Inactive [FUN/MISC] zombieattack v0.4 - Zombies will break blocks to get to you [803+] Working in 1.6

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    zombieattack - Zombies will break blocks to get to you
    Version: v0.4
    Uses Permissions (Tested with v3.0.3).​
    Honors WorldGuard regions (Tested with 5.0-alpha10).​

    0.4 -
    Improvement on zombie digging. Seems to work much better, and doesn't get the block stuck at the feet.
    Also added some logic around the null thread issues that creep up, looking for feedback please.
    Additional note on permissions. I had to add - 'zombieattack.user.enabled' to the Default group to get it to work. Relying on '*' inheritence from Admins didn't seem to do the trick.

    Want to add some additional difficulty to survival? This plugin will allow zombies to break blocks of your choice to get to the targetted player. You choose the blocks you want zombies to be able to break and the time in seconds it takes for the zombie to break that block type. WorldGuard can be used to protect regions from zombieattacks. Permissions lets you set what player/group is under attack.

    The default enabled settings in blocks.config (block type, time to break):
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    For example: A zombie targets you in your sand walled home. The zombie will come up to the wall and in 3 seconds will break out that block of sand in front of it. This will continue until one of you are dead or you leave the server.

    Download jar here (or from the attached file below):

    Copy the zombieattack.jar file to your plugins directory. The plugin will create the plugins/zombieattack folder, zombieattack.config, and blocks.config with default settings.

    Honors WorldGuard regions, can set which regions zombie's do not attack.​
    Set permissions for players/groups under zombie attack.​
    Customizable breakable block list with timers. Full list here under Enum Constant Summary section.​
    Source included in the jar.​

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    Multiworld support (work started)​
    code clean up​

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    Version 0.3
    Fixed the non-breaking blocks when worldguard is enabled but zombie not in a region.​
    Fixed that ENTITY_TARGET spam​
    Version 0.2
    Allows for not having WorldGuard and/or Permissions​
    Version 0.1

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    Multi-World support would be awesome as I don't want this in all my worlds. Updates?
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    Love this mod - just wish I could use the version where zombies dig properly.


    Any luck fixing the CPU issues?


    Did you manage to fix anything?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Getting this error every time a zombie attacks someone.

    12:03:41 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-3416"
    12:03:41 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    12:03:41 [SEVERE] at
    12:03:41 [SEVERE] at
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    work fine on 803 ;) tyvm
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    My apologies guys. I've been <insert excuse here>.
    I'll start working on some updates!
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    Awesome plugin!
    Could you improve zombies IA ? Like if someone hides in a stone house(Zombie can't destroy) with a wooden door (Zombie can destroy) the zombie would move to the door and destroy it to reach the player, instead of just running into the walls. This could also be like a game mode :p where players have to survive zombie's attacks and eventually become one when killed .
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    @everyone , made some updates. v0.4 is out. Worldguard and Permissions and Minecraft 1.6 seem to work fine.
    As always feedback welcome!
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    Thanks for the update. :D
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    Very cool! Look forward to trying it out when I upgrade my server to 1.6 :)
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    Oh as a side note, many times when I've seen that null thread spam it's been because of another plugin canceling the target event, like friendlies, or perhaps vampires. If anyone that seems to get this problem can let me know if they are running some sort of plugin the affects the way creatures target or not target (attack) you, I would appreciate the insight.

    I've also added some checks for a null value so hopefully that fixed the issues with vampire and friendlies.
    Again feed back appreciated.
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    Not really. When I really tested hard I found it was only when zombies were moving over flat terrain towards a player that extraneous threads and high CPU usage would occur, but I noticed a patch note for 1.6.x that is said to prevent spawning an insane number of threads so it could have been some weird glitch triggered by this plugin.

    Haven't had a chance to try Bukkit 812 nor ZombieAttack 0.4, but I do have repeatability on the CPU hogging glitch.
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    This looks really cool ! When 1.6 is not buggy and when all the plugins and SMP mods I use (FancyPack, Mo'Creatures, stuff like that) is ported then I will most defeinetly use it :D
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    Cant wait for multiworld support. :D I only want this on one world.
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    Great plugin! Just a few suggestions. Add the dig animation to the zombie. (idk how hard that would be). And for me it seems if im in a house with no openings they dont see me so they will never come get me. Maybe allow the ability to configure it so they "smell" you. Thanks for your hard work!
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    I'm experiencing a major performance hit every time a zombie "targets" a player with this mod. I am not using any other plugins that affect mobs. I have had to delete this mod because of this problem.
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    The zombies rarely actually destroy the blocks unless they are on a flat, straight path towards you and you place a block down. What I suggest is:

    Make it so that once they cant "move forward" yet they can detect the player is on the other side, they immediately go straight forward and break blocks (both upper body block and lower body block) because they are easily farmed. They need a 6 Block radius detection (configurable if you want) to find players. They just are too easy.

    P.S. Thank you soo much for making zombies, what they should be. Keep developing!
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    The plugin still maxes out a core per zombie but only when they are tracking/chasing you, when they breaking blocks the CPU usage drops.
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    yeah the same thing happens to me... is that fixable?
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    It would be awesome if this could only happen at night, and on random occasions. So we could define a 'Blood Moon' and during that particular time, zombies would be able to break blocks to get to you...just an idea. ;)
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    Completely lags up a server. Mod is just unusable in it's current form.
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    NEVER use a plus sign in the CB version, keep the thread updated for latest recommended CB
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    well done, old chap
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    Ruddah Bagga

    EDIT: okay the problem is me clearly not understanding how your permission nodes work because I am the unintuitive scum of the yaml world. I've stuck - zombieattack.user.enabled (which I'm assuming makes the zombies target people) into my default group, which gets inherited through all my other groups. I don't want the admin to get targeted though, and admin permission is at - '*' and simply giving it a negative - zombieattack.user.enabled node is not working. Does the solution involve - zombieattack.user.* at all?
    In fact, does the solution actually involve these permissions? or am I totally misinterpreting how they work..

    Anyways, if anyone with the patience for how little I obviously know could lend a hand that would be lovely

    EDIT2: Is the "user" in the node actually supposed to be replaced by the username and am I unfathomably stupid for not noticing?
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    I've no idea why there are both the permissions there but either should work. I used "zombieattack.user.enabled" myself and using "-zombieattack.user.enabled" should remove this permission for your admins if you wish.

    I do believe that I too had CPU issues with this plugin but hard to tell when you have quite a few plugins set up.
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    @Zarius it's this plugin. I have 42+ plugins, and I had CPU issues RIGHT after I added this. Then, I tried JUST this running and it was still causing issues.
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    Yeah, I got that impression too - shame since I loved the concept of this plugin.
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    Yeah. My server really loved the plugin. (/sarcasm) The Staff loved it anyway :D haehahe. I'll see if I can fork this later when I learn more Java. I hope someone else can fork this in the meantime, though.
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    Ruddah Bagga

    Huh..alright, I must be screwing something up then. I'm using the Essential's GroupManager, which should work with anything that works with Permissions
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    I actually have no CPU problems with this plugin at all...
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    Are you able to set times such as .5, .09, .08?

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