Inactive [FUN/RPG/MISC] Minecraft Mafia v1.2 - A plugin of lies and deception. [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    hey is there a way to block out all regular chat somehow and only show chat of players in mafia?
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    Are you working on an SK? I believe SK is a vital role in Mafia. Also, maybe you could set up a config for role lists so that you could configure roles? Thanks = )
    - Donaar12
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    Very sorry about not really commenting back or anything, I checked about every other day for a reply, but since your post was on page 2, I didn't see there was a second page, and never saw it XD. I checked just today and have some feedback or insight/whatever.

    1. When the owner places the sign, couldn't you make something so he doesn't have to do a command to set the sign to link to the picking of the class? i.e. couldn't you do something like the MA arena plugin where you put a sign in the lobby with the name of the class?

    2. Agreed about #4 that would save you some programming

    3. Also, new idea, what about extra permissions? Allowing so player CANNOT leave if alive (But admins/ops/players with permission can for testing), and if they disconnect, THEN it enforces a penalty. (Not on admins/ops/players w/ permission)

    4. Agreed with point #3, but say an admin does /mafia start for players, but he doesn't join the mafia game.

    5. Like in my other post add maybe an option to the config file for max and min mafia/town that way games cannot be thrown so people can keep winning and winning.

    6. Sorry about the delay in the reply, like I said, I never noticed the Page #2 XD

    - I am going to send you a PM later (Hopefully today or tomorrow should have it to you by Friday), if you could check that out and tell me what you think that would be great!

    - Archespore

    agreed also another feature worth adding <3

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    ok i play this game all the time so it being on minecraft is amazing
    i request that you use the names as used on epicmafia
    also can u add custom games?
    maybe do a website integration so you can play/watch from the server's website (ip detection of course)
    maybe even spout integration
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    update to 1.3.2? maybe?
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    Hi, I'm Korean
    So, not perfect English
    I have plugin error , Why allday discussion? and left time is going minus(-) [ex) Day 0, Disscussion , -390 left]
    please help me , I want play this wonderful plugin, you are genius. please help me again.
    quickly comment please , Bye Bye
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    Can I continue your plugin for you?

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