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    Dungeon Master - Version 0.3.0
    Uses Metrics for sending completely anonymous data to for usage tracking. See and GitHub for more info.

    This plug-in was developed for someone to use on their RPG server. It is now being released to everyone else to try out.

    Dungeon Master provides your server with an extremely customizable turn-based RPG environment using dice rolls to determine the fate of player actions.
    • Turns can be set as "forced", making players wait their turns; or "soft" by only suggesting who's turn would be next.
    • Decision making is based around a "roll" to provide a random-like effect to all actions being taken.
    Dungeon Master is written with the concept that you would also like to "role-play"
    a good portion of interactions with other players. For that reason, we do not change Minecraft player behaviour itself or attempt to control such things as movement or other Minecraft actions; allowing other plug-ins to behave as normal and avoiding "overpowered" players.

    Player Interactions

    Dungeon Master allows players to interact with each other via commands in three different ways:

    Dungeon Masters

    Dungeon Masters are given additional commands to use on other players. Such as:
    • Spawning & controlling the actions of "Monsters" (Minecraft creatures, but inactive and controlled by the DM via commands)
    • Setting of "difficulty checks" (DC) and firing of "RPG events". Such as spot, search, etc.
    • A DM playing in a Global environment has their actions only recognized by players "near" them.
    • A DM playing in a party has their actions recognized only by their party members.
    Global Combat

    All combat is based on "turns" and is executed using commands.

    Global combat currently allows a Player vs Player combat within the area of "nearby" players.

    Any player can jump in and join any current battle and be part of it automatically.

    All actions are displayed within a "range" of the players to "hear" what is going on if close enough by.

    You can have separate battles in different locations also, as long as they aren't too close to each other.

    Should they fall into the same area however, both groups would be merged into one big battle !


    Parties allow for a private group to either combat or do other RPG related things without being distracted by non-party players.

    Only players in the party see the actions of other members.

    The creator of the party becomes the DM for that party and gains the DM commands that can be used in that party only.


    There are a lot of options for customizing Dungeon Master to your personal preferences. Below is some quick details on what is available.


    A character is a "layer" placed on top of the Minecraft player. Instead of attempting to modify the player itself, we're allowing you to create an entirely separate set of settings assigned to a player instead.

    This allows for a highly customizable character without affecting other plug-ins or creating overpowered Minecraft players.

    Characters have the following for their base statistics:
    • attack Combined with a dice roll, this determines the characters ability to "hit" the player/monster they're in combat with.
    • damage Combined with a dice roll, this is the amount of damage they do if they should hit their target.
    • health Their maximum health.
    • defense Their ability to avoid being hit themselves.
    • initiative This is used in determining their position in combat for who's turn is next. Everyone gets a turn, but those with the higher initiative get to go first.
    In addition to the above, the following also affects a character:
    • Custom "Abilities" can also affect the above character statistics. (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence etc)
    • Custom "Saves" against spells and other RPG effects as chosen by a DM. (Reflex, Fortitude, Will etc)
    • Custom "Skills" to allow more RPG opportunities. (Spot, Search, Disable etc)
    • Known Spell list allowing you to "learn" spells that are not given to you via race, class or level.

    You can also customize how any worn or carried minecraft blocks can affect your character base statistics.

    The following inventory slots are checked on your Minecraft player for potential modifiers.
    • Hand
    • Boots
    • Chestplate
    • Helmet
    • Leggings

    Custom Races can affect all of the character statistics allowing you to create races with different "benefits" or "penalties".


    Custom Classes can affect all of the character statistics allowing you to create classes with different "benefits" or "penalties".


    You can define your own levels and how they affect racial, class, skills, abilities, spells and character base statistics.


    Create your own spells that can affect any of the character statistics, abilities or saves.
    These can be area effect or single targets. They can do statistical damage as well as direct health damage on targets.

    Current & Upcoming Features

    Below is a list of what is currently implemented and what is still in planning/development.

    The following features are currently available:
    • Character creation / statistics
    • Abilities Configuration
    • Saves Configuration
    • Races Configuration
    • Classes Configuration
    • Levels Configuration
    • Gear Configuration
    • Player vs Player in Global Combat
    • Next turn is currently only suggested. Forced turns will be soon.
    The following features are still in development and will be released in future builds:
    • Spells (actively being worked on)
    • Skills
    • Parties
    • DM commands to fire "events" for players to use skills/abilities against.
    • DM creation/control of monsters
    • Add option to force players to take turns

    This is a rather large plug-in, even in it's current state, so I'm not going to list all the commands/permissions here as it would take up too much room.

    Instead, please review the details on the WIKI I've started working on:



    Configurations: (the Example links are done, but only some of the main pages)


    You can find the latest builds at:

    Change Log

    BETA Version 0.3.0
    - Updated configurations to better separate the combatModifier from other definitions.
    -Made players unable to raise themselves since they're dead !

    BETA Version 0.2.0
    - Reorganized configuration files to break them into smaller, more manageable pieces.
    - Changed **/pvp attack** to **/attack**
    - Fixed NULL exception caused from configurations

    BETA Version 0.1.0
    Initial release.
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    Cool,the race thing is pretty nice,guilds?:p
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    I will probably consider adding guilds later, not a bad idea. Although there are quite a few nice plug-ins out there already that give guild options, having an "all-in-one" solution might not hurt. I'll put that on the longer term list and will come back to it later. Thanks
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    i can see this being great, cant wait for full release
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    it say dungeon master cannot connect to sql database
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    Hey this looks like a great structure for a D20 D&D Client-Mod. I am forming together a team to create a custom client for Dungeon Masters looking to run turn-based servers. Send me a private message if you are intrested,
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    Ok I downloaded the latest one but even when I run my server with it on it th eDungeonMAster folder is still empty. Why is this?

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