[FUN] Randomjokes v0.2 - Shows the player a random joke [1060]

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    Randomjoke - Prints out a random joke everytime a player types /joke:
    Version: v0.2

    This is the first time i have coded in java, so the plugin is very simple, but can still bring much fun. Just add the jokes you want the plugin to randomly pick from in the XML file.
    To change the color of the text, just add % before the color you want the text to have, for example: "%5", changes the color to Purple.
    • Prints out a random joke every time a player types /joke
    • Customize the jokes from a XML file.
    • Custom prefix
    • Custom colors
    • /joke - Prints out a random joke to the user who typed /joke
    Permissions nodes:
    • Randomjokes.joke - gives permissions to print out a joke
    Download Randomjokes.jar

    Download Source code


    Version 0.2
    • Added custom prefix
    • Added custom colors

    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Why an XML file?
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    i like XML more than YAML, and i did't manage to get i working with YAML, as i said in the text. it's the first time i'm coding java.
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    Although this plugin was created specifically for jokes, I could just make it a normal informational message...
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    yeah, it's just to downloade the source and change the command :)
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    ... or you just set up a command alias in bukkit.yml. :)
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    Yes, that's Piece of Cake :)
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    Can you make it an auto message to do a joke on join?
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    Yes, it's on my todo list :)
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    Since this plugin is inactive go here if you want an active version.

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