Inactive [FUN] Prank v2.0 - Scare, frustrate, and troll players! (Formerly Creepers Gonna Creep) [1060]

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    Prank - Scare, frustrate, and troll players!
    Version: v2.0 [2011/08/24]

    Go here for future Prank updates!

    Prank is a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft which encompasses a number of pranks which can be applied to players on a server. Have fun with your users by scaring the crap out of them, frustrating them, and just generally trolling like a boss.

    Prank is the successor to my plugin Creeper's Gonna Creep, which initially provided only the creeper prank (explained below). As this release changes the focus of the plugin, I decided to make the name and commands more general.

    I mainly wrote this to familiarise myself with the Bukkit API and put to use the things I have learned in my Java class the last few months. I welcome feedback on the source.

    • Creeper (/prank creeper [player])
    Randomly spawn creepers around a player! Make them wonder why god hates them so much, as they mine or build and are plagued with a stream of creepers.
    • Tool Switch (/prank toolswitch [player])
    Switch the player's currently equipped item into the first empty slot of their inventory whenever they try to use it! Frustrate the hell out of players who can't accomplish anything!
    • Shocking Fall (/prank shockingfall [player])
    Whenever a player takes fall damage, strike them down with lightning! This prank can lie in wait for hours before it finally strikes... a player is innocently building or exploring when they make a jump that's just a little too high and - BAM, they are either dead or burning to death. They had better pray for water!

    • /prank [pranktype] [player] - Start pranking [player] with [pranktype] prank.
    • /unprank [pranktype] [player] - Stop pranking [player] with [pranktype] prank.
    Player can be online or offline

    Prank types:
    • creeper
    • toolswitch
    • shockingfall
    Bukkit Permissions (Superperms)
    • prank.*
    • prank.creeper
    • prank.toolswitch
    • prank.shockingfall
    Download Latest (2.0) | Source

    Version 2.0
    • Complete re-write
    • Re-released as "Prank"
    • Added tool switch prank
    • Added shocking fall prank
    Version 1.1
    • Added Bukkit permissions support
    • Removed the concept of a probability (unnecessary)
    • Added the ability to stop pranking all users at once (/stoppranking all)
    Version 1.0.1
    • Made the default probability a property
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    • Add more pranks! Post suggestions!
    • Add a way to list all players being pranked.
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    This looks actually kinda fun... I've always had the need to scare my players senseless when they're doing something (and they can't seem to figure out i have anti-TnT on!)
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    Use a low probability (0.005 ish) to give the user an occasional heart attack and make them wonder why they have such bad luck. Use anything over 0.001 to crash the server :D

    surely 0.005 is more than 0.001?
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    Oh yes, I kept changing the probabilities and probably got mixed up
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    Sounds like an interesting plugin, giving peep's a good scare here'n there is always good to make em' feel alive! ;)
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    do they explode?
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    The creepers spawned are genuine creepers so yes they will explode.
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    you should make it so that you can "become" a creeper and call your creeper friends, and they will blow up but they wont haunt you and you cant blow up
    just a suggestion, tell me if its incomprehensible, and it might be to hard to make
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Tested working with latest build
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    permissions support would be great
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    Updated with permissions support + checked working with latest build, please give feedback on it if you can as I'm not sure how bug free it is editing it after leaving it for a few weeks.

    Thinking of expanding this plugin to include more pranks, provide suggestions if you have any!
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    suggestions - current
    - make creepers invincible,
    - prevent creeper explosion, but still do damage, (although worldguard and other plugins do this),
    - add other mobs like spiders and zombies to spawn around.
    - make the creeper prank only spawn when the player is mining, or holding a pickaxe.

    suggestions - new
    - lightning someone every time they take fall damage
    - when attacking a cow, you get sent flying in to the air and die on impact
    - create live tnt in front of them that deals (or even doesnt) do any damage, but doesn't damage the world. Scary but not damaging
    - Create a herobrine mob that spawns x (ie. 15) blocks away and disappears when the player gets within x (ie. 10) blocks.
    - allow the user to fly using sneak for 10-15 seconds (with a message saying *you can now fly, just hold sneak!* or something), but after the timer runs out, they plummet to their death if they were silly enough to think they could actually fly.
    - when the player puts down water, it comes out as lava (one time use)? that'd scare anyone.
    - spawn 20 creepers around a player suddenly, but have them despawn just before they explode
    - every now and then, when the player uses a leaver, button, pressure plate or door, they're set on fire for x seconds. they must be like wtf?
    - suddenly bury the player in a mound of obsidian for 15 or so seconds, after which the obsidian disappears.
    - spawn a creepy, invincible cow, chicken, sheep, or pig that follows the player around for x minutes, after which it will suddenly and unexpectedly blow up.

