[Fun]New Ion Cannon v.1.0 [1.2.3]

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    .:: Ion Cannon ::.
    And destroy world is so simple . . .
    Please use my DevBukkit Page: Here
    Downloads in BukkitDev : Download



    Ion Cannon is one of my first plugins. All operator with an configurable password can Destroy any area.
    My plugin just spawn 5 tower of TNT and all operators in ControlRoom with password can launch Ion Cannon.
    Isn't created, just neet to process command on the block.
    And create a Ion cannon in the sky at Y:256:)

    I'm french, Please excuse my low English


    • Destroy any area with command
    • Op restriction, and Password security
    • Config File: Control Room, Password, etc
    • All commands need to process in control room

    #List of commands

    Configuration File:
      X: 0.0
      Y: 10.0
      Z: 0.0
    #Enter Location of Control Room
    #you need to build this
    NeedPassword: false
    #Need password to acces Control Panel (true), or just op (false)
    Password: 123456789
    #Password if is true
    Passwordlock: lock
    #Password to BLOCK Ion Cannon
    Passwordunlock: unlock
    #password to DEBLOCK Ion Cannon

    In Futur :
    Suggest please :)

    v1.0 : Start ion Canon plugin :)
    v1.1:Add Permission Support

    If you are suggestion, question or Bug, ask me
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    New Version v1.1
    Support all Permissions Plugins
    go to DevBukkit Page
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    [FUN] and [1.2.5-R1.0] please
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    Un fran├žais qui fait un plugin marrant, c'est rare :D Bravo

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