Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Some plugin is messing with mine.
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    Why are u not helping me??..... I dont know what this things mean. Dont be unfair and help me plz.
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    I downloaded MobDisguise, but when I type /md pig or /md disguise pig, nothing happens, please help.
  5. Idk if it is this plugins fault but i think so,
    on our server we cant see eatch other
    but somethimes you can see like a kind of ghost pig on the place you are.
    Please if you have any idea how to fix this
    i uninstalled it but that doesnt help
    Thanks for reading
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    Whenever I type "/md types" it doesn't show a list of mob types.
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    it's weird cause the plugin works perfectly, apart from the chat names.
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    I suggest adding a permission node that allows the player to see through disguises.
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    oh wow thanks! :)
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    Please give us the possibility to turn off/on the name in the /who list. would be a nice option for the config.
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    You now can join forces with creepers, as Combust lets you kill yourself with an explosion.
    @desmin88 thanks for making such an awesome plugin and inspiring me to create combust! I've put a link to this thread in Combust's OP, if you don't mind.
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    Does this still work with bukkitcontrib 1.7?
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    i cant get the permissions to work. it works fine on others but yours wont work for me
    Edit:fixed. you have to put it in the user's permission.
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    BukkitContrib is a dead plugin, use Spout
    Working on it.
    Fill out and error reporting form from the OP.
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    I have downloaded both jars and i can disguise as a mob perfectly but i can't as a player. I do /md p Notch but i am still me to everyone in the world. What am i doing wrong?
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    To those that want Permissions 3.1.6 support, use (removed) forked version I made.

    @desmin88 - I hope you're OK with me forking your plugin for an alternative to those who prefer Permissions 3.1.6 until Bukkit's built-in permissions support is more widely used.

    • Added Permissions support
    • Changed the /md [mobname] and /md p [playername] commands to disguise you if you are already disguised (instead of telling you that you are disguised)
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    Thank you for changing it. Because 1 plugin on my server I couldn't update to permissions bukkit but now I can let my players use this also.
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    I love this plugin. I'm gonna' freak out my friends with some fake creepers.
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    Being able to stop yourself showing up in player lists would be a great addition also.
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    but wont i have to set up all the permissions again up for permissions bukkit?
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    I got cb 1000..
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    Hey guys, I'am not sure if anyone has noticed, but when you change your disguise into another player like Herobrine (Fun times...) My chat doesn't come up with Herobrine, just my normal username, the disguise works I was just wondering if you could make Chat Names work too cause it isn't working for me, it's not a biggy but it would be AWESOME!

    Because in the video it works....
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    People cant use this plugin inless they're OP? Even though the config file says
        enabled: false
    And they have the nodes, both in their group permissions, and their own player permissions...
    Please fix this!
    Oh ye, and could you ass support for Humans/Monsters/Livings (the same, human):D
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    It would be nice if when i transform into a creeper other creepers or mobs don't attack me
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    Please help!
    ive tried the launcher and starting a new server with just the SNAPSHOT, bat server starter and having only the plugins needed for it (spout and this)
  26. Only if you want to switch completely to PermissionsBukkit. Otherwise you can just at the permissions for MobDisguise and let the rest of your plugins be handled by 3.1.6. Those plugins have no idea what PermissionsBukkit is and are not looking for it, so PermissionsBukkit should not interfere with them.
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    If i transform into a pig, people should be able to ride me with a saddle
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    i'm using MobDisguise v1.4, with CraftBukkit #1000, and permissionsbukkit.
    i'm not getting any kind of error, the plugin is loading and functioning perfectly, other than the playernames not changing in chat.

    same issue here.

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    You should add an explosion command for the creeper :D
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    1 Question: Does this Plugin need a lot of server performance?
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    With the change into players thing can i change into any player on the server or is it a set list of players or can i be anyone who has an account linked to

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