Inactive [FUN] PetCreeper v0.32 (Outdated) - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs as pets [953]

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    PetCreeper - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs​
    Version: v0.32 (OUTDATED)​

    This plugin allows players to give mobs an item. The mob will then become tame and follow the player around, and will not attack anything. Players can toggle his follow behavior by right-clicking him, but if they right click him while holding a saddle, they can ride him. If a player is ever unfortunate to accidentally (or purposefully) attack him, he will become angry and attack. When a player leaves the server, the pet will leave, and when he rejoins so will his pet. When the command "/pet" is entered, he will teleport to to his master.

    To view/change the taming item for the various mobs, edit PetCreeper/config.yml and read the instructions there. The file "pets.txt" contains the list of players who own pets, and is only updated when the server is stopped.

    • All mobs (almost) now tamable with items specified in config.yml
    • Pets can be teleported with the command "/pet"
    • Tamed pets will not attack unless attacked by their masters (this is configurable)
    • Pets are saved even after the server is halted
    Version 0.32
    • Fixed message spam for real this time
    Version 0.31
    • Added /petfree command, which will release your pet.
    • Fixed the message spam when attacking mobs with AttackTame set to true.
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support enabled! "petcreeper.tame.<creature>" to enable taming and "petcreeper.ride.<creature>" to enable riding. To enable the "pet" command, add "". Creature names should be capitalized, and zombie pigmen are "PigZombie".
    • Configuration option allows players to punch creatures to tame them while holding their bait.
    • Pigs can now be saddled permanently
    Version 0.2
    • Expanded to include taming of all mobs instead of just creepers. The only two untamable (excluding wolves) are Skeletons and Ghasts, because their ranged attacks can't be toggled (yet).
    • Health now saved in pets.txt; Sheep also have their shaven and color status saved.
    • Pet creepers no longer hiss and circle when approaching.
    • Added more configuration options.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Up and Coming Features in v0.4:
    • iConomy support?
    • Tamable slimes? (This bug seems impossible to fix)
    • Pets that defend their masters! (Wolf-like)
    • Multiple pets!
    • Adjustable taming difficulty!
    • Multi-world support
    Other planned features (using Spout):
    • Controllable pets while riding
    • Named pets
    • Various graphical effects, including pets appearing different
    Known Bugs:
    • Sheep almost always disappear when a player joins the server, for unknown reasons. Surprisingly has nothing to do with the color/shave data.
    • Sometimes, if a player teleports his pet from very far away, it will disappear. To fix, simply log out and back in.
    • Slimes are still unintentionally untamable (thanks to @Shooty for finding the bug)
    Here's a nice demo video by @Warby579demonstrating v0.32 of the plugin:
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    Got some problems
    1 when i tame the creature they disapear
    i use the permission node - petcreeper.* (info)
    2 it keeps saying when i use /pet i dont have one and i tamed alot of creatures = Cuz the creatures
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    any chance on permissions support?
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    I'll like permissions too. :)
  5. I miss this plugin. It's still installed but nobody has any permissions to use it, even ops. Would much appreciate an update, or the source code.
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    any updates planned? ^^

    had to disable the plugin today because my server wouldn't start, it would load UP TO petcreeper in the log, and then no more. disabled petcreeper and it works. pretty weird for it to randomly break. when it was working fine.

    there's also this ; wrong location! net.minecraft.server.entityitem@314
    don't know if it's related though.
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    Are my permissions wrong?

                - ''
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Giant'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Wolf'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Pig'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Giant'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Wolf'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Pig'
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    Working great with OPS on 1000 for me

    but an update for 1000 would be nice of course

    makes everyone feel more "secure" that everything is on the same "level" :p
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    pl0x update it...
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    Would be awesome if you could make it like Vilecraft, since it's just for sp.
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    nope your good its the plugin doesnt work :/ permissions fail
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    Players on my server complain that a lot of the time their pet dissapears when they log out and sometimes doesn't teleport correctly and gets lost forever. Hope to see an update soon, i like this plugin.. :)
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    I found a work around with the permissions, I hope this helps people out:

                - ''
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Chicken'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Pig'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Squid'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Chicken'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Pig'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Squid'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.*'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.*'
    It may be possible just to use the following, but I haven't tried them on there own yet:

                - 'petcreeper.tame.*'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.*'
                - ''
  14. my permissions are these

    - 'petcreeper.tame.pig'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.creeper'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.zombie'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.PigZombie'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.cow'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.slime'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.spider'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.chicken'
    - 'petcreeper.tame.sheep'
    - ''

    but it just says i dont have permission to tame any of the mobs plz help :)
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    I found 3 problems, but overall it's a pretty nice plugin. Firstly, unlike wolves when you naturally tame them, your pet could be following you and not even care if it walks into lava. Then it will just look at you stupidly while it burns to death. Second, whenever I try to ride a sheep, it lets me ride it for about a second before launching me off. And lastly (I don't know if this is just me), chickens don't follow you after you tame them. :confused: Anyways, nice plugin!
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    when you finish the next version
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    Is there permissions for this?
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    How do i give the mob an item????????????

    How do you give the mob the item??? respond plz!

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    Right click, I think
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    how to get them to attack others?
    Sorry I do not speak English.
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    O.k. downloaded this gonna see if it works. Did have a question though. If I'm running itemcraft with mo' creatures on it is there a way to add those creatures into it to be tamed? How difficult would that be.
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    Nice plugin but i have seen this pet creeper thing work with out the plugin its some glitch :confused:
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    Haha awesome great job! Works like a charm
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    Hello! We found your plugin rather awesome, and we love taming giants by the way, so we made a rather lengthy spotlight video of it!

    Feel free to use it how you like :)
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    Hey guys, I'm so sorry I wasn't on to respond to your requests. I noticed many people are finding bugs in the permissions, which probably has to do with the plugin being outdated. I'm shifting my attention from my other projects (I have like 5 of them) to try to fix all your complaints and update to the promised v0.4 as well as release the source code. I'll also add a permissions option in the config file to disable using permissions for the plugin. In the meantime, you might need to disable either this plugin or permissions if its causing issues.

    :D Thanks guys! I'm going to include that video in the OP!

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    Thank you VERY much :)

    Are you planning on allowing users to tame multiple pets at once by the way? Because that would be awesome! *Pictures Minecraft Character walking through streets with massive army of creepers, giants and skeletons...*
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    for some reason, this doesnt work with my permissions :'( i have superperms so like wtf? ive added every single creature tamable to the permissions list for defalt, yet they cant tame them...
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    Yep. Probably the most requested feature thus far, and it does seem like the next logical step.

    Might be because the plugin is outdated. I'm working on the new version now which should be compatible. In the meantime, you might have to disable this plugin or permissions.
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    Looking forward to this plugin being updated :) hopefully it works for 1.8 but will u be able to tame endermen u think? Also if you really feel like working on it you should make it spout compatable and make names along with the heart stuff from wolves appear when you tame something :D
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    As long as Endermen don't shoot you with projectiles or something similar, they'll be tamable :D As for using Spout, I've been wanting to do something similar from the start but obviously had no way of doing so. However, with Spout I now can, but I will hold off on graphical enhancements so that I can get the most important stuff done first, like multiple pets which aren't completely useless.
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    Can't wait good luck :D :D :D

    can you maybe make it were if you hold a certain item in your hand (lets say a book since it is useless) and you right click in a direction or at a mob your pet(s) would go that way and/or attack whatever was that way? it would be cool to be able to control ur pet(s) more that how wolves are now since they fall off cliffs and do stupid stuff like that :p

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