[Fun]MobMounts ~ Get special effects by letting mobs sit on your shoulder!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Pencil, Aug 6, 2011.

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    lol that would be cool :p But I doubt I'm gonna add it :p
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    yeah,kinda not worth the pain...:/
    Well,you could wait until bukkit adds entity move hooks! :D
    OR,this is pretty wierd,just came to me on the moment...Force the mob to target itself,then cancel all damage from non-player entities towards it! The mob will try attacking itself,thus not moving,and won't be able to do any damage! ^^
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    Wow D: this might actually work! Omg you are brilliant! :D
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    I have my moments! :D
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    I'm still rewriting the code but Im gonna test it in a few mins to see if it works :D

    @sddddgjd just tried it, doesn't work either :(

    The mob still pushes me around :(

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    Well, you could hook it up like how Hookshot works.
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    how about if you get a wolf, it makes all untamed wolves automaticly follow you?
    like, not necessarily attack what you attack, but attack anything that attacks YOU.
    kinda like a living sheild. also make sure that if you DO do that, make there be a
    limit on how many wolves a player can have, otherwise you're gonna get all these
    players runing around with like nine million wolves beating the crapm out of
    everything they come near.
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    I want Ghast on my shoulder. =3
    I shoot fireballs. :)
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    Slightly impatient....
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