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    Pokeblocks - Pokemon on Minecraft!
    Stable Version: v0.6

    Pokeblocks is a plugin geared towards giving users a Pokemon-like experience. The project is currently in early development, expect much more!

    Wish to help?
    If you wish to help, chances are you will be able to. Whether you want to help code the plugin itself, help test the newest builds, or help out with our texture pack and map - you can apply to do any of these.

    • Type /pokeball for Pokeballs!
    • Throw Pokeball (right click) at the Pokemon for a chance to catch it! HINT: The closer you are, the higher your catch chance.
    • Keep up to 5 Pokemon in your party! Type /party or /pbparty to view your party.
    • Level up your Pokemon! HINT: Try using Cookies (Rare Candies)
    • Drop the Pokeball (q) to release the last Pokemon in your party!
    • Check your bag (/pb bag) for rewards!
    • Has an optional texture pack (improves your experience by 100%!)
    Download Pokeblocks(stable)

    Version 0.7 (Test)(Coming Soon)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs and follow you)
    • All Pokemon (regardless of nature) can now attack.
    Version 0.6
    • Added a bag. To access it, type /pokeblocks bag or /pb bag.
    • Smoothed out the item drop event (it now works as intended)
    • Added code to (attempt) to make the multiplayer code more stable.
    • Added an early arena system. It is very buggy and not ready to test but I assure you it exists
    • Added a new command alias (/pb)
    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.5

    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.4

    • Added the ability to surf! After you catch a Tentacool(Squid), release it (preferrably in water) and type /surf. Type /surf to stop surfing.
    • Added a new command alias (/pbparty)
    • Added "Battle Event"(event that is triggered when walking through tall grass/dandelions). It currently has no code in it, but it does work!
    Confirmed Upcoming Features: (will be added within next release or two)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs(if the Pokemon has an attack) and follow you)
    • Arena system: when walking in Wild Grass(dandelions), there is a small % chance you will be teleported to an arena (assuming the server admin sets an arena up). You will not be able to move (nor will your Pokemon) and you will need to use text commands to defeat the enemy (/pb fight, /pb run, etc) HINT: If you sneak through the Wild Grass, the battle event will not trigger.
    To-Do List: (wishlist for upcoming releases)

    • Permissions support
    • Save party upon server restart
    • Different types of Pokeballs (Pokeball, Great Ball, etc)
    • Gym Badges
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    Doesn't look like you can actually catch anything. Plus, the code doesn't use the bukkit scheduler (probably isn't threadsafe) :/. However, shows promise I guess.
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    I haven't put all the mobs in yet - but you should be able to catch Creepers,Spiders,Pigs,Sheep,Cows,and have to be pretty close to them (I intended it that way)

    And I didn't know I had to use the bukkit scheduler, I will update the function.
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    I can't see that in the throwing code :S. Perhaps I missed it.
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    It uses the onPlayerInteractEntity event - the code in onPlayerEggThrow needs to be cleaned up
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    Oh, the event I added :D. Glad it had some use (I never got round to adding it to MonsterTamer). OK then.
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    Ah, thanks for adding it then :p
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    Could you make an alias to the comment /party? It interferes with mcMMO :(
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    So this is just like MonsterTamer...unless you can add something MonsterTamer doesnt, of course.
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    ur server wont work :D
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    Are Pokeballs a different item or like an egg?
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    I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!
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  13. awesome mod and with great potential. Some suggestions would be to give the pokemon attacks, make the pokeballs look better, make them craftable, and make more pokemon and some sort of evolution scheme. Overall its great, with a bit of work this could be one of the best mods out there. I will definately have everyone i know try it out.
  14. Here is an idea you could change pigs into slowpokes.:)
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    How about this turns into a full on pokemon conversion mod, with region supported random battle areas? Here's how a battle'd work.
    1) Define a region as a valid battle area (must be certain size).
    2) Once a player is in battle, tp them to battle area. Four pressure plates are set up.
    3) Track player velocities, and then move them to according buttons.
    4) When player jumps, activate menu using right-clickable signs.
    5) ???
    6) Profit!
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    what about zombz?????
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    Can anyone make a video?
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    You can catch Zombies (or should I say, Drowzees ;))

    Done. Check main post :p

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    Change the mobs like so:
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    That's how they are
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    Could you make an alias to the comment /party? It interferes with mcMMO :(
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    I just added the alias "/pbparty" will be in with next update :)
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    Swoosh Bear

    This plugin has potential. I agree with Fullwall that arenas would be cool. You should look into it.
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    So does a snorelax actually hurt anything?
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    oh okay but also where is a list of what animal is what pokemon?????????
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    I can't get this to work whenever I throw the eggs I get chickens, and the server says [severe]PLAYER_INTERACT_ENTITY loading Pokeblocks v0.4
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    How about a fake 'bag' that you store as extra.
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    Update Video?
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    That was my mistake...fixed :p
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    Kevin Forte

    Quick suggestions:
    • A permission that controls the magical spawning of Pokeballs (No need to give people infinite eggs)
    • A permission controlling plugin use.
    • A configuration to set Pokemon names to entities ourselves. (Not very important, just a thought :p)
    Otherwise, awesome :)

    EDIT: PLEASE remove that message on login. Messing up my MOTD formatting ):

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