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    Capture The Points Game with Wool​
    Version: v1.3.8

    BukkitDev page.

    This is my version of this plugin, original plugin was created by dkramer. Original post.

    Idea of this plugin is simple: player chooses a role(also he can shop in lobby and in arena) and goes in arena
    to capture points by placing colored wool in them.
    This game can be played in capture mode, where team which captures defined amount of points wins and in score mode where each point generates score every 30 sec and team which reaches defined amount of score wins. Each point capture and kill gives money and for it player can buy by punching signs.
    • with some plugin configuration gameplay can drastically change.
    • create your own arenas for this game.
    • multiworld support.
    • arenas protection.
    • custom roles.
    • inventory saving on entering the game.
    • reward system.
    • custom HealingItems system(with HOT and cooldowns)
    • player command usage disable when playing
    • some arena repair after battle(only for player built/destroyed blocks).
    • shops by signs in the game.
    • lobby for roles selection and preparing for battle.
    • spawns and lobby protection from damage.
    • multi-arenas support ( only one to play thou)
    Download link
    Latest version 1.3.8 (for bukkit 1.2.3-R0.1 and 1.1 R6)
    When upgrading to a new version please read changes.
    Other versions
    Permissions page.
    Configuration file and installation
    How to configure your CaptureSetings.yml and install plugin
    New video how to build an arena.
    Old video how to build an arena.
    Command list
    Source code
    CaptureThePoints game video:

    Please report any bugs and errors here:
    And dont forget to write which version of plugin and bukkit you are using!​


    Version 1.3.8
    • Updated to new listeners and config system.
    • Added cooldown to class selection.
    • Now player will not be kicked from lobby on readying up if he is alone in there.
    • Fixed helmet disappearance on class change.
    • New chunk sending to players client.

    Version 1.3.7
    • Fixed rewards bug.
    • Fixed Team balancing bugs (I hope that was last of them).
    For other changes visit

    Version 1.3.7

    Added new config options:
    • ExpRewardForKillingOneEnemy - rewards player with EXP points after the game for every player he killed.
    • EconomyMoneyCostForJoiningArena - how much money it costs to join specific arena.
    • DisableKillMessages - disables kill messages to lower spam in chat.
    Added new features:
    • Now players can select team in lobby by punching wool with team color he wants to join. (Autobalance balances teams if they are not equal after all players are ready).
    • Enchanted items now are supported in all configuration + in-game CTP sign shops. Example: 272:2/16-4/20-2/21-3
    • Economy support thru Vault plugin(That is not required if you will not use economy money as rewards).
    • EXP can be given as a reward. Example: WinnerTeam: Items: DIAMOND_LEGGINGS, EXP:100, $100
    Lots of other bug fixes.
    In older versions newly created config versions got really messy. Sorry about that. You can clean them by backuping CaptureSettings.yml int 1.3.7 version, then deleting it and generating new config file to which you can copy data from the old one.

    Older version changes: (open)


    Fixed some bugs:
    • Now /ctp b arenalist reloads arena list on call.
    • Added new commands to help.
    • /ctp b findchests now is only usable by admins.
    • Fixed potions bug.
    • Fixed bug with players able to capture points not meant to be captured by their team.

    Version 1.3.6

    There are lots of news and I really don't remember them all :S
    Few main ones are:
    • Config file got revised, so please backup it before adding .jar file. (It should update config file automatically).
    • Added new commands: /ctp build save, /ctp build findchests and /ctp build restore.
    • Also new permission ctp.admin.restore ctp.admin.canModify.
    • Arena hard restore is now working(on mySQL) also simple arena restore now restores arena after explosions.
    • Now /ctp build setpoint accepts new optional option at the end of command, allowing to set which teams cant capture the point.
    • Team balancing changed also there is new option for balancing players in config file.
    • Role signs can now be used in-game in format Line 1: Role, Line 2: Price (optional). Line 3 and line 4 empty.
    • Every arena now has its own configuration options!
    • Now all arenas are protected from players that are not playing CTP, so they could not grief arena.

