Inactive [FUN] Pig Poop v1.3 - Animal Waste [1.3.1]

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    Pig Poop - Animal Waste
    Version 1.3
    Tested with CraftBukkit 1.3.1
    • You can have one or several animals make a farting effect and drop an item.
    • It is completly configurable using the config file.
    • You can enable or disable individual animals.
    • Default is All Animals are enabled and the animals drop Bread upon right click.
    • Permissions.
    • Can do ingame commands.
    • There is a 1 minute delay for how often you can get items. This can be set by the config file. It is set to default 1 minute.
    • NEW FEATUREWhen you feed a Cow a Mushroom it will turn in to a Mooshroom Cow.

    Upcoming features:
    • The ability to turn on and off the fart.
    • Add more ingame commands to the plugin.
    • All mobs added? Creepers give you items?
    Known Bugs:
    There are no known bugs at this time!

    Just drop the JAR file in your plugin folder and thats it.

    Download Link:


    Version 1.3
    Added Feeding a Cow a Mushroom will turn in to a Mooshroom Cow.​
    Fixed bugs with new minecraft update.​
    Version 1.1
    Cleaned up the code.​
    Added a help command.​
    Added a help permission.​
    Version 1.0
    Added Ocelot.​
    All Animals are now added.​
    More features to come.​
    Version 0.5
    Updated plugin to work with R5 release.​
    Added a new delay system.​
    Version 0.4
    *Bug Fix for using wheat and sheers on animals.​
    Version 0.3
    Added Permissions.​
    Added ingame commands.​
    Version 0.2
    Added Cow, Sheep, and Chicken.​
    Support for configuration.​
    You can now choose what animals you would like to be enabled or disabled.​
    You can now choose what each individual item each animal can drop.​
    Version 0.1
    Released PigPoop​
  2. chriztopia Changelog needs to be at the bottom of the post, while thread title should include the title of the plugin as well:

    [FUN] Pig Poop v0.1 - Animal Waste [1.1-R3]
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    Updated to V0.2. :cool:
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    Awesome. Configurability. Glad to see that nothing stops you.
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    Jordan R

    I'll put it on my server too great plugin idea =).

    Just make an option in the config to let the animal poop every (# of seconds/minutes/hours/days) when a player rightclicks it so he cant spam it.

    Also permissions would be nice, just 1-3 like this:

    pigpoop.all = Lets the player make all animals poop.
    pigpoop.[animal/mobname] = Lets the player poop a specified mob.
    pigpoop.* = For admins in which lets them have all the permissions including the use of the /pigpoop reload command if there is or will be one.

    I'd so get this plugin for these features. :)
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    Nice Idea!
    I Going to try that Out!
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    I do plan to add these features. Permissions as soon as I figure out how to... lol Im sure its easy just havent looked in to it. and As for the timing that is what I will be working on next along with commands. Im glad everyone enjoys the plugin. It is nice to see positive feedback.
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    No way you did publish it! :D

    The first time I saw your question post on plugin dev ('MAKE PIGS POOP') I laughed, after reading it through it was a pretty unique plugin in my book. I don't get why people see this as a 'waste' plugin, or not worthy for the community. It adds a feature, doesn't it?

    They are just jealous for not coming up with this idea in the first place :)
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    This reminds me of my plugin ShiCraft xP did all this and more but was shot down on BukkitDev cause "Violates Curse ToS" or something xD so its just sitting, dead, on my computer somewhere. I can send you some of the code if you like.
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    I have not had alot of time in the past few days to update anymore. But thanks for the support. Yes BukkitDev denied me because I didnt explain what it did well enough.... Go figure. Its simple right click a entity and it poops whatever you choose? and I have found a few bugs im working on like if your using sheers and wheat you wont be able to make them poop... SirTyler I started a conversational with you about the source of your plugin ShiCraft.
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    Nathan C

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    Jordan R

    Downloading the plugin now, thanks for the update buddy! =)
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    So for the people who have actualy downloaded it. What do you think? How does it run on your server?
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    I have a request for this plugin...could you make it work like bonemeal? Gather the poop and mix with dirt to get plant food. Would make this plugin great. :D
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    I will see what I can do but I do believe that would require sqout to make a new item. As "Poop" is really just whatever item you wish the animal to drop.
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    As with the big bukkit announcment I will not be updating this plugin very much anymore. I will keep it compatible with the current release till the bukkit/mojang partnership in complete. Then I will convert this plugin over to the new format.
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    This plugin would work well with my harvest moon themed server Im working on thxs
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    You should make it to where you can craft the pig poop into a block and then use it for farming, like fertilizer and it would make your crops grow twice as fast but after awhile you have to replace the block..
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    I put this on my server. I had my son right click a cow and both my husband and my son laughed to hard when we saw a Fart Poof and then out came bread. I changed the chickens to poop diamonds...don't we all wish we could poop diamonds every once in a while? The only thing they would like to add is-obviously- a lovely fart-esque noise.
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    :) Thats all I can say. Im working on an update to add Ocecat and Mooshroom.
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    One word: Constipation.
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    awesome idea! looks really interesting,so can i make them drop coco?lol
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    Ignore all the negative comments. This is a very unique plugin, it deserves more than those comments.
    This plugin actually helps completing minecraft. Noth has made player be able to sleep, run, eat, suffocate, drown, burn, but he forgot to include the ability to use toilet!
    If you somewhat believed in those negative comments, then you can still be proud. Because you are braver than those people who don't have the courage to release plugins like this.
    Keep up the good work.

    +1 to this! :D
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    All of these great comments help new developers. I want to thank everyone. The only problem I have seen on here is no one ever donates money to developers. I am open to new feature ideas.
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    I removed plenty of posts here to ease up the heat.. i hope the people i gave warnings learned something, because this is not how you welcome a new person to the community trying to learn making a plugin, even if the idea is bad (in your opinion) it wont mean that everyone says the same, please keep your opinion to yourself if this is how you tell others your opinion..

    i did however remove some posts that were kinda neutral and went against the negativity that some people here spread, i apologize for that .. its just to make this thread more readable, as posts between would be missing.
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    Its about time thank you.
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    Are you really this pathetically immature?
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    It said there is a one minute delay in config. How would you get less than a one minute delay...? Could you make it so 0.5 would be 30 seconds and so on..
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    SOOO glad that this was one of the first plugins for 1.2.4 lol good job keeping on top of you plugin.
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    It would be a good touch if you can add a video about this plugin? So then we can see what it is like.

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