Inactive [FUN/RPG/MECH] MaterialManager - Create custom items [NO SPOUT][1.4.6-R0.2]

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    so I fill in this:
    Name: 'name' The items name, can include color codes. Type: 'type:data' Material type and a data value but not required. MaxDurability: int Only add it if the type has as default durability. Color: 'hexcolor' Color for the itemstack, its only changing with leather armor. Weapon: boolean If the item is a weapon, affects the durability usage. Tool: boolean If the item is a tool, affects the durability usage and the break strength. Damage: int The damage amount for weapons. (Only swords implemented yet.) SkullOwner: 'playername' Only use for the 'SKULL_ITEM' with data '3'. MapImage: 'filename' Put the file in the folder 'plugins/MaterialManager/Images'.
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    You don't need anything, look at the examples under it.
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    Its possible to add starter item?
    Like if new player he got Phoenix Sword

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