Inactive [FUN] Pig License v1.1.1 - Buy a license to ride pigs [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    [FUN] Pig License
    Version 1.1.1​


    If you find any bugs please send me a message

    Pig License lets players buy pig licenses for 1 emerald. If a player does not have a license they will not be able to ride pigs. When you buy a license you will get a saddle and carrot on a stick
    • /pl - Help page
    • /pl buy - Used to buy a license (you need to have an emerald in you hand)
    • /pl give [player] - Used to give a license to a player (Ops only)
    • /pl take [player] - Used to take a license from a player (Ops only)
    Aliases: /pigl /piglicense
    • - Lets you buy a license
    • license.give - Lets you give a license to a player
    • license.take - Lets you take a license from a player
    To do list
    • Add economy support with vault
    • Add config
    • Suggestion's?
    • first release
    • Added permissions
    • Added aliases
    • When buying a license you get a saddle and a carrot on a stick
    Feedback and suggestions are appreciated
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    :O Pig Market:

    • Small pig: 10 dollars
    • Medium pig: 15 dollars
    • Big pig 20 dollars


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