Inactive [FUN] PetCreeper v0.32 (Outdated) - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs as pets [953]

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    PetCreeper - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs​
    Version: v0.32 (OUTDATED)​

    This plugin allows players to give mobs an item. The mob will then become tame and follow the player around, and will not attack anything. Players can toggle his follow behavior by right-clicking him, but if they right click him while holding a saddle, they can ride him. If a player is ever unfortunate to accidentally (or purposefully) attack him, he will become angry and attack. When a player leaves the server, the pet will leave, and when he rejoins so will his pet. When the command "/pet" is entered, he will teleport to to his master.

    To view/change the taming item for the various mobs, edit PetCreeper/config.yml and read the instructions there. The file "pets.txt" contains the list of players who own pets, and is only updated when the server is stopped.

    • All mobs (almost) now tamable with items specified in config.yml
    • Pets can be teleported with the command "/pet"
    • Tamed pets will not attack unless attacked by their masters (this is configurable)
    • Pets are saved even after the server is halted
    Version 0.32
    • Fixed message spam for real this time
    Version 0.31
    • Added /petfree command, which will release your pet.
    • Fixed the message spam when attacking mobs with AttackTame set to true.
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support enabled! "petcreeper.tame.<creature>" to enable taming and "petcreeper.ride.<creature>" to enable riding. To enable the "pet" command, add "". Creature names should be capitalized, and zombie pigmen are "PigZombie".
    • Configuration option allows players to punch creatures to tame them while holding their bait.
    • Pigs can now be saddled permanently
    Version 0.2
    • Expanded to include taming of all mobs instead of just creepers. The only two untamable (excluding wolves) are Skeletons and Ghasts, because their ranged attacks can't be toggled (yet).
    • Health now saved in pets.txt; Sheep also have their shaven and color status saved.
    • Pet creepers no longer hiss and circle when approaching.
    • Added more configuration options.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Up and Coming Features in v0.4:
    • iConomy support?
    • Tamable slimes? (This bug seems impossible to fix)
    • Pets that defend their masters! (Wolf-like)
    • Multiple pets!
    • Adjustable taming difficulty!
    • Multi-world support
    Other planned features (using Spout):
    • Controllable pets while riding
    • Named pets
    • Various graphical effects, including pets appearing different
    Known Bugs:
    • Sheep almost always disappear when a player joins the server, for unknown reasons. Surprisingly has nothing to do with the color/shave data.
    • Sometimes, if a player teleports his pet from very far away, it will disappear. To fix, simply log out and back in.
    • Slimes are still unintentionally untamable (thanks to @Shooty for finding the bug)
    Here's a nice demo video by @Warby579demonstrating v0.32 of the plugin:
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    So will the permission node: petcreeper.tame.* allow taming of all the config mobs? Does the node petcreeper.ride.<creature> override the mobrider plugin's permissions?
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    We can't seem to get the permissions to work. Whenever we try to tame something it says something like "You are not allowed to tame this mob". We've stuck the file in a yaml parser so theres no spacing error but for some reason we still can't get this plugin to work
                - ''
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Pig'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Chicken'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Squid'
                - 'petcreeper.tame.Giant'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Sheep'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Cow'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Pig'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Creeper'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Zombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.PigZombie'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Spider'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Chicken'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Squid'
                - 'petcreeper.ride.Giant'
    We have Bukkit 935, Permissions 3.16

    It may be that the plugin is incompatible with mob bounty? After adding PetCreeper, mob bounty stopped handing out money and spamming the log while starting up the server.

    Thank you~
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    Oh IK that but what ever. :D I was asking for like, petcreeper.use
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    could you make it possible to ride creatures without having to tame them first? (obviously hostile creatures that are not tamed will still attack you)
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    Some testing results:
    *I found a creeper, tamed him with 2 TNT.
    *After clicking on him he followed me around... Very slowly.
    */pet didn't work for me.
    *Creeper didn't take well to the water and eventually disappeared.

