Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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    yayyy ty
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    are there any plans to make this compatible with the ore obfuscation plugin?

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    Talk to the author. He coded some severely bad code that BukkitContrib doesn't play nice with.
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    is it possible that you could make it so that you could blow yourself up as a creeper?
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    Hey quick question. When i disguise myself, i dont show up as the mob i disguised myself as. It just shows a message that says "You have been disguised!" but i am still in my normal skin... Help?
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    Only other players can see you as the disguised mob.
  8. Awesome plugin, people in my server love it.

    For people who want creepers to explode/ghast shoot fireballs I use the MagicSpells plugin and the explode/fireball spells to emulate this. You could use permissions to set up a parent permission "creeper" that gives players magicspells.grant.explode / magicspells.cast.explode/ and mobdisguise.creeper
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    is it at all possibly to make it so that we can see ourselves as mobs, it is annoying when you forget to change back to normal
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    Type /md stats to see what you are.
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    I feel bad that you have such a popular plugin people just go hurr durr. People if you want creepers to explode and shit make your own plugin. He has an api to hook into. Im making my own plugin with zombie players. Jesus.
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    I gave myself the - 'mobdisguise.*' in my permissions but it will not let me transform.
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    Read the thread
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    noob question, but how do you hide your name in mincraft, in the video the person transforming does not have his name above his head, how is this achieved?
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    Leon Philips

    What the... [PIIII] This whole thing was based on my topic I thought D:
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    *IMPORTANT* You must download Spout (BukkitContrib) from THIS link, for the plugin to work, it is a dev build
    The link isnt working so i cant download Spout to use your plugin.... ?
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    The link for the Bukkit Contrib dev build isn't working. I am having the same problem as IFaymous
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    Try this link :) file has been renamed to Spout now.
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    if only that worked.
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    Works for me.
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    I get a dependency exception error for BukkitContrib. How'd you get it to work?
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    Top_Cat I love you :D it worked.
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    Make this support GroupManager Please, permissions bukkit sucks!
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    hey sorry to bother u but i downloaded it and its failing to load the mobdisguise.jar
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    Follow instructions on reporting problems in the OP

    Please read the thread before posting the answer is 5 posts above yours

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    gasmaskboyz, top_cat linked the new file, the old one is gone

    Hello, I cant get the bukkitcontrib thing to work with the mobdisguise either and the thing that bothers me is that I dont know why, It all worked fine at first then my server start crashing and I removed it. Then they renamed it and all thet stuff and I downloaded the new one and then it all stopped working :s

    I did put the files in the plugins folder and I have written mobdisguise in the
    Any clue why?

    Now I noticed a new error and it seems to come from the file I downloaded... every time anyone on the server tries to move an item in the inventory they get disconnected :s and when they enter the server the console says "[NAME] was not properly updated during login"

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    @Leon Philips
    No? I was working on mobdisguise before your request.
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    Could you add that when you make it that when you change it makes smoke
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    @Dude who made this plugin; needs permissions 3.1.X support... 90% of servers are still using it, since BukkitPerms isnt fully fleshed out yet

    takes like 2 seconds

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