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  1. InTime
    Version: v1.1.0.0​
    Bukkit Version:CB 1.2.5-R3.0

    What ?
    InTime is a plugin based on the movie "In Time". Meant to play with survival but this will add an aspect of time. If you run out of time you will get banned for 60 minutes (This is adjustable in the config). file. Killing mobs/players buys you some time.If you die you lose time. With time you can also buy kits (Adjustable in config). So to make it short , InTime is a plugin made to enhance the SMP experience.​
    • Enhance SMP
    • Time based economy
    • Get Tools with time
    • Trade Time​
    • /time : Displays your remaining time.
    • /tradetime<player> <time><unit> : Trade time with another player.
    • /addtime [player] <time><unit> : Adds time to a player. When no player is given adds to yourself.
    • /kit [kitname] : Displays available kits. When given a kitname, buys the specified kit.
    • /kitinfo <kitname> : Displays info about the specified kit.
    • /removetime [player] <time><unit> : Removes time from a person.
      (Alias: /rmtime [player] <time><unit>)
    An example of trading time :
    /tradetime playername 5h : This will give 5 hours to 'playername' note that 5h is 1 argument. (d: Day, h: Hour,m: minute,s: seconds)
    /timekeeper.give.self: Allows the player to give him/her self time.
    /timekeeper.give.other : Allows the player to give someone else time.
    /timekeeper.take.self : Allows the player to remove his/her time.
    /timekeeper.take.other : Allows the player to remove time from others.
    /timekeeper.trade : Allows the player to trade time.
    /timekeeper.* : Allows all the above.

    Here is a small example of 2 kits setup in the config file :​
    price: 600
    description: This kit contains a stone sword.
    - 273
    price: 3600
    description: This kit contains a diamond armor.
    - 310
    - 311
    - 312
    - 313
    - v1.1.0.0
    • Beta Release

    BUMP! =D

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    hey i like this plugin so u need help develping it
  3. no, the plugin is almoste done, only some minor things, but you can already download a working version
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    Sure, just please make sure you format your title as outlined in the guidelines.

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