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    Vegetation: Wild Grass, Vines, Plants and Moss Growth! v3.4.6

    This plugin implements the functionality of ejhopkins' Wild Grass Collection v15.2 server mod, as well as vines on trees, (partially working) lily pads and mini-cacti on land, mossy growth spreading on cobblestone and surface plant spreading functionality based on Master-Guy's PlantSpreader plugin. **Note that in order for the players to see the wild grass, you must install the client mod following the instructions found here.** Of course, the grass and/or plant growth can be disabled.

    Now supports vines! See the latest screenshots in the list below.

    Screenshots (I'm using Misa's HD Texture Pack):
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    Yeah, I didn't let much grass grow. I had it set too low for the demo screenshot.

    Holy cow, that's seriously planty.

    Single grow of a square of tall (10) grass blocks around me using the /gg 10 command on each block.


    This field was grown using /growfield 8.

    ...and then mowed back down with /mow.

    Nice pretty vines hanging down from this tree... (stock MC textures)

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    • Placed plants (vines, cacti, lilypads) will sometimes (actually, semi-frequently) pop out and become plant pickups. This is an issue with the Minecraft server automatically doing its environmental plant-population algorithms. Until I find a way to circumvent this, your mileage may vary. Again, anyone is welcome to tweak the source code and make it work better.
    • To be able to plant flowers on sand or water requires a server patch.
      (see below)
    • Grass will grow taller. It can get pretty ridiculous. Without the optional client-side mod, players will only see normal grass blocks.
    • Specified animals will eat whatever grass they encounter, down by one level, on a timed basis.
    • Plants (flowers, mushrooms, cacti, canes, and pumpkins) will spread to nearby adjacent blocks of the same type.
    • Tall Grass and Dead Scrubs now also grow and spread
    • Growth will only occur during the daytime.
    • It will also only occur in the biomes set in the .ini file (see below)
    • It will also occur in all worlds hosted by a server, and only in chunks occupied by at least one player.
    • Configuration folder/file will be created if not found. To reset to factory defaults, simply delete the plugins/Vegetation/Settings.ini file.

    Server Patcher:
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    Bukkit Patcher (Download):
    If you want to be able to plant flowers on sand/water, you need to patch your craftbukkit version with the patcher provided here. However, putting flower blocks on water requires you to target the non-water block beneath the water block you want to plant your flower on. This is due to the way the client mod renders lilies, something I can not change. Bugs may occur if you don't plant them correctly, however there is no way your server map will get corrupted. In that case the client thinks there is a plant block on top of water while there actually is none. You will be able to see the "fake" lily but nobody else will, those fake ones will disappear once you relog.
    You may also use /grow flower to grow lily pads on water.

    This patch will not corrupt your map in any way. If you don't have it installed, the server will just unroot all flowers previously planted on sand/water blocks. They'll just pop.

    @echo off
    java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar BukkitPatcher_0.0.jar craftbukkit.jar

    Open the start_patcher.bat file and edit the highlighted portion to the name of your carftbukkit file. You have to put both files into the same directory as your craftbukkit.jar in order to patch it.

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    • /grow [type]: trigger a manual growth loop for the specified plant type.
      Valid types are: flower, mushroom, cactus, sugar_cane, moss, scrub
    • /mow: removes all grass within growthRange of player (see configuration) - it will reduce all tall grass blocks into grass-covered dirt blocks.
    • /biome: returns the type of biome the player is currently standing on. You can use this command to collect information on which biome the new tall grass blocks are placed in. Please post your findings in here so I can implement it.
    • /purge [type]: purges your map and removes vines and wild grass
      Valid type are: wild_grass, vines, tall_grass
    (Working on adding back the other commands / features)​

