Inactive [FUN] PoisonSwords 1.2 - Poison your enemy with PoisonSwords. [1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Paulpkyou, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Any news about your progress? :D
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    Good idea :eek: and sorry for the late response, I've been very busy with school work and now I'm working on a MW3 tool that allows you to edit your gamesave.
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    Nevermind, I am busy at the moment too. But I have holiday soon. Damn I need that days. :D
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    the plugin seems to spam message when you hit a player. Maybe a configuration to remove it?
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    Hello. May I please request that you support the famous Factions plugin?

    Because my option for all players in SafeZone is to not receive any damage at all (even to lava), yet the poison still hurts players in SafeZone.

    Also.. could you please allow potion-specific permissions nodes as well as a node that dictates whether or not the player has the ability to poison with their swords. The one node just allows everyone to do everything.. not good for servers with preferences of customization.

    Thank you sir!
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    I'm going to be working on support for many other plugins but right now i have a lot of school work :/
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    Great work :D
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    Pleas 1.0.1 update.. :(
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    Does it not work with 1.1?

    Sorry my site was down, its up now.
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    What you should do is add a wood stick that can have instant health added onto it to health your allies.
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    Hi, can I get help with the permissions? Cant seem to get it to work...
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    Very cool plugin. Things I'd like to see added:

    Config options:
    - Length of each poison
    - Types of swords that can be poisoned (for example if I only want gold swords to have poison abilities)

    - When a player without permission to use poison swords uses a regular sword, there's no reason to pop up the "you don't have permission to use poison swords" text. Just have no text and let it function like normal.

    Not sure how complicated this would be but I also think a better way to do this would be to add "poison" as a type of enchantment, rather than to all swords. So for example an Admin could create a poisoned sword by holding a regular sword and typing "/poison" or "/enchant poison" and then selling that sword to another player. This would be better because then specific swords would have the poison ability rather than giving a player the ability to have poison on every sword they hold (which makes the poison ability very overpowered).
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    Going with other posts if you could make a config that contains:

    - Global poison length or length per sword type
    - Customizable text colour
    - Item to use for poisoning, i.e spider eyes.
    - Removing the no permission
    - Poison strength/speed, right now it is really fast

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