    Version 1.3.0

    New commands:
    • /ctp auto <worldname> - brings every player in the world to a random suitable arena.
    • /ctp aliases - list of helpful command aliases.
    • /ctp rejoin - join a game if one has started(if there is no game started, player will not be able to join).
    • /ctp stats - shows player in-game stats.
    • /ctp team - show team-members.
    • /ctp start - starts CTP game(admin command).
    • /ctp version - check this plugin's version.
    • /ctp build maximumplayers <number> - sets maximum players of the arena.
    • /ctp build minimumplayers <number> - sets minimum players of the arena
    New config options:
    • MaxPlayerHealth - players health in CTP, defaults to 20.
    • AllowCommands - if true player can use commands while playing, if false, he cant.
    • UseSelectedArenaOnly - if true uses only the selected arena, if false it randomly chooses an arena to play.
    • AllowLateJoin - if true players can join CTP after game has started, else if false they cant join.
    • AllowBlockPlacement - if true players can build anywhere, if false the can only place wool in the CTP points.
    • AutoStart - if true starts the game when there are enough players, if false admin must start game with /ctp start.
    New feature: Healing items(See configuration guide).
    Tried to fix auto-balancing bugs(Not tested yet).
    Made most commands console-safe.
    /ctp help - remade.

    All permisions have been changed, please see configuration guide

    Version 1.2.6

    Thanks kjhf for many updates, chat messages fixes, command system remake and many more.
    • Fixed bug there having lobby not in boundarys caused players who try to destroy blocks beneath them trown out of the game, but be left in the lobby.
    • Fixed zero wool bug in config file.
    • /ctp colors command now also shows players who are playing game.
    • Added new command /ctp team - it shows players on command sender's team.
    New config options:
    • BreakingBlocksDropsItems - if true destroyed blocks drop items, false - disables block drop from destroyed blocks.
    • DropWoolOnDeath - if true player drops other teams wool on his death, if false - player does not drop other teams wool on death.
    • LobbyKickTime - time in seconds player has to ready up or he will be kicked from lobby (-1 or 0 disables checking).
    Added one more option in shop system:
    Now 4 line in sign is meant for color of team allowed to buy sign item(this is optional, this line can be left empty).
    • Changes in text formatting and colors.
    • Kill steak messages changed.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed problems (but need testing with 5 or more people) ExactTeamMemberCount.
    • Now players cant build in lobby.
    • Also players cant build with not their own wool around the points.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Tested with CB 1317.
    • Added command /ctp kick - kicks player from the game.
    • Added new configuration option ExactTeamMemberCount - with which(if true) players can join game only by groups.
    • Fixed chat flood then punching Iron block in the lobby.
    Version 1.1.9
    • Tested with CB 1317.
    • Fixed bug when you damage yourself with arrow and it trows error in console.
    Version 1.1.8
    • Tested with CB 1240.
    • Fixed arena creation and joining bug.
    • Fixed score message with many same teams.
    • Fixed /ctp pjoin wrong message.
    • Fixed wool placing bug, when placing not your own wool and preventing other players to capture that point.
    Version 1.1.7
    • Fixed previous bugs.
    • Added teleporting check - now player which teleports out of lobby will leave the game. While in the game teleporting teleports to your team spawn.
    Version 1.1.6

    • Updated for 1.8.1 version.
    • Added helmet check.
    Version 1.1.5

    • Now really fixed vertical point remove bug.
    • Added more messages on game end.
    • Fixed reward bug on game timeout end.
    • Now all rewards are stacked(except armor) also it stacks player inventory on entering the arena.
    • Shop bug where you cant see bought item.
    • Arena repair bug with wool.
    • Now players cant destroy signs in arena while playing.
    Version 1.1.3

    • Added /ctp reload and /ctp build setboundary <1 | 2>
    • Fixed vertical point remove bug.
    • Added protection that players in the game could not teleport/move out of arena(arena boundaries must be set).
    Version 1.1.0

    • Fixed lots of bugs, added arena protection, wool drop on death, point protection for making easy money, point protection for building on top or before point.
    • Vertical points and /ctp build setpoint usage changed
    • New commands /ctp build arenalist and /ctp build pointlist.
    • Added rewards after game.
    Version 1

    • Initial release.
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    Damn.... Everybody here really suck at spelling.
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    Any fix for the bug ?

    I'm using the lastest ctp plugin, it work fine but when I'm trying to kill somebody nothing happend...
    I have the message "you killing an ennemy" but my ennemi still stand in front of me... W*F ?

    Pour nos amis français, il y a un problème dans le plugin qui fait que les ennemis ne respawn pas dans leur camp comme prévu, ils restent plantés devant nous...
    L'auteur du plugin est très certainement en train d'y remédier.. patience !
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    ok car moi j'ai exactement le même problème c'est assez pénible, on peut pas y jouer vraiment du coup
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    @Humsas spawn system is not working please fix it.
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    Have you tried version above your post? And do you mean players cant be killed or what?
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    players can be killed but they wont spawn in at their spawn point like when i kill blue guy that guy wont start in blue's spawn point again. i didn't tried the new one i'll report you when i check it.
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    It works for me now. This is what I did: Download 1.2.6, edit the config, add 2 spawnpoints, download 1.3 and everything should be working fine.