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    • The configuration file (plugins/Vegetation/<your worlds name>.ini) looks like this:
    /* Block Search Settings:
    /* Vegetation Settings:
    /* Set max grass height from 1-9
    /* If this option is set to true,
    /* moss will grow on any cobblestones touching water
    /* regardless if there was a moss block to spread from or not.
    /* Player related Settings:
    /* The player will trample a path through the grass if set to true.
    /* ENTITIES:
    /* Sets max number of grazing animals.
    /* You should decrease this number if you encounter server lag.
    /* BIOMES:
    /* Enabled/Disables the growth of vegetation on
    /* certain biomes.
    /* EVENTS:
    /* The following parameters determine how many ticks of
    /* 100 ticks a specific type of action is being executed.
    /* (Example: If grassPercent is set to 60, there is the possibility
    /*  of grass growing at 60/100 ticks if a grass block is found 60 times.
    • growthRange: width radius (from each player), in blocks, of horizontal block-checking and growth to occur - this affects server performance.
    • verticalRadius: height radius (from each player), in blocks, of vertical block-checking and growth to occur - this also affects server performance.
    • enableGrass, enable tallGrass, enablePlants, enableMoss, enableGrazers: self-explanatory :)
    • enableFlowers, enableFungi, enableCacti, enablePumpkins, enableCanes, enableVines, enableLilyPads: individually enable/disable growth types as needed. If enablePlants is set to false, these options will be ignored.
    • waterGrowsMoss: if set to true, any cobblestone touching water will become mossy over time. If moss spreading is also enabled, it will continue to spread from there.
    • grassPercent: percent of the time in which grass should grow
      (see also grazePercent below)
    • plantsPercent: percent of the time in which plants should spread
    • mossPercent: percent of the time in which moss should spread
    • lilyPadPercent: percent of the time in which lilypads should spread
    • vinePercent: percent of the time in which vines should grow
    • tallGrassPercent: percent of the time in which tall grass should spread

    • growForestBiome, growRainforestBiome, growShrublandBiome, growSavannahBiome, growPlainsBiome, growSeasonalForestBiome, growIceDesertBiome, growDesertBiome, growSwamplandBiome, growTaigaBiome, and growTundraBiome: individually enable/disable growth in these biomes as needed.
    • enableGrazers: if set to true, then the mobs (if enabled with the following directives) will eat the grass down by one level.
    • grazePercent: percent of the time in which animals will eat the grass
    • grazingSheep, grazingCows, grazingPigs, grazingChickens: enable/disable the ability for these individual animal types to graze on the grass, accordingly.

    Show Spoiler

    - 'vegetation.grow' - grants access to the /grow command​
    - 'vegetation.growall' - grants access to the /growall command​
    - 'vegetation.mow' - grants access to the /mow command​
    - 'vegetation.purge' - grants acces to the /purge command​
    - player command biome does not require any player permissions​

    Download the Plugin (latest version, JAR) v3.4.6​

    Source is now at Github - most recent releases can be found under the test branch.​

    Previous builds can be found here (and on Github).​


    Show Spoiler

    Version 3.4.6 09-August-2011
    * fixed Long Grass growing on sand and water upon chunk creation​

    Version 3.4.5 22-July-2011
    * fixed playerlist for nether and skylands​
    * fixed possible memory leak​
    * fixed a lot of NullPointerExceptions​

    Version 3.4.4 20-July-2011
    * vines will now vanish if a tree burns down​
    * tweaked tall grass spread a bit​
    * added option to purge command (wild_flowers will purge all sand flowers and lily pads)​

    Version 3.4.3 10-July-2011
    * fixed vines turning back into sugar cane blocks (hopefully)​
    * vines decay now​

    Version 3.4.2 22-June-2011
    * it should be possible to edit signs again​

    Version 3.4.1 16-June-2011
    * fixed Wild Grass​
    * adjusted spreading of Tall Grass​
    * added more options for purge command (self-explaining)​
    * new algorithm for trample grass!​
    * Wild Grass no longer grows on the same block as Tall Grass​

    Version 3.4 14-June-2011
    * added new purge command which removes vine blocks and resets grass blocks meta data (removes wild grass)​
    * vines will only grow on normal trees​
    * added Tall Grass aka Dead Scrubs, Tall Grass and Green Scrubs​
    * added settings check for the grow command, players now only can grow plants which are also enabled in the settings​
    * plants now only spread within their biome type​
    * enabled wild grass and trample grass again​

