[FUN] NukeNow v0.1 - Your favorite nuke plugin! [953]

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  1. NukeNow -- Your favorite nuke plugin!
    Version 0.1
    NukeNow is a request from various servers. It includes two commands, /nuke and /nuke other, which nuke where your looking and another player, respectively. When I say "nuke", i mean create a explosion of x size! Great for rpg, warplay, or mmorpg servers!
    • Creates an explosion at a player *or* where the player is looking!
    • No configuration file, just plug and chug!
    • Permissions support!
    Source will be up as soon as I create a github repository

    High numbers, (over 50), depending on how much RAM the server has, will make the server lag and possibly corrupt your world if it is way to high. Always make backups on a regular basis, and *dont* use very high numbers ;)

    • /nuke [power] -- nukes where the player is looking with [power] power. Defaults to 3 if no value is entered.
    • /nuke other <player> [power] -- nukes <player>'s location with [power] power. Defaults to 3 if no value is entered.

    NukeNow.nuke -- /nuke
    NukeNow.nuke.other -- /nuke other
    NOTE: does not default to op if there is no permissions, lets everyone use commands.

    • Version 0.1
      • Public release
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  3. xD
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    An invisible ion cannon? I'm down!
  5. :D
    I had so much fun testing this plugin <3
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    I'm NuclearWatermelon, and I approve of this plugin.
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    Too bad I have to wait for about 4 more hours before I can do the same....

    Feedback for the plugin:

    Perhaps you can design the trigger so it can be activated by point and click rather than looking? It's just more hassle to have to look, then type a command.

    But here's an idea for you, you can become a weapon plugin manufacturer. I remember back in the Hey0 days this guy named Christiana? made all kinds of destruction plugins. Ion Cannon, Bunker Buster, you name it :D.

    If you merge all of them into one gigantic plugin that would be very nice!

    Here's an example:

    -Nukes (like what you've coded now)
    -Ion cannon (Diamond-encased TNT tower with fire on the very tip to set it off)
    -Bunker Buster (TNT-filled tunnel that leads to a gigantic ball of TNT in the earth where you point, same detonation method as Ion Cannon)
  8. point in click? e.x right click and it nukes? Whoa, that would be insane. *right clicks* DAMN IT, IT BLEW UP! The only problem with that is you can't select the side. Or wait, do you mean you type /nuke <power> and then when you right click it nukes? :confused:
    That would be fun... If you can maybe send me some pictures of what structures you mean, then i would defidently make them. There fun(and easy! :D)
    Glad you enjoy the plugin


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    What you described. Type /nuke <power> and click after it activates.
  10. hmm... that could be alot of...mistakes? :p
    Maybe a seperate command like /nuke toggle <power>
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    Whatever works :p
  12. i think i like that idea :D I'll work on it because i got nothing else to do :p
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    Then add the other weapon types. I'll think of more in the morning.
  14. ok xD
    Wait, its not morning? :O
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    Lol i love this plugin. I spawned a nuke of 99999 and it locked up my computer. i had to unplug it.
  16. :D
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    Can we have optional config of a size limit? I'd love to include this in my server, but my users don't really understand the power of explosives, and I rather dislike it when they crash it...
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    @tips48 could you please add a space after [FUN]?
  19. done

    i was thinking about that, that will probably be in 0.2

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  21. what for? just curious

    Im working on 0.2 now, i re-wrote the whole onCommand because it was quite sloppy :p

    i have /nuke toggle done.

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    Me: can you make a space after [FUN]?
    You: done
    Me: Thanks

    hard to understand?

    If you meant why i wanted a space after [FUN], It looks better.
  23. i meant the second one. and i was just curious, no worries :p
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    okay :p
  25. other ideas?
  26. anyone have other ideas? 0.2 will be out soon
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    Is the nuke one big explosion? If not, maybe there can be another type of bomb that explodes multiple smaller ones?

    Or maybe a mine, that you would set a block to be a mine using a command. Then when a player steps on that block (or maybe a manual activation) the mine would go off.
  28. that would require alot of data storing. and the nuke is one big explosion.... maybe i couold make some little small explosions
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    Or maybe you can have certain blocks be mines (maybe configurable) like a redstone diode on a ironblock = mine? Kinda like that plugin roads where a certain combination of blocks would = railway/booster.

    Sorry if these ideas are too hard/impractical, im just sort of shooting out ideas here cause I like explosions :D

    road: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...ster-launchers-aerial-faith-plates-766.14147/
  30. :p
    Hmm, thats interesting :p

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