[FUN] Ocarina - Play Magical Songs with an Ocarina! [766]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by SalamiJack, May 11, 2011.

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    Ocarina - The Ocarina Plug-in


    Ocarina is a plug-in I'm currently working on that allows players to play an "ocarina" that triggers magical songs and events!

    This Plug-in requires WeatherControl!

    • Right-Click with a chunk of Lapis dye to raise the ocarina to your mouth!
    • You will play a different note depending on if you Right-Click/Crouch/Uncrouch
    • The Sun Song changes Day to Night, and Night to Day!
    • The Song of Storms causes a 30 second storm at your location!
    • The Melody of Minecraft saves the players location when it's first played, then teleports the player back to that location when played again.
    • More songs soon to come!!

    Download coming soon!

    Upcoming Features:

    • More songs with various effects.
    • Players will have the ability to "record" a song and permanently associate it with an area. Whenever that specific player plays that song, they will be teleported there.
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    I like the idea but I have to say the sounds are kinda weak, you must take a bit more time to compose something more 'music like'
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    I'll be changing the notes around, but the core idea is from Ocarina of Time, where the player plays a certain 3 notes twice to achieve an effect.

    Not to mention for now I'm limited to the note blocks sounds themselves :p.
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    Oh sorry, I really never played Ocarina of Time so I didn't know that ^^
    Cool plugin
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    could i have a test version this is just what i need for my server just pm me the link if you can
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