            - essentials.warp
            - essentials.warp.list
            - essentials.worth
            - buttoncontrol.set
            - buttoncontrol.destroy
            - auction.end
            - auction.start
            - iConomyChestShop.command.iteminfo
            - wolfpound.create
            - rocketboots.feather
            - worldedit.superpickaxe
            - essentials.lightning
            - essentials.god
            - essentials.time
            - essentials.spawnmob
            - movecraft.*
            - essentials.item
            - essentials.clearinventory
            - nocheat.speedhack
            - nocheat.moving
            - nocheat.flying
            - nocheat.fakesneak
            - nocheat.fastswim
            - nocheat.airbuild
            - nocheat.bogusitems
            - essentials.heal
            - essentials.jump
            - essentials.powertool
            - nocheat.speedhack
            - nocheat.flying
            - nocheat.fastswim
            - nocheat.airbuild
            - essentials.heal
            - essentials.cooldown.bypass
            - WirelessRedstone.commands.*
            - mobdisguise.*
            - builder
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    Mobdisguise does NOT support Permissions 3.1.6
  31. Donate $10 to desmin, then install PermissionsBukkit. Make sure you get the superpermbridge plugin. Put your MobDisguise permissions in /plugins/PermissionsBukkit/config.yml, (example: mobdisguise.*: true)and leave the rest of your permission as is (to be handled by 3.1.6)

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