    This link only gave me trouble:

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    Thank's ;)
    I will test this new version this week-end and I tell you if my problem are resolved ;)

    Test de la version ce week-end... on verra si le pb est résolu ;)
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    suggestion: make teams be able to spawn at capture points when they capture one

    also will TNT, fireball, and creeper exposions be repaired with this?
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    It will be repairable when hard arena restore will be finished.
    To answer your suggestion it will make hard to recapture the point.
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    yeah but itd work well with multiple points


    can I use world gaurd to protect the land from fireballs and explosions?

    doubleedit: nope no region-specific for that, when will hard reset be done?
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    Maybe in a month - when i will have more free time. But i dont know, when we will release it.
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    This plugin shoud be nice to have on my server:)
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    Why when i play when i capture 1 flag game ends how do i made it so i capture 3 flags then game end ??

    ohh nvm i figured it out :)
    Nice Plugin btw :D

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    why when i try a command it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" ?? help plz
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    What command you are using and that error shows server console?
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    Hello !

    Awesome plugin ! It's just wonderful =D
    nice work !
    (I use the test version for fix the spawn bug)

    I find a little Bug/think to improve :
    I'll try to explain my problem simply (i'm french then my english is a bit awful)
    Chen someone leave an item in the arena during the fight, when the game finish, it stay, and you can take it. This bug can be use for cheat.

    And another thing to add : when I add some solider class in the .yml, and tried to play, we spawn both in the same team, but with wool of differents colors... Maybe a mistake in the file, maybe a bug, i don't know :p

    Good luck !

    Pour les français :

    Bug n°1 : Si un joueur lache des items/blocks durant la partie, quand celle-ci sera terminée, les items resterons. Donc possibilité de tricher.

    Bug/ ou erreur de ma part : Quand j'ai ajouté une classe dans le .yml, et qu'une partie a été lancée, tous les joueurs on spawn dans la même équipe, mais avec des laines différentes...

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    any progress on hard reset? only thing holding me back from using this on my PVP server (we have a class with TNT)
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    @Keenuts firs bug is known and about second - this is first time I hear about it, could you pm your config for me?
    @shanko - I will realese new version on bukkit release for 1.0. Hard restore is done, just I need to rewrote that it could work better and also i will try to update default restore for explosions.
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    Woo its finally out! now we can get an update for this :D
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    Sorry, but this week I will be very busy. So i will update it next week(maybe sooner).
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    Okay cool ! Also you may want to make this compatible with MagicSpells plugin, some spells don't work in the arena
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    Looks fun but cant get it to work =/

    No errors on server but wont save Arenas and wont save "setlobby"
    the thing is the arena / notepad name of the arena shows on the Arena folder but,
    when u ask to list the arena its not there.
    And on the setlobby says it set the lobby but when commanded to join says no lobby been set

    and some times it cant read whats in the arena folder basicly whats happening.
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    Have you fixed that error? If not have you tried /ctp reload after setting arena lobby?
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    gave up but i saved notepad and i downloaded it agian and today it worked i cant say if i did put /ctp reload last time tho i dont think i did and that did save the arena and lobby Awsome thanks a bunch Happy new year
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    Hey guys :) I need some help with the CTP plugin!! My arena works fine except that after a game, The place doesn't reset the blocks that players broke or the wool that is in the points :( Please help!!!! I am running on a Windows X32 bit computer. I use Notepad++ to edit. I'm using CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R. The server runs fine, it just sucks that all the blocks that get destroyed and built during a game stay there which means that eventually, i will have to totally remake the arena :( HELP! :D

    Here's my "CaptureSettings" config file:

