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    The idea of the plugin is to allow people to detonate tnt from up to 50 blocks away. Its my first plugin so don't expect anything too fancy however i tested the plugin on my server before releasing and it went down like wildfire so I hope you like it too.

    1. Place a block of tnt on the ground and walk away from it
    2. Next aim your cursor at the block of tnt (your cursor must be directly on the tnt or else it won't work)
    3. Finally type "/tnt" and watch as the tnt you placed is activated
    To install the plugin follow to simple steps bellow
    1. Click the link to download below
    2. Save the file and unzip it
    3. Drag the file called tntremote.jar into the plugins folder on your server
    4. go to your console and type "reload", this will reload all the plugins but will not resart the server
    5. Enjoy remotely blowing up tnt

    Download Now!

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