    Version 3.3 06-June-2011
    * implemented Operator commands for those who don't have Permissions installed on their server​
    * disabled grass for now, pending investigation​
    * fixed plant growth explosion​
    * added "biome" player command, which will just tell you in which type of biome you currently in​

    Version 3.2.2 20-May-2011 zeff
    * vines will no longer drop sugar canes​
    * player can now mow grass with hoes​
    * trampleGrass changed so that it appears more natural (kicks off with a chance of 40% now)​

    Version 3.2.1 14-May-2011 zeff
    * fixed a nasty bug where plants, especially lilies would sometimes replace a block instead of growing on one​
    * flowers and mushrooms now only grow if the light level is appropriate​
    * fixed a bug with planting flowers on water​
    * red roses no longer spread yellow flowers​

    Version 3.2 12-May-2011 zeff
    * separate setting files for each world
    * lily pads added​
    * sand flowers added​
    * performance improved​

    Version 3.1.2 06-May-2011 zeff
    * Implemented thread-safe playerlist as preparation for multi world support​
    * changed default settings for first plugin run​

    Version 3.1.1 02-May-2011 zeff
    * Cacti no longer spawn directly beside blocks which would unroot them instantly​
    * Sneaking players no longer trample down grass​
    * Minor bug fixes​

    Version 3.1 28-Apr-2011 zeff
    * Animals can once again graze grass​
    * Implemented spreading ratio for flowers/mushrooms/cacti. This will prevent them from covering your whole map as they can only spawn in a specific ratio per area​
    * Vines are growing now once you enable them​
    * "trampleGrass": If enabled, players will trample down grass and create a path​
    * "maxGrassHeight": self-explaining​

    Version 3.0 27-Apr-2011 zeff
    * disabled growall command since it's kind of useless the way it is now​
    * fixed mow player command​
    * disabled vines since they are not working properly and create lag​
    * added new setting option for player commands: maxActivePlayerCommands only allows a set amount of commands to run simultaneously​

    Version 2.31 13-Apr-2011 w5i2
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #674.​
    * Fixed another pretty ridiculous bug in the plant growth player-getting subroutine, one which was seriously affecting performance. Should work even more as it was designed to work now. :)

    Version 2.3 09-Apr-2011 w5i2
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #670.​
    * Grass grows through snow blocks now. Can't wait until 1.5 comes out!
    * Fixed a pretty ridiculous bug in the plant growth percentage calculations. Should work as it was designed to work now. :)

    Version 2.21 01-Apr-2011 w5i2
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #617.​
    * Added the ability to have water cause cobblestone to become mossy. Only if the cobblestone is touching the water, obviously.. And of course, normal moss spreading can take over from there if you have that enabled as well.​

    Version 2.2 30-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Updated to incorporate new features of Wild Grass 10.1+ -- vines!!
    * Changed growth percentages to doubles, so now fractional percentages may be used in the .ini file.​
    * Added HELL biome to the list of configurable biomes (see above)​
    * added /growvines # command. For example, /growvines 10 will grow ten random vines within growthRange number of blocks.​
    * added /vine # command. If you aim at any lower leaf block on a tree and type /vine 3 it will grow a single vine from that block, three blocks tall.​
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #602.​

    Version 2.11 25-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Fixed the /growgrass # command handling. Try /growgrass 1000 and watch it grow!​

    Version 2.1 24-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Improved the plant spreading code, now my world has way too many flowers. :) Still not seeing any cacti growth, but I do see evidence of canes spreading.​
    * Grazing animals now will only eat grass that is >3 in height. I will most likely add a grazeHeight setting to the .ini file.​
    * Added /gg, /growfield and /grass commands (see Usage above)​
    * Added optional numeric arguments to the /overgrow and /growgrass commands to temporarily change/set the grassPerGrow value to something higher if needed.​
    * /overgrow now has one plant cycle included per 10 grass cycles (unless growPlants is disabled, of course)​
    * /mow now sets the surrounding grass level to 3 instead of 1 (completely flat). If you prefer the completely flat look, you can use /growfield 1 to achieve the same effect.​
    * Removed the obnoxious "Updating player position.." spam from the debug logging​

