Inactive [FUN/PVP] Minecraft Hunger Games - the first Hunger games plugin! [1.2.5 R-4.0]

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    EDITED 4/29/12

    Minecraft Hunger Games v1.7 BETA
    The first Hunger Games plugin by date!
    MCHungerGames is a stand-alone plugin that contains the essentials for setting up your own Hunger Games arenas! You can simply make your arena, add tributes, and start

    • Arenas defined by radius, and cornucopia.
    • Tributes and or Gamemakers (who can edit their own Arena) are assigned to arenas
    • Forcefields at the edge of an arena (noticeable when a game is going ;) )!
    • Block Protection/Crafting configurable in or outside Arenas!
    • Customizable realistic chat!
    • And more upcoming!
    Much more info at the Bukkit Dev project page, or, just by downloading the plugin!

    Feel free to comment with suggestions!
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    This is all I need it to do:
    1. GameMaker adds tributes
    2. Gamemaker sets spawn points for each tribute (random).
    3. Gamemaker starts the game with a command.
    4. All tributes get warped to the spawn points around the cornucopia.
    5. They can't move for a minute
    6. People who die get announced with a boom and a message
    7. Last person wins and is announced winner.
    The end.
    (you don't need to set an arena area, this should be done by the server op. with worldedit or something.)

    Aand if you reaaly need a cornucopia generator:

    Also, why would there be more than one arena per server, that doesn't make sense, limit it to one for now.

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    Great, but I'm also making this plugin for other people.

    I'll be making my own cornucopia generator via some randomized item selectors I've made in the past.
    And if you actually knew how I was coding this, it really wouldn't make any sense to limit the Arenas to one.
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    Hmm okay, but is there any way you can also add support for what I asked for?

    [diamond] [cake][gold] For you if you do! xD

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    Yes it technically should support everything that you asked for :).
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    Yay thank you so much:)
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    Just a thought for the plugin... can you make it so people can climb wood like a ladder so i could make an arena that had trees that people could camp in and snipe and stuff​
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    Hrm... maybe you could put vines in some trees?

    I'm hoping to make an Hunger games event API for other developers, so that they can make their own events really easily or at least modify the jar file.
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    Oh ya.... i forgot you could climb vines now lol
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    I was trying to get someone to make this plugin xD. I have some suggestions, or rather ideas. I want to run a Professional Hunger Games server that will have all these features and more. The suggestions I have are:
    • An option to wait until 24 or so players join THEN start the countdown.
    • Reset the map after each round(If possible a different map every time?)
    • When a game is in progress anyone who leaves gets kicked until the round is over, same for people that get killed.
    • Another option to make it whitelist while game is going so someone can't just join at the end of a game and win. (That would maybe make some people very angry if this happened)
    • Spawn players at preset points around the cornucopia but not at the same spawn point
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    1. So you mean games would not start until 24 players were online?... Maybe...
    2. Ooh good idea. I'll add an arena-reset option in the config. However, this may require WorldEdit
    3. Yep :) that will be an option in the config too;
              kick_on_disconnect: false
              noTeleporting: true
              noTributeChat: true
    4. Players are selected to be tributes through the GameMakers, OPs, or via a permission node. However there won't be a limit to the number of tributes so there shouldn't be any problem.
    5. I'm working on a way to automatically spawn them equally separated in a circle around the center cornucopia.
    As mentioned ^there, each arena will have to have it's cornucopia as it's center.... Sorry!
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    The plugin is going well! It's almost testable at this point (if you don't know what i mean by that, the code has been pretty much all theoretically working, I just haven't finished enough to actually export it into a plugin without errors... Until now!)

    I was aiming for this (now last) weekend, but as you can see, a better ETA is probably this upcoming weekend.
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    yeah! can you put the source up on github?
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    Yep! I will at some point when the plugin is usable.
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    Merrick King

    Could economy support with vault be included for things such as gambling and sponsors? Or perhaps get it to hook with a plugin that already does something like this?
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    Added the source on github!

    Maybe. As I just said, I added the source so possibly someone would know better how to integrate that type of thing.
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    Please PM me when a beta build is out
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    Glad you posted your source, I'll have to look tomorrow :p .
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    There's a list of things I want to add on the bukkit dev page :)

    The plugin is testable at this point, but not working.

    Will do :)
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    I use factions on my server, and we run a mock hunger games type of arena, but all players have to leave their faction in order to participate... Is there any way you can hard code in to bypass the check to deny damage to players while in the arena?

    Thanks and this looks like a really cool project :D
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    Hrm.. I'm not sure. I know what to test though, so if you would like to help test that, I could send you a test plugin (just to see if I can bypass the canceling of damage in protected regions, not the Hunger Games plugin).

    Test, test, test, test...
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    Ya sure I would love to test this :D

    Just PM me.
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    Oop almost forgot! I'll get that test for you with instructions soon. (I'll PM you)
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    I would love to test this just PM me.
  25. I was thinking about making a Hunger Games server using several different plugins, but screw that. This looks awesome. I would love to test this, PM me!
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    I have a suggestion, the gamemakers should be able to set up a special type of arena event, or add more people like. By this I mean they should be able to do "Quarter Quells"

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    I think i'll put a test version on the BukkitDev page. It has a lot of known bugs, but I'm sure people would like to see how it's going to work
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    acuddlyheadcrab will you make me a plugin after your done with this? And an idea I have for this is to add areas you can set up as districs and people get jobs based on what distric they live in.
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    Yeah I could do that once the main plugin frame is working. It could hook into world edit and.. yeah that would work :)
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    Thanks, I'll message you the link to the thread

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