Inactive [FUN/PVP] Minecraft Hunger Games - the first Hunger games plugin! [1.2.5 R-4.0]

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    Could you make it like when people want to jon the hungergames they can click a sign?`I've you seen they have that option. Very nice plugin, also can you make it compatible with Craftbukkit R4 ?
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    It should be something similar like this though, in this video

    where they are circled around and that there is a host up in the trees somewhere in their perfect little room watching like how the movie was like that, that makes it interesting as well.
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    I have a question to this plugin
    i set the config data Rules all to false
    so that they not can break or build something.
    But this dosent work.
    The tributs can still break an build
    have i made a mistake?
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    I need help with the perimeter if you have time to come on my server I would be very thankful :)
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    You know, you would be the most helpful person ever if you told me how to pick tributes randomly. The commands page does not explain it verry well.

    Can anybody tell me how to spawn the tributes randomly? I want people to start their own games.

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    Could Someone Post A Video?
    I Could Help because i Cant set spawns :(
    i really i am confused:confused:
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    Are you trying to model your hunger games exactly like the MCSG ones?
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    Hi! can you tell me when will you have the 1.3.1 version plis? I love your plugin and i want it!! PM. thank you and sorry for my bad english
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    hi.when comes the 1.2.5 R4 version?
    it looks great and really want to use it
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    nevermind i dont need it anymore but thanks?
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    Is there a download for this?
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    how do the game makers control? (floods fire poison)
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    Is this plugins working for 1.4.6?
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    Blaze Master

    Is this plugin up yet?

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