    Version 2.0 20-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Major rewrite of the timer task code. This should greatly help with CPU performance issues.​
    * /overgrow now only grows around the player who typed it, rather than all players. It also now runs 1,000 growGrass() cycles, and notifies you at 25%, 50%, 75%, and completion, since it takes a while to run.​
    * Rewrote the way the timer handles the growth tasks - now it is based on a 100-slot timeslot system, so grass/plant/moss/graze amounts can be specified as percentages.​
    * Removed a few unneeded configuration directives and added some others.​

    Version 1.5 19-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Had the idea to add animal grazing. This should help keep the grass down. :)

    Version 1.41 18-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Recompiled against the latest recommended Craftbukkit build #556.​
    * Fixed the cacti/canes growth.​

    Version 1.4 18-Mar-2011 *it is recommended that you update to this version or newer* w5i2
    * Divided the moss, grass, plants, and block manipulation functions into separate Java classes.​
    * Added /growmoss command.​
    * Added mossEnabled and mossPerCycle to the .ini settings.​
    * Rewrote the TimerTask threads to be properly implemented (as classes instead of functions)​
    * Finally got the mossy cobblestone spreading to work​
    * I completely forgot to fix the cacti/canes growth, it will be fixed in the next release :)

    Version 1.31 15-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Fixed a serious bug in which it would "grow" half-blocks into other types of half-blocks, or rotate stairs and rails. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.​
    * Added the remaining biomes (sans Biome.HELL) to the configuration​
    * Apparently TimerTask asynchronicity is discouraged, so I changed the timer tasks to synchronous.​

    Version 1.3 14-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Rewrote the looping routines again! They actually work properly now.​

    Version 1.21 10-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Rewrote the looping routines to be a bit more efficient.​
    * Fixed a couple more mathematical bugs.​
    * Discovered and implemented the nifty Block.getRelative(BlockFace.UP) method.​

    Version 1.2 10-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Added /overgrow command.​
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #531.​

    Version 1.1 10-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Fixed flawed multi-world checking code. :)
    * Fixed flawed block-checking code.​
    * Added more configuration options.​
    * Added more biomes in which growth may occur.​

    Version 1.0 09-Mar-2011 w5i2
    * Created plugin.​
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    Can I ask a few questions about the grazing algorithm...

    Do the animals graze on just the block under them or a random number around them?

    The value in the ini for grazing, is a smaller number faster grazing or slower?



    Would do what? Make grazers eat more or less, faster or slower then the growth cycle? I of course assume faster but ??? I'll just play around with it until I get a definitive answer. Thanks in advance! :)

    Final note, I'd like to throw a vote in for grass that can be trampled by a player. That way really overgrown areas will develop paths from players who frequent a specific route... A player simply need walk through a grassy patch for the grass to be reduced by one growth level.
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    Can't get it to work. I have the mod installed with Misa's texture pack and it works fine in single player. On my server it doesn't show up.
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    I think there might be some kind of infinite loop occurring in the grass grow code now. I noticed following occurring:

    go out into a huge body of water where no grass blocks are within range of player for grass growth and wait. Once a grass cycle starts CPU usage spikes through the roof and the server drops all players with a time out. Its reproducible for me. Remove vegetation 1.5 all is well out on the water ... Vegetation enabled and server locks up out on the water. Confirmation anyone?
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    Arc, same boat here. I had usage spikes that would go up to 200% (usage of both CPUs) and a huge memory leak. Game would become completely unresponsive if somebody stepped through the portal to the nether using MultiVerse.

    Removed this plugin, and everything is working smoothly again.
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    I noticed the performance problems too. The lag isn't nearly so bad when you're the only connected player, but when there are other players, it does tend to freeze up the whole world. I think it has something to do with the loop which iterates through each connected player and runs the growth routines for each one..

    I'm working on rewriting it to better ignore non-relevant blocks (like water) and also so there's just one single loop task which handles all growth/grazing on a timeslot basis. Should fix most (if not all) of the performance issues. :) I may even be able to make growth occur near ALL entities, and not just players..