    just some ideas =p
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    Those are all really great, I will definitely try some of them out! Especially the lava/water bucket, although it might be a bit cruel if it were to set a persons whole project alight... might have to make it safe lava
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    or even safe lava that disappears or is even replaced by water after a time of them running around panicking, although i'm sure that'll be a tricky one to code =p
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    That is easily the most evil and mean thing I have ever heard... I really really like it! You sir, are a genius!
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    So I can't get the permissions to work 'creeperprank.creeperprank' right?
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    Prank idea: Spawn a Diamond Block behind them, when they mine it, make it disappear without any dropped items. Damn, I'm devious. XD
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    These, sir, are pure and utter genius.
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    Or the block could explode! Plus it should be to the right or the left where they are less likely to have been making it less suspicious.
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    I really like all of your suggestions so far :) Just to let you know, I am currently working on a rewritten version of this plugin that will let me add more pranks. I'm very busy with uni atm but I will try to have a release done in a few days, hopefully with at least two new pranks!
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    I'm releasing a beta of what I'm working on atm because I won't have time for a week or so to do much more than this. So far I've reimplemented the creeper prank and added a new prank where whenever a player tries to use their equipped item it is switched into an empty slot :p This is a wip though because if there is an item of the same kind as the used item which comes before the currently equipped one in the item bar, that one will be moved instead. This is a limitation of bukkit I'm trying to work around atm.

    /prank [prank name] [player]
    /unprank [prank name] [player]

    Prank Names


    Prank 0.1 Beta (archive) | Source
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    Release of Prank with two new pranks! Check out the first post for details and download. Implemented one of your pranks xsolar66!
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    This is perfect. I have been using the creepers only version for a few days and am very pleased with it! I use it in conjunction with TNT announcer so that when they blow one thing up, everything else goes up too! I give it a 5/5
    P.S. I am very pleased to see more pranks added, especially the fall one, which would work well with my Spleef arena (it has a 10 block drop if you fall).
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    Looks fun. Probably even a replacement for Voidmage, an inactive plugin. Much more creative than voidmage, I would say.
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    Thanks for the support guys. This is my first releae and it's great to have positive feedback :) I welcome any suggestions for improvement as well, of course!
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    Make chickens impossible to damage so people think the chicken is just moving away too fast, OR make it on hit of the chicken it moves 1 block around so it dodges the attack.
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    How about getting blocks that have been mined to reappear or be replaced with cobblestone (to prevent abuse) a minute later so their mines will close in behind them. Also you would end up with cobblestone pillars instead of forests :p
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    here's a few...

    -when mining just have valuable blocks change to lava JUST before it breaks...
    -if a player has dug X blocks down, add lava X - 1 squares above player
    -climbing lava... (if lava visible, spawn lava 1 block above existing lava, repeat X times)
    -zapping water. (put redstone current to water, 10 blocks radius causes lightning...)
    -freaky skeleton (create a creeper, and make it SEEN by the player, then start teleporting it rapidly at the player. once it is in range, replace with a TNT and detonate...)
    -crazed flying cows (cows that are "launched" at a player)
    -the fall (wait for a player to drop, even one square, teleport them to the top of the map...)
    -suicidal (instead of damaging blocks, and mobs, put the damage on the victim...)
    -returned (when arrow is fired, just before impact, send it straight back at the player)
    -damned (create a portal, and seal it with the player in it... force the player to go to hell, once in hell, remove the portals.)
    -error (teleport player 3-4 times rapidly, then when they move, teleport them the other way. they'll think they have bugged out)

    hope one of these is useful :)
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    seriously!! a .rar!!?
    that is a bad idea alot of people cant use .rar
    i would make it .zip......

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