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    zombieattack - Zombies will break blocks to get to you
    Version: v0.4
    Uses Permissions (Tested with v3.0.3).​
    Honors WorldGuard regions (Tested with 5.0-alpha10).​

    0.4 -
    Improvement on zombie digging. Seems to work much better, and doesn't get the block stuck at the feet.
    Also added some logic around the null thread issues that creep up, looking for feedback please.
    Additional note on permissions. I had to add - 'zombieattack.user.enabled' to the Default group to get it to work. Relying on '*' inheritence from Admins didn't seem to do the trick.

    Want to add some additional difficulty to survival? This plugin will allow zombies to break blocks of your choice to get to the targetted player. You choose the blocks you want zombies to be able to break and the time in seconds it takes for the zombie to break that block type. WorldGuard can be used to protect regions from zombieattacks. Permissions lets you set what player/group is under attack.

    The default enabled settings in blocks.config (block type, time to break):
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    For example: A zombie targets you in your sand walled home. The zombie will come up to the wall and in 3 seconds will break out that block of sand in front of it. This will continue until one of you are dead or you leave the server.

    Download jar here (or from the attached file below):

    Copy the zombieattack.jar file to your plugins directory. The plugin will create the plugins/zombieattack folder, zombieattack.config, and blocks.config with default settings.

    Honors WorldGuard regions, can set which regions zombie's do not attack.​
    Set permissions for players/groups under zombie attack.​
    Customizable breakable block list with timers. Full list here under Enum Constant Summary section.​
    Source included in the jar.​

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    Multiworld support (work started)​
    code clean up​

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    Version 0.3
    Fixed the non-breaking blocks when worldguard is enabled but zombie not in a region.​
    Fixed that ENTITY_TARGET spam​
    Version 0.2
    Allows for not having WorldGuard and/or Permissions​
    Version 0.1

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    From this thread, a few other ideas:
    - Zombie attack damage (#2 priority please?)
    - Zombie line of sight range (#3 priority please?)
    - player turning into zombie if dying.
    - Zombie spawnrate (#1 priority please?)
    - Zombie speed
    - Zombie attack range
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    Hiya, I'm glad you saw this. It was your server name I saw a while back that got me to thinking about doing this plugin. I made it basically with you in mind! lol
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    Thank you! I'm honored! We will DEFINITELY be using this! <3. Are you WL'd already?
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    Nope. I don't think I've actually visited your server yet, but would love to!
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    Please do! We would would love to have you here :D
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    Wanna hook me up on the whitelist? :)
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    Sure! IGN?
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    JoeJoeMcBean :p
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    Tfs Halo

    Very nice plugin!!! it's a wonderful idea and i congratulate you :)
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    @Tfs Halo
    Thank you I appreciate the support!
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    Tfs Halo

    no problem i am nice to others who i suspect are nice :) but besides that i am usually shy in some cases

    plus when i saw this on the plugin list i was like '' i so got to check this out'' :D
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    You've been added to the Whitelist :)
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    Codex Arcanum

    I tried installing the plugin, and my server log gets spammed by about a billion of these when a zombie comes after me.
    17:45:44 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    17:45:44 [SEVERE] at
    17:45:44 [SEVERE] at com.mcbean.zombieattack.zombieattackHandler.enforceWorldGuard(
    17:45:44 [SEVERE] at
    17:45:44 [SEVERE] at

    I'd really love to this plugin working, it seems like a great addition to any server with player-buffing plugins (mcmmo, etc.).
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    @Codex Arcanum ,
    Sorry to hear of the troubles! What plugins are you using on your server?
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    Shay Williams

    I've received same error spam while running nothing but your plugin and Bukkit CB 677.
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    @Shay Williams , @Codex Arcanum
    Thanks for the follow up. I'm looking into it right now. Off hand I'm thinking there was no checking if WorldGuard or Permissions is not available. The plugin may depend on them withthe current logic. I'll see if I can clean that up.

    Have you tried zombieattack with permissions and worldguard?

    @Shay Williams , @Codex Arcanum
    Okay v0.2 released - added some logic to allow for not having worldguard and/or permissions installed.
    Please feel free to test and let me know?

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    Doesn't work? Zombies aren't breaking my dirt down....
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    Codex Arcanum

    I had both Permissions and WorldGuard installed before, but it works now anyway, so that problem is solved. This looks crazy awesome, I'll do some better testing and come back.
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    They take a little bit to break it down ecspecially if they are hoping every where.

    This plugin is so awesome I completely turned my server into a zombie server because of this plugin right here. You should add blacklist for other monsters. As an option.

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    @kahlilnc , Thanks so much for the feedback- I'm happy to hear you went zombie! lol
    Can you explain what you mean about blacklisting other monsters? I'm more than happy to work in customizations to keep this flexible for people.

    @Monkah ,
    Sorry to hear you're having issues. @kahlilnc makes a good point that zombies, if they are moving around may not break blocks every time. I wrote in a check to make sure they were at the nearly same spot they were at when they started breaking the block. So if they move off too far they won't break the block. I did this to keep blocks no where near the zombie from breaking. It's pretty sensitive right now. I could try and write in a little more leeway if others are seeing issues with it as well.

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    Blacklisting to where this plugin can block other monsters from spawning beside the zombies. I have another plugin that does that but the less plugins the better. And can you add customizable zombie text, like the zombie have trigger worlds.
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    First off, GREAT PLUGIN. I think a lot of people have been waiting for something like this. Myself included :)
    A few... observations:
    - Works well with bMobs! Zombie only server :) dare I say... zombie siege mode :O!!
    - Yes zombies jump around a lot and it does inhibit their block breaking abilities. To compensate for this I just decreased the time it takes to do so.
    - If you are above zombies and they cant reach you, but are aggroed to you, they will dig themselves down into a hole. Its quite comical.
    I was thinking you might consider adding functionality to spawn mobs of zombies at night. To up the difficulty. You might consider using some of the code from bSwarm. He doesn't really maintain the plugin anymore. It is nice because you send a mob of X number zombies pre-aggroed to a player. Plus you can set the radius away from the player that they spawn.
    bSwarm Bukkit Page
    bSwarm GitHub
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    Looks nice, I'll try it on my server.
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    p. cool plugin; if using Permissions do I need to set those up or is enabled by default?
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    Permissions you will need to set in your permissions config file.

    Thanks for the feedback. I know the zombies tend to act a little weird so the more I can understand the behavior hopefully I can code to compensate. So thanks for the info on the being above them tends to make them dig down. I will definetly check out the bSwarm links. Thanks again!

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    Doesn't work for me :(
    Build 677
    Permission 2.7 Phoenix (But my Essential groupmanager takes precedence over Permission Phoenix... I have these 2 permission plugin but i don't really know how permissions work when i got loads of plugins using different permission usage. Its a mess but anyways, all my plugins work via Essentials groupmanager.
    Wolfguard 5.0 Alpha9 (But i bet this doesn't matter cause i won't be protecting regions from rampaging zombies atm. Or does it?)
    I set the permission nodes like it should.

    In game i built a wall of wool and sand around me and spawned zombies outside it but they just jump around. =/
    This plugin would be awesome on my server.
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    I have no idea how many times ive said that this would be a good idea to my friend!

    Thank-you soo much :) this is going to be soo epic!
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    I am sorry if this question got allready answered but....

    naturalgiants spawns giantzombies and is related to minecraftcode.

    I am not sure how the giantfile is weaved together, but could it happen that giants also break blocks? That could be kind of REALLY terrible :p.

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