    If any (more) accomplished programmers feel like taking a look and fixing any not-so-obvious bugs in my code, by all means, I welcome you to do so! All of my work is released under the WTFPL ^_^
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    My more advanced programming knowledge just involves yelling, GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN BUGS!! :mad:

    lol... just wondering though, doesnt Wild grass mod have lilly pads or is that not implemented in this server version? I ask because you said "ignore non-relevant blocks (like water)"

    If it helps, I've been going back to vege. v1.2 when ever something weird happens like this and it seems to be ok for me? Just as a reference if you like to compare between the two code sets and see what changes and such.
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    Grass is working for me, but am not seeing any plant or fungi growth.
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    since i update worldedit to worldedit 4.2 all works fine at moment
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    I kill my server with this mod even if I'm the only Player.
    Just go to the Nether or walk to undiscovered Regions (maybe only much water is the issue) and the CPU goes up to 100% and I have to kill the whole server.
    There is a mod for normal minecraft_server.jar
    If I use this one everything is full of grass in a second and CPU never goes over 10%
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'll definitely look at it at some point. Any fixes I make will be pushed to here (note: current code is based on v1.21 of Vegetation, as I recall; nevertheless, there may be some bits you can use). I simply deleted the grass growing code in my version since I don't really care about it, but the principle of that should be almost identical to how the plant spreading works, right?
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    This is great that it is actually functioning, looking forward to the bugs getting ironed out. Would love to be able to "mow" with the hoes again instead of tilling the dirt with them. Also, lillypads. Thanks again!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    It should be, left-click with hoe = mow, right-click with hoe = till.
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    I kind of like in the original how you had to mow before you could till, so it was all right-click to keep things easy. Too bad we don't have any kind of mow now :\
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    Okay, I've completely rewritten the way this plugin handles the growth tasks. It should work a LOT better now, performance-wise. At least, it does on my server.

    /overgrow now only overgrows the grass, and only for the player who typed the command. It also doesn't switch the time to morning like it used to. Instead, it will simply stop overgrowing if/when darkness falls.

    If you are updating it from any previous version, I would recommend deleting plugins/Vegetation/Settings.txt and let the plugin create a new one with the changed values in it, then go edit it to your liking..

    Please let me know if any of you are still encountering problems with this plugin.

    I still need to fix some minor plant growth bugs (mushrooms, cacti, the Nether, etc) and add the trampling grass functionality for players as well..

    I'll look into the lily pads growing, I never did see them when I used the original WildGrass mod (although I never tried either, hehe) -- so I dunno how they are implemented within the game.. Anyone know what they're made of? Green slime balls in the water or something? Just guessing.. :)

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    Hell yea, 2.0 already ... major update!

    Oh and lily pads, I was playing with last night in SSP. I too, always though they sprouted by them selves but it turns out that you have to plant them with the current version. To do so you use a Red Flower or a Yellow Flower and plant it on water. As soon as you plant it a lily pad will appear at roughly that spot on the waters surface. So, if you can make them auto grow that would be cool but its not currently a feature of Wild Grass mod. ejhopkin said he wants to add that feature in a new version though.

    I was reading up on it yesterday :cool: scholar me huh. Well, off to test 2.0, huzzah!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    So, sounds like the lily pads are just flowers that sit on water instead of on grass.

    By the way... it really doesn't matter, but I would disable the three "cold" biomes (ice desert, tundra, and taiga) by default. <_<
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    Why? Leaving us with the ability to choose makes much more sense.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'm not arguing against that. I just think that they should be off by default, and you can enable them if you want them. But as I said, it doesn't really matter since it's just defaults.
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    I think this plugin is broken?
    I am using cb build 556 and if i do /growplants nothing happens.
    This is my config
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    Brennan Mathers

    grass seems to grow so slow compared to single player...
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    Grass does seem to grow more slowly since I rewrote the looping routine. I'm figuring out how to make it grow faster without being too CPU-intensive..

    I'm also working on lily pads!

