Inactive [FUN] PotionBoost - Apply potion effects to players with cmds [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    PotionBoost is a plugin I made that you can use to apply potion effects to yourself as well as other players, with out having the actual potion.​
    PotionBoost allows you to choose the potion you want, and choose how long you want the potion to last.​
    You can even use most of the commands through the console.​
    For help: /potion (Can be accessed via console!)​
    To list all potions: /potion list (Can be accessed via console!)​
    To apply potion to yourself: /potion Potion_name Time_in_seconds_to_last​
    To apply potion to another player: /potion Player_name Potion_name Time_in_seconds_to_last (Can be accessed via console!)​
    Permission Nodes
    To list the potions: PotionBoost.potion.list​
    To apply potions to themselves: PotionBoost.potion.self​
    To apply potions to other players: PotionBoost.potion.others​
    For all permissions: PotionBoost.potion.*​

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