    *Logged in and creeper was there - yay!
    *Walked a short distance and managed to teleport creeper with /pet
    *went in water, creeper disappeared.
    *Logged out/in, creeper was still gone

    will do more testing later
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    I don't know, the plugins are likely incompatible.

    Strange... try doing petcreeper.* and see if that works.
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    could you add permission support?
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    I'm getting the same error as Joy. I was wondering if he/you ever found a fix.
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    nice plugin!. Took a while for permissions to work.
    but needs a /name function cus pets are cooler with names
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    Could it be possible for other players not to kill your pet in a non PvP zone (world guard)? And more interestingly could you name them and have it appear like normal player names above the mob's head?
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    how i can tame a creeper???
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    Just trying to picture a Creeper defending his master against, say, a zombie... AAAAH! RUN!
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    I would like to know what the -actual- permission nodes are. They obviously are not what is listed. petcreeper.tame.* works, but petcreeper.tame.Chicken etc does not.
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    Does this work with ghasts?
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    Is it possible to change it to tame more than one at a time?
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    Grammar Troll

    When will 4.0 get released?
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    @mathewv looking forward to an update for this! awesome plugin!
  19. is this still active? Can anyone confirm if it works on bukkit #1000?
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    Doesn't work for me. Help?
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    Sorry for being gone for a while guys. I'm actually working on at least 3 different other projects at this moment, so its really difficult to keep up with all of them.

    I need a specific description of the problem you are having.

    When I get around to doing it. I know it sounds lazy of me but as I said I have a ton of stuff I'm working on at the moment. I'll even probably release it as open source then. (And oops, I accidentally called it 4.0 when I meant 0.4.)

    Not yet.

    I'm not sure if that's possible, but I'll try searching the bukkit API some more to see if it is possible.
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    The entirety of the plugin doesn't seem to work for me, I've tried clicking (left or right) on mobs with their respective items but they remain the same (the item isn't accepted and a hostile mob would remain hostile). Is their something that you need to do other than put the .jar file in your plugins folder?
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    Grammar Troll

    Please, take your time and don't worry. Good luck!
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    Will this be compatible with 1000 build in the near future?
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    Please make this use spout so you can actually make your pet move. [If you ride it, it just wonders around]
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    Only thing I want is for this to have multiple pets, and make it so they don't teleport to you. This is actually a really great way to do ranching right now. Tame a cow/sheep and keep it in your house somewhere. Only problem, it keeps teleporting to you whenever you log in.

    Oh, and a tame chance would be nice too, like with wolves.
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    i tried taming a spider with string and didnt work what do i do to tame it?
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    Hey. I use PermissionsBukkit. I wrote this in the permissions tab but I still dont have permissions working :

                petcreeper.tame.Cow: true
                petcreeper.tame.Chicken: true
                petcreeper.tame.Creeper: true
                petcreeper.tame.Pig: true
                petcreeper.tame.PigZombie: true
                petcreeper.tame.Sheep: true
                petcreeper.tame.Spider: true
                petcreeper.tame.Squid: true
                petcreeper.tame.Zombie: true
                petcreeper.ride.Cow: true
                petcreeper.ride.Chicken: true
                petcreeper.ride.Creeper: true
                petcreeper.ride.Pig: true
                petcreeper.ride.PigZombie: true
                petcreeper.ride.Sheep: true
                petcreeper.ride.Spider: true
                petcreeper.ride.Squid: true
                petcreeper.ride.Zombie: true
                petcreeper.*: true
    Am I doing it wrong ?
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    Hey so...I tamed a giant, rode on it...but just how do I get off?
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    Doesn't work -_-
    Gave myself permissions, but i dont have permission to tame/pet a cow, even that i got permission to "pet", and permission to tame a "cow"
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    Hmm... this has been working for me perfectly well until I started my server today and nobody had any permissions. Not even
    So is this incompatible with build 1000?

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