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    LevelRestrictions is a simple, configurable rule based system for restricting the use of items for common actions according to the Players level.

    Now support for Factions (in beta build)

    Latest Build
    Latest Beta with optional Factions support
    Source Code


    LevelRestrictions adds a new layer of fun to your server by allowing you to configure groups of custom rules that apply to the players XP level and/or the Faction they belong to.

    Some examples:
    • Restrict people less than level x so they can only use wooden or stone swords
    • Stop players using any specific block or item
    • Prevent users from using iron weapons after a certain level
    • Prevent your "Red" faction from using Iron weapons, but give them access to iron armor. Give your "blue" faction access to iron armor, but not iron weapons!
    * Factions support is optional and currently only in the beta download.

    Example that restricts the Player from using any stone tools or weapons until level 2:
        description: use Stone tools and weapons
        minLevel: 2
                - use
                - craft
                - pickup
                - 1
                - 4
                - 67
                - 98
                - 109
                - 291
                - 272
                - 273
                - 274
                - 275


    Will prevent rule from being applied to Player


    /can [all,current,previous,next] will show the rules the Player is eligable for
    /cant [all,current,previous,next] shows rules the Player is not eligable for
    /full [all] shows rules Player is and is not eligable for.

    • A couple options for localisation need to be done
    • Want to look into hooking into other leveling mods ( ** beta features factions support)
    This is my first swig at playing with Java and modding for MC. Had some frustrating fun with it. Hope you guys have the fun without the frustration! Give me a shout if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve.
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    Updated to add link to beta that supports command line editing of rules and optional support for Factions. Will code for feedback.

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