    However, I can't get them to stay put. I think that the same thing which causes flowers and mushrooms to pop out on their own (the light levels) is causing the lily pads to pop out after a few seconds and turn back into flower pickups

    Using the CraftBukkit and Minecraft classes, I can set the light level on the air block above the lily pads when they are placed, but it doesn't seem to help.. Anyone have any ideas?


    Does it say "Growing the plants..", or does it just do nothing at all? Also, /growplants only does one attempt to find a random plant block and find an adjacent empty block of the same kind, and if the attempt returns null (which it will if it can't find a random plant block) it won't do anything.. I need to maybe change it so that it tries 100 times to get a non-null block.. But I think that may have been the cause of the severe performance issues with the previous version.. I'll definitely fix this with you in mind, h0us3cat. =^_^=

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    It says growing plants...
    but they dont grow.
    also they dont grow automatic.
    edit: made a quick video ;)
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    I have the same problem above by h0us3cat. The only difference is that I can't get the Wild Grass mod by ejhopkins to show up on my server.

    When I download ej's mod, there are 5 folders - client, grassfixv4,modloaderv4,reset,and server. You say to install
    the client one.

    I have done that, though it is only for single player. I do not know how to install the "server" version, since the README says it is only for the standard MC server, minecraft_server.jar.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Oh I have got a problem...
    I have Installed the Wild Grass mod and it works in singlelpayer.
    On my multiplayer server i have installed the plugin.But when I type in "/growgrass" it shows a message:"Growing the grass" but nothing happens!?
    What can i do?
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    you don't install the server version. you install it into your client only then use this plugin as the server version
  27. Offline


    I did that. The grass only shows up in single player, and not in multiplayer even with /grow*
  28. Offline


    Hmmm, that's odd.. it should show up in the client version; the screenshots on the main post are from the modded client using the Bukkit plugin. Are you using any other client mods like BetterGrass or Misa's or any MrMessiahs mods? I know that the Wild Grass plugin doesn't work sometimes depending on what order in which you install them..

    I'm adding a new setting, grassPerGrow, which will allow you to specify the number of grass blocks grown per cycle (instead of the default 1) - this will also be added to the /overgrow command so, for example, you can type /overgrow 10 and it will grow 10x the normal number of blocks.. :)

    I'm also working on a /gg command which will let you set an individual block's grass level (1-10) by aiming at a grass block and typing /gg # so you can make nice big bushy plants in front of your house..

    I was thinking of adding sapling spreading too, but that might lead to some crazy tree-filled forests (assuming there are no in-game rules about overcrowding which would cause them to not grow)

    Also, if you create a file named "debug.txt" in your plugins/Vegetation/ folder, it will dump a lot of debug info out to the console. If you're seeing "adjusting grass block at x,y,z.." messages then it is definitely working on the server side.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    There are; saplings won't grow if there's not enough space above them (I think they need about three blocks free). That said, I don't think sapling spreading would make sense. Not that that's any reason to not add it.
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    When I put in a debug txt, the console spams
    the only mods I currently have in the client are zombe's fly mod, RisuGamis modloader + spawner gui, minecolony, TooManyItems and humans +.

    I will try a clean bin.

    CONFIRMED: /grow with a clean minecraft file + Wild Grass doesnt work. Nothing happens

    EDIT. Sorry shoulda edited post above :p

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    Hmmm.. No sign of "Found grass block: x,y,z.." in the log spam? In the plugin, the only reason the function would return no grass blocks is if
    • there are none within growthRange of the player, or
    • if they are in a biome which is not enabled in the .ini file.. Make sure the plugins/Vegetation/Settings.ini has all of the grow(...)Biome lines set to true (at least for the biomes you want grass to grow in)
    It sounds like the plugin is either finding that the current biome you're in is not allowed/enabled, or else it's not finding any grass blocks at all! Can you post a copy of your plugins/Vegetation/Settings.ini for me please :) Another thing which may fix it is if you upgraded from an earlier version, the Settings.ini file may be missing some keys.. If you delete the file, a new one will be created with all of the proper keys.


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