    Items: 299,300,301,272
    ItemCount: 1
    ForKillingEnemy: APPLE, BREAD, ARROW:10
    ItemCount: 1
    HOTHeal: 0
    Duration: 0
    InstantHeal: 20
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: true
    HOTInterval: 0
    Cooldown: 60
    HOTHeal: 2
    Duration: 5
    InstantHeal: 6
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: true
    HOTInterval: 3
    Cooldown: 10
    HOTHeal: 2
    Duration: 5
    InstantHeal: 3
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: false
    HOTInterval: 1
    Cooldown: 0
    HOTHeal: 2
    Duration: 5
    InstantHeal: 6
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: false
    HOTInterval: 1
    Cooldown: 0
    ScoreMultiplier: 2
    Address: localhost
    Database: ''
    Port: 3306
    User: root
    Pass: ''
    AllowBlockBreak: true
    AllowDropItems: false
    EnableHardArenaRestore: false
    BalanceTeamsWhenPlayerLeaves: 2
    '3': '%player is on a killing spree!'
    '2': '%player strikes again!'
    '6': '%player is GOD-LIKE!'
    '5': '%player is unstoppable!'
    '4': '%player is on a rampage!'
    LobbyKickTime: 60
    MoneyAtTheLobby: 0
    BreakingBlocksDropsItems: false
    DropWoolOnDeath: false
    AllowBlockPlacement: true
    AllowDropItems: true
    GiveNewRoleItemsOnRespawn: true
    AllowCommands: false
    ExactTeamMemberCount: true
    MoneyForKill: 100
    GivenWoolNumber: 64
    AllowBlockBreak: true
    RingBlock: 49
    MoneyForPointCapture: 100
    AutoStart: true
    DamageImmunityNearSpawnDistance: 10
    PointsToWin: 50
    PlayTime: 15
    ScoreToWin: 50
    OnePointGeneratedScoreEvery30sec: 2
    UseScoreGeneration: false
    ScoreAnnounceTime: 30
    ScoreMultiplier: 2
    MaxPlayerHealth: 20
    MoneyEvery30sec: 50
    AllowLateJoin: true
    UseSelectedArenaOnly: false
    User: root
    Port: 3306
    Database: ''
    Address: localhost
    Pass: ''
    EnableHardArenaRestore: true
    BalanceTeamsWhenPlayerLeaves: 2
    Version: 2
    Arena: marsh

    And here's my actual Arena file!! :

    World: ServerCity
    Dir: -268.199462890625
    Y: 71.0
    X: -223.25
    Z: -100.4375
    MaximumPlayers: 9999
    MinimumPlayers: 2
    Z1: -77
    X1: -268
    X2: -152
    Y1: 55
    Y2: 104
    Z2: 132
    MoneyAtTheLobby: 0
    BreakingBlocksDropsItems: false
    DropWoolOnDeath: false
    AllowBlockPlacement: true
    AllowDropItems: true
    GiveNewRoleItemsOnRespawn: false
    ExactTeamMemberCount: false
    MoneyForKill: 50
    GivenWoolNumber: 64
    AllowBlockBreak: false
    MoneyForPointCapture: 100
    DamageImmunityNearSpawnDistance: 10
    PointsToWin: 50
    PlayTime: 15
    ScoreToWin: 50
    OnePointGeneratedScoreEvery30sec: 1
    ScoreMultiplier: 2
    UseScoreGeneration: true
    ScoreAnnounceTime: 30
    MaxPlayerHealth: 20
    MoneyEvery30sec: 50
    BalanceTeamsWhenPlayerLeaves: 2
    '3': '%player is on a killing spree!'
    '2': '%player strikes again!'
    '6': '%player is GOD-LIKE!'
    '5': '%player is unstoppable!'
    '4': '%player is on a rampage!'

    Thank you sooo much!!!! :DD

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    Love this plugin seriously. Me and my server stress tested it as hard as possible, and we found some issues and bugs, and wanted to report them.

    Firstly, and most importantly: If you give a class potions, they don't re-appear in your inventory properly* when you respawn. Additionally, empty bottles don't get thrown away on respawn. *By properly I mean, you don't get the correct potions back, instead you get plain "potions" instead.

    Just about all Potion effects linger on respawn as well, the worst being poison. Strength, slow, speed all stay on the players on respawn.

    I am also not sure if healing potions work well/at all. We are noticing that even when using health potions to heal, people die as if the hearts aren't actually healed. We still don't 100% understand the behavior, but it doesn't seem to work well.

    Edit: Another one regarding potions and consumables. If you drink a potion while you are in the lobby, and you switch classes, you can keep the potion effect for it's duration in the match as a "different" class. Plugins like "Mob Arena" seems to prevent this somehow.

    Sometimes, getting killed in CTP is an actual death, usually dropping the items of the player on the ground for others to pickup. The player remains in the game, however they are unequipped, and don't get their wool or items back. This happens extremely randomly, and I can't seem to produce it at will.

    There seems to be no support for enchanted items or armor either. I can't seem to find a way to add them in for certain classes.

    I would also like to have the ability to disable hots and such entirely, and let all the healing be default minecraft (ie you heal over time while being sated) and through potions.

    Another suggestion, and again just a suggestion if you are feeling adventurous. Putting each team into a private chat channel like "towny" does, would be amazing. Atm, there is hardly any ways to coordinate with your team for fun, including external methods like Vent or Mumble because teams are random.
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    ooblah21 post (open)

    You do not use database so set EnableHardArenaRestore to false and it will restore blocks.

    @Zombiemold at the moment I am looking how to disable potion effects, so in next version I will add them. And thanks for report, I will try to fix everything when i will be able to.

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