Inactive [FUN] MoreAirstrike V1.6 -- raining TNT, creepers, angry wolves, potions, and arrows! [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    This plugin is an updated version of Airstrike V1.1 by muCkk.

    The BukkitDev page is here.

    MoreAirstrike Version: v1.6
    This plugin let's you rain TNT, shower players with arrows and potions of poison, or spawn angry wolves or creepers near players.

    1. Put the jar into Bukkit's plugin folder
    2. If you use Permissions configurate the nodes (see below)
    3. Customize or use the default values


    Blowing players up ;)
    Bukkit Permissions support
    Built-in explosion blocker. (type /asset destroyBlocks true to disable it)


    /as help - lists all commands
    /as <tnt/cr/arrow/wolf/reverse/potion> <player> <amount> <height/potiondata>
    <tnt/cr/arrow/wolf/reverse/potion> - TNT, flaming arrows, wolves, splash potions, or Creepers?
    <player> - Victim
    The plugin will use the default values if not given:
    <amount> - Set the amount of TNT blocks/creepers/arrows
    <height/potiondata> - TNT and potion only. For TNT, sets the vertical distance to the victim; for potion, sets the potion to be thrown (default 5, potion of poison).
    /asset for admins only to change the configuration
    Example: /asset adminsonly true

    If you don't choose amount and/or height the values of the config file will be used.

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    #destroyBlocks: true: Blocks get destroyed - false: Block won't get touched
    #height: Sets height in which the TNT will spawn
    #area: Defines the cuboid area size in which the TNT will spawn
    #TNTAmount: Sets the amount for /as <player>
    #creeperDistance: Distance in which creepers will spawn
    #creeperAmount: Amount of creepers
    #arrowAmount: sets the amount for /as arrow <player>
    #wolfAmount sets the amount for /as wolf <player>
    #potionAmount sets the amount fot /as potion <player>
    potionAmount = 5

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    --> Grants acess to all of the /as commands
    --> Access to tnt only
    --> Access to creepers only
    --> Access to arrows only
    --> Access to wolves only
    --> Access to reverse airstrike only
    --> Access to potion airstrike only
    --> (Admins) Grants access to /asset command

    Source Code (Github)


    Version 1.6 (January 20, 2012):
    - Switched to the new Bukkit event system
    - Added potion airstrike. /as potion username amount potiondata

    Version 1.5:
    Switched to Bukkit permissions
    Added reverse airstrike
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    Version 1.4:
    Added ability to spawn angry wolves

    Version 1.3.1
    Changed the name to MoreAirstrike

    Version 1.3
    Added ability to spawn arrows

    Version 1.2
    Changed the plugin so that it runs on Bukkit build 1000

    Changelog of the original versions:
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    Version 1.1
    - Commands can now be used in console
    - Bugfixes

    Version 1.0

    added Permissions support
    changed the way the plugin handles commands
    i took the step to 1.0 cause of major changes to the code (permissions support and handling of comamnds) and it seems to be much more 'complete' now

    Version 0.3

    added 'destroyBlocks' (default false) to the config. true: blocks get destroyed. false: your world is safe
    added 'adminsOnly'. If set true only admins can use the plugin
    added creeperssssSSS.
    'creeperDistance' sets the distance to the victim when a creeper is spawned
    'creeperAmount' sets how many creepers will spawn by default
    creepers will also spawn randomly around the player
    Changed command structure

    Version 0.2

    TNT now 'rains' on the player and ..
    .. it is now spawning randomly arround the player (use the config to control the size of the area)
    added new commands
    added config file

    Version 0.1

    first release
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    Instead of throwing objects down at you, you get thrown up, and eventually will die of fall damage.. It's like a really powerful /slap command.
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    can you please update to recomended build
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    Are there any when the plugin is used with the latest 1.2.5 Recommended build? If so, what are the error messages?
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    Could you please add a function to execute the airstrike targeted on the block?
    Will be very nice :D
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    I previously did a plugin video for you (MoreMinecartStarter,) would you mind me making one